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fantasy football auction check in

Fantasy Football Auction Check In

Fantasy Football Auction Check-In Here is a quick check-in on what’s new at the The Fantasy Football Auction (www.thefantasyfootballauction.com) website. Our members receive 100% of this content as part of their fantasy football auction memberships. Here is a list of what we have been working on over the past couple of fantasy football auction weeks: Fantasy Football Auction Average Auction Values – UPDATED Mr. Blistr and Slim are mocking and drafting…

Ep.162 w Jody Smith of www.gridironexperts.com

Jody Smith Podcast

Thanks for listening to our fantasy football podcast – for more fantasy football podcast, head to our podcast page Jody Smith of www.gridironexperts.com       Ya Boy – it’s Episode 162 and this is the Fantasy Football Podcast. The Fantasy Football Podcast, is the official podcast of TheFantasyFootballAuction.com – the only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions.   Check out our membership page! You looking for 100% All Auction…

3 distinct budgets

Fantasy Football Strategies For 2017

Fantasy Football Strategies – 3 Distinct Auction Draft Budgets August is here.  For fantasy football fans it could be the busiest and most enjoyable month of the year.  The majority of drafts will take place during this month.  Most owners, at least all the winning ones, are diligently trying to compile as much information as they can so they can figure some solid fantasy football strategies.     Unlike boring snake…

auction trends 2017

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Trends

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Trends 2017 Fantasy Football Auction trends are real, just like in a regular snake draft. If you follow our podcast or on Twitter, you know that we preach mock auctioning prior to your big fantasy football auction.  As I write this article in early August, fantasy football auction trends will surely change before the season starts.  Players will get hurt and others will shuffle up and…


Ross Tucker Podcast

Ross Tucker Podcast Recently, Uncle Bucketts was on the Ross Tucker Fantasy Feast: Eatin’ Podcast with Ross Tucker and Evan Silva. It was a great show, and we are very thankful to be have the opportunity to share our love for Fantasy Football Auctions with such a huge audience and with two dynamic contributors to the Fantasy Football world. We had a great time discussing fantasy football auctions and some…

nfc west pic

NFC North

NFC North Breakdown Our NFC North Breakdown is just about ready! This is a preview of our Fantasy Football Auction membership area. Become a Auctioneer and join our site! See more than just our AFC West Breakdown, see both the NFC and AFC full breakdowns. Blistr and Slim have been working hard, researching and analyzing the moves and changes of each team, not only in the AFC West Breakdown, but…

afc west fantasy football

Ep152 AFC West Fantasy Football Podcast

2017 AFC WEST Fantasy Football BREAKDOWN Join us for a closer look at the AFC West Fantasy Football Breakdown. This AFC West Fantasy Football breakdown is the first of a series of divisional breakdowns. After you listen to the AFC West Fantasy Football Breakdown, be sure to listen to other Fantasy Football podcasts in the series. This AFC West Fantasy Football Breakdown is episode 152 of the Fantasy Football Auctioneer…

ep151 NFL free agent

8 NFL Free Agent Winners + Losers

8 NFL Free Agent Winners + Losers Every year NFL free agent brings a lot of excitement to football fans. They can’t wait to see what their teams will do to improve over the off-season.  For fantasy football players, it is important to know all of the NFL free agent moves, as in some cases, a player’s’ value increases, and in others it sinks like a rock.  It is best you…