Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

Fantasy Football Quarterbacks – Break-outs, Bouncebacks and Busts

A positional breakdown of fantasy football quarterbacks you should target, keep an eye on or avoid altogether.  

Fantasy Football Quarterbacks:

When I break down these fantasy football quarterbacks, I am not going to list the obvious guys that ball out year in and year out like Rodgers or Wilson.  I am also not going to list the shots in the dark like Mayfield or Flacco. I want to look at guys that may help your fantasy team that might not be getting the love, or perhaps might hurt your team because there is too much love.

Ryan Tannehill (MIA)-Bounceback

fantasy football quarterbacksTannehill is not going to be your QB1 but in a Superflex league or as your back-up he should be more than serviceable.  He missed all of last year and the back end of 2016 with 2 separate ACL injuries. He did get a taste of Adam Gase’s offense and should be comfortable enough with it to produce.  He lost Landry but added Amendola and Wilson at WR and Gesicki at TE so, overall his receiving corpse looks to get an upgrade. This will depend on whether or not Parker can actually live up to the hype that he has carried to no avail for the past couple seasons.  He should only cost you $1 and should easily put up QB2 numbers in this Gase ran offense. Not to mention, he has the 5th easiest SOS for fantasy football quarterbacks.

Deshaun Watson (HOU)-Bounceback

fantasy football quarterbacksWatson also left after 7 games last year with an ACL injury.  Prior to that injury, he was averaging 28.6 fantasy points per game.  Yes, that was the highest FP/gm total of any QB last year! He has pretty well the same offensive weapons as he had before with Nuk Hopkins arguably the #1 WR in the NFL.  At TE they are questionable. Watson, however, has the ability to add fantasy production with his legs. It will be interesting to see whether or not he runs as much coming off an ACL injury.  As summer unfolds, Watson may/will probably put up a strong enough case to be drafted as your QB1. If you can get him for $5 or less, draft him for either a starter or your QB 2.


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Marcus Mariota (TEN)-Breakout

fantasy football quarterbacksMariota is entering his 4th year at age 24.  The former Heisman trophy winner finished last year with his worst FP/gm total of his first 3 years.  The good news, however, is that the Titans hired Matt LaFleur as their OC. Lafleur’s last job was with the Rams and McVay.  Prior to that, he worked with Shanahan. What does this mean? Both those head coaches run an up-tempo offense. LaFleur will be bringing those dynamics to Tennessee so we can expect a much less conservative, ground and pound style than we have seen in the past.  Expect more pass attempts and more fantasy production from Mariota this year. If Corey Davis takes a step forward this year as he was drafted to do, this Titans offense could hold a lot of breakout candidates this year. I am expecting Mariota to dip his toes for the first time, into QB1 status. Be prepared to spend $5 but I wouldn’t be surprised if you got him for $2!

Andrew Luck (IND)- Bust

fantasy football quarterbacksThis could go two ways.  Luck, a former 1st overall fantasy football quarterbacks (2014) could return to be a viable QB1.  On the other hand, he hasn’t thrown a football in over 500 days and as of writing this article, we are under 100 days away from the 2018 season.  Thus today he is being listed as a bust. Should he start to throw and look good this summer, he could quickly become a bounce-back candidate. The Colts had many teams enquiring about Brissett, but they held onto him.  Is it because they too are unsure whether Luck will ever be back? Pretty risky to draft Luck at this point. A dollar isn’t too much to risk but anything more is. They also have the 4th hardest schedule for fantasy football quarterbacks. That’s not a good recipe to bring a QB back to.

Dak Prescott (DAL)- Bust

fantasy football quarterbacksOn the bright side, Prescott has the 4th easiest schedule for QBs.  He finished last year as the 10th ranked QB. A good portion of his fantasy production came with his running abilities as he ran in the most TD’s for a QB (tied with Cam Newton).  Now for the dark side. He finished as a QB 1 and played for “America’s team”. Thus he will probably be drafted higher than necessary or cost you more than you should pay. His receiving corps …well they suck.  The best receiver they have might be rookie Michael Gallup. He lost his reliable TE, Jason Witten to retirement. This offense will run through Zeke. Teams are going to try and stop Zeke or Dak from running. I think his aerial fantasy productions will take a hit through lack of competent pass-catchers and his running points may dry up somewhat due to a stacked box against them.  I would nominate Dak and let the Cowboy fans bid him up and get stuck with him. He should not cost more than a dollar, thus if you nominate him, concede after the next bid.