3 Auction Budget Strategies

Fantasy Football Auction Budget Strategies

August is here.  For fantasy football auction fans it could be the busiest and most enjoyable month of the year.  The majority of drafts will take place during this month. Most owners, at least all the winning ones, are diligently trying to compile as much information as they can so they can figure out a solid draft strategy.  

Unlike boring snake drafts, where your roster is largely determined by the position you draft in, fantasy football auction drafts allow you to draft pretty much any team imaginable.  Sometimes the possibilities almost become overwhelming. It can often be beneficial to look at a few different budgets and see what each team looks like. If you like what you see you might consider using a similar budget for your actual draft.  So let’s look at some of the popular potential budgets this year and see what we get.


Budget #1: RB Zero

Last season the RB Zero strategy was often talked about, especially since many leagues play some type of PPR format which bumps up the value of receivers.  With that being known, some people thought that you should spend more on those receivers since they score more consistently and play a less volatile position which would then allow you to stack your roster with satellite backs and talented running backs that maybe hadn’t emerged as the primary ball carrier on their team yet.  Entering 2018 many people have said that RB Zero is a failing strategy, especially since there are seemingly a number of top-flight options at the running back position. With so many options we have seen many drafters pull out the stops in terms of paying for top RB talent. This has inflated the price for many of the top options but also for some of the guys in the next tier or two.  No one knows for certain but with more drafters, this year spending big on top-tier running backs, maybe some form of RB Zero is a strategy you would like to employ as a more contrarian play this season. Last year with players like Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead, Alex Collins and Chris Thompson all going for relatively cheap letting other spend big at RB while you load up elsewhere may be a good contrarian play.  If this piques your interest, here is one potential team you could get with this method and the end of your fantasy football auction draft:


Pos. Amount Potential Players
QB $5 Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger, Jared Goff
RB1 $20 Alex Collins, Derrick Henry, Jay Ajayi
RB2 $15 Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, Lamar Miller
WR1 $60 Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham
WR2 $45 Keenan Allen, AJ Green, Davante Adams
TE $15 Evan Engram, Greg Olsen, Jimmy Graham
Flex $15 Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead, Jarvis Landry, Michael Crabtree
Bench $25 Allow you to get a couple players in the $5-$10 range and some cheap, high upside plays.  For example:


This team allows you to play the weekly matchups with potentially four or more serviceable running backs (depending on how deep you stack your bench).  We often hear a lot about streaming defenses or quarterbacks but in essence, you would be doing the same with your running backs. Because of the money you saved on your backfield, you are able to draft some very reliable options everywhere else.


Budget #2: Studs and Duds

A common strategy for many years in auction drafting is the studs and duds theory.  This is where you spend the bulk of your budget on a few high priced and hopefully high scoring studs at various positions.  The downfall of this strategy is that you often have little money left for the remainder of your roster so you have to draft those depth positions very carefully, often targeting guys with low floors but high ceilings making them risky fantasy plays.  You could end up with a team looking something like this at the end of your fantasy football auction draft:

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