5 WR Injuries From Last Year

5 Injured Wide Receivers from Last Year to Target In Fantasy Football

Anytime you go into a fantasy football auction, you need to try to find ways to stretch your auction dollars. Everyone is looking for that diamond in the rough. The steal of a deal! One way to approach your fantasy football auction is to look for players who will be down on some lists as they were hurt last season. Some people will come to the fantasy football auction draft with their stat sheets from the 2018 season and these players will be literally, down the list, as they never accumulated the stats because they were hurt. Other opponents will label them as a fantasy football injury risk and not want to spend money on them. Still, a few more people will be concerned the player’s injury may linger and they may not be themselves. I would not go out and fill a large portion of my roster with these players, but nabbing a few will save you money and I think they are all going to rebound and have very good fantasy seasons.

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Wide Receivers:

AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals

Probably the highest profile name I will discuss in this article is AJ Green, Cincinnati Bengals. AJ only played 9 games last year and finished as WR 42. In those games, however, he was averaging 16.8 fantasy points per game. After he left Tyler Boyd took over and he finished the season only averaging 15.8 fantasy points per game (FP/gm). In AJ’s 8 seasons, he has only had 2 seasons in which he finished under 15 FP/gm. Unfortunately, he has only had 4 seasons in which he only played 16 games also! Every other season after he missed time due to injury, he has bounced back and played a full 16. At 30 years of age, the injury concern is real, but should AJ start to drop down into to $30 range or less, he could come back and give you WR1 numbers again this season. I am sure many people in your league have been burnt by AJ by now and he will be a great bargain this year.

Emmanuel Sanders, Denver Broncos

Sanders is continuing to rehab his Achilles injury. Here is another guy who has had difficulty playing a full 16, only doing it 3 times in his 9-year career! Last year in 12 games, he averaged 16.1 FP/gm. He only had 1 season better in 2014 when he averaged 18.7 FP/gm. In his 5 years in Denver, Demaryius Thomas was there and he was looked to for many of the targets. This year Sanders will be the veteran receiver of a very young receiving corp. He will also have Joe Flacco, a veteran QB. My gut tells me that once healthy, Sanders’ experience will be the trust-worthy option Joe looks to keep drives alive. I am thinking he will only cost you $7 or less and if you get 12+ games out of him, then you will be very happy with that investment.

Cooper Kupp, LA Rams

Kupp was averaging seven targets a game last year before the injury. He was also averaging 16.9 FP/gm. Based on that stat, he was WR 15. He finished ahead of his teammates Woods and Cooks. That was an increase of 5FP/gm from his rookie campaign. He has shown that he and Goff have excellent chemistry and he is a chain-mover. He missed eight games last year and I believe he will be a low-cost option (maybe in the $20 range) this year that more often than not, will provide WR2 numbers on a weekly basis. Often, he will be in the top 12 on a weekly basis.

Marvin Jones, Detroit Lions

Jones only played nine games last year and finished as WR 62. Many people will forget about him on draft day. He averaged 12.9 FP/gm in that span. This was his 2nd best mark only to the 14.1 he averaged the year before. Golladay will be the #1 there and get the most attention from the opposing defenses. Jones is a savvy enough WR that he can take advantage of the better match-ups he will see. We still do not know if Detroit has a run game, so at this point, it looks like Stafford will be airing it out. Not to mention, they are not that good and in a tough division so they may often be playing from behind. Jones is only 2 years removed from being a WR1 as he finished as WR11 in 2017. He could be your $3 WR3 this year and you will be smiling when he gets back to producing 13 FP/gm.

Sammy Watkins, Kansas City

This pains me to recognize Sammy in this article. He is the perennial under-achiever, injury-plagued WR no one trusts at this point. Last year again, he only played 10 games and finished just behind Jones as WR 63. He did average 11.5 FP/gm in those 10 games. He has not played a full season since his rookie season. He is number one on the depth chart, so we really do not know if he can handle the best DB’s from the opposing teams. However, this is his 2nd season in Andy Reid’s offense. He has a stud QB and TE and a very good run game still to balance the attack. The rest of the WR’s are even bigger question marks than he is. Who will be willing to spend more than $5 on him? Not too many people. But, at $5 or less, with the potential this offense brings, it’s a good risk to take. He has the ability to produce 12FP/gm. Think how many weeks you would win if all your players produced at least that many FP/gm.

There you have a few names to monitor and keep an eye on over the summer. Some true talent that you can hopefully squeeze a little more fantasy production out of this season and waltz your way to the title. Happy drafting!