3 Breakout Tight Ends

3 Breakout Fantasy Football Tight Ends and 1 Bounceback

The 3 B’s of the TE’s

For the purpose of Fantasy Football Tight Ends, I will avoid the bust candidates.  Take a look at our rankings and auction values to see what we think of other Fantasy Football Tight Ends this year. Realistically, if Gronk, Kelce and Ertz (not necessarily in that order) are not your top 3 tight ends they will be a bust.  For anyone else to get into that area of top 5, it will be a bonus, but for anyone other than those 3 not to be in the top 5, it would not be a shocker.  There are a few who should do well, Olsen, Engram, and Walker. Again, however, due to age, targets, etc, for them to fall out of top 10 wouldn’t be a season-ending situation to your fantasy team as the margin between a top 5 TE and a top 14 TE is negligible over a 16 game season.   In fact, if you don’t nail down one of the top 6 Fantasy Football Tight Ends then streaming your TE is a very viable option and could actually produce the points to be competitive with the top 3. On that note, let’s look at some Fantasy Football Tight Ends to potentially stream.

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Tyler Eifert (CIN) – Bounceback

eifertWe all know the danger in drafting Eiffert.  He is as injury prone as they come. To get 16 games from him would be a miracle.  However, we are not drafting him with that expectation. Give me 8 games, 9, 4 whatever.  I am drafting him for $1. That will not break my bank. I will drop him as fast as I drafted him when he gets hurt and pick up one of the other guys on this list (read more below).  His upside however is worth the risk when the cost is only $1. In 2015-16 he played in 21 games and caught 18 TD’s. Not much has changed with this offense. AJ Green is ageing. Mixon and Ross are expected to do more but neither will take away the red zone targets Eiffert gets when he is on the field.  If anything, he may get more opportunities if this offense all steps up a notch to what they are capable of.

George Kittle (SF) – Breakout

kittleKittle finished last season with 43 catches on 63 targets.  That’s a pretty normal stat line for a rookie TE. If anything a little better than normal.  He showed good promise and now has a whole offseason to work with Jimmy G. I think that Kittle has the potential to be the #2 pass-catching option behind Garcon.  No doubt the RB’s will catch a lot of passes too, but Kittle seems to be a much safer bet than most of the WR’s in San Fran. He is another $1 TE that you could stream into line-ups.  When the Niners play divisional opponents they will face tough DB’s and thus Kittle may get more looks during those contests. Kittle could easily climb into TE 8-10 status this season.

Ricky Seals-Jones (AZ) – Breakout

sealsAnother NFC West TE who will play teams with great defences that will look to shut down the opponents top wideouts.  Once again this will open the door for the TE. Seals-Jones is another 2nd year TE. He showed some flashes last year in limited playing time.  He will have either Bradford or a rookie in Josh Rosen at QB. Both will be great options for him. Gresham is ageing and should not pose a threat.  They have a new HC and OC and thus there is a much better chance that Arizona will finally use the TE more on offence. I do not expect a Seals-Jones to approach TE1 territory, but on a week to week basis, he will definitely have games where he is a TE1.  On the season expect him to move from TE 44 in 2017 closer to TE 15-18 in 2018.

David Njoku (CLE) – Breakout

njokuThis pick may not be a big surprise.  Njoku, a first-round draft pick, had a typical first-year season for a TE.  He finished as TE 24 and he played all 16 games. The downside is that he will have a ton of competition for targets but the plus side is he will have at some point a rookie QB who may lean on him.  Even if Tyrod starts the year, he usually finds his TE, so the QB situation will be better than it was last year! As a whole, the offense should do better as well, once again potentially opening up more red zone targets.  Because he is young and was highly drafted, he may cost you $3-4 on auction day. I would still be hesitant to draft him as your TE 1, but I would feel pretty good if he was on my bench and I had the ability to make him an everyday starter once his role and target share gets established.


Other notable Fantasy Football Tight Endsthat also made the article are Vance McDonald and Jake Butt as potential breakouts.  The Steelers traded for McDonald and due to injuries he never really got a chance to get established with their offense.  The downside for McDonald is that he has never played 16 games in a season. I do feel he has more talent than Jesse James however and could get that starting role.  Big Ben likes to look for the TE in the red zone but once again there are a lot of mouths to feed in Pittsburgh. Jake Butt missed his entire rookie year in Denver. Thus, this season could play out stat wise like a rookie campaign (not too exciting).  However, he doesn’t have a really stellar group of Fantasy Football Tight Ends to beat out to win the #1 job. Both these guys will cost you $1 or may not even get drafted. Keep an eye on them and be ready to pick them up should you need a bye week fill in or have a TE go down to injury.


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