2QB and Superflex League – 6 Things You Need To Know

2QB and Superflex League – 6 Things You Need To Know

In recent years we have seen a rather large increase in the number of leagues that allow or force owners to start more than one quarterback –  a QB or a Superflex league.  Since a lot of leagues are turning over to a multiple QB league, there are many owners who are unsure how to approach this strategy in auction formats.  Here are a few tips on how to attack your superflex or QB league this year.

How much should you spend on QB?

One thing to realize before entering any league where you start more than one quarterback (2QB and Superflex) is that probably more than any aspect of the draft, the price is still going to be very draft dependent, however less so than start 1 quarterback leagues.  In start one QB leagues, we are now seeing the average price of of the position start to decline in more leagues that it doesn’t.  Even with many fantasy pundits touting the ability to wait on the QB position, until very recently, many owners still did not prescribe to that theory.  That made many leagues vastly different in terms of quarterback pricing.  Now we are seeing the consensus price of top quarterbacks start to drop in price.


Now in saying this, in leagues that start more than one quarterback the prices will increase for certain.  Often the benchmark should be the top quarterback should be worth on par with the top skill position player.  I like to try and take the effect that the top QB price will change and apply that same amount to every quarterback.  FOr example if Aaron Rodgers is the QB1 and typically goes for $35 and the top skill position players in your draft should go for $65 then that means you have to increase Rodgers’ price by multiplying $35 by 1.86 ($65/$35 = 1.86).  You can then multiply every quarterback’s price by 1.86 to give you a rough idea of what you might expect to spend on them in your draft in this example.


Do I really need to spend that much on a top player?


The answer to this comes down to how you view the quarterback position.  Just like running backs, some owners feel comfortable adding quality depth later in drafts which allows them to spend on other positions.  It is important to look at your tiers and see where your cutoff is as to where you aren’t comfortable drafting players from.  Maybe you thinking your QB14 is the absolute furthest you will go before you don;t like any options so you should know that as you approach that point you might have to be more aggressive in acquiring quarterbacks.  You should always have a handful of cheaper options that you like or feel comfortable with.  That doesn’t mean you are targeting them but if things don’t go your way on some higher priced players you always have a fall back plan with cheaper players that will most likely still be available in the mid to late stages of your auction draft.


How do the higher QB prices impact other positions?


It is important to remember that there is always a finite amount of money an owner can spend and therefore will be spent in any draft.  For example in a 12 team league with a $200 budget there can only be $2400 auction dollars spent on every player drafted.  If each owner is spending more on one position, in this case quarterbacks, then they all have less money to spend on other players therefore typically lowering the cost of other players.  You probably won’t see stud players at skill positions prices’ affected much since owners will almost always pay for the studs they want but you will see the vast majority of players price decline somewhat.  A general rule of thumb is to drop the price of all players outside of your first tier at each skill position somewhere in the range of 5-10% of their typical price in a start 1 QB league.  This adjustment will allow you to more accurately reflect the impact the inflated QB prices will have on your budget.


Lastly we can quickly discuss a few other common but wide ranging auction tips.

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