Fantasy Football Auction – Do Not Draft List

Fantasy Football Auction – 9 Players Not To Draft

Thanks, But No Thanks!

You are in your fantasy football auction. A player is on the board that you are not fond of, but what the heck you throw in a bid, and you get him!  That is a feeling I hate and I will always avoid as, I don’t want someone on my team even if they only cost $1, that all of my research had told me to avoid.  Do not get sucked into a player at any cost because the price is right if it is a player you knew in advance (and sober) you did not like.

When I do my homework prior to a fantasy football auction draft, I will go through my tiers and highlight some players in red which tells me do not draft at any cost.   Sometimes it is because the price is too high. Sometimes I am not comfortable with the uncertainty that comes with them because I don’t feel they have a clear path to snaps/touches/targets etc.  Sometimes, I simply go with my gut instincts and often some guys get way too much praise for what I think will actually happen (Paul Richardson is a great example this year). I will go through the positions and name a few players at each that I will not be rostering this year. Check out the Average Auction Value of these players on our Auction Values page.



Aaron Rodgers-GB Packers AAV $31

ARodSure A-Rod has the skills to be the top QB this year.  He seems to flip-flop between a top 2 QB or not even a top 12 (due to injury) and if this trend continues, he should be right near the top again this year.  The problem is his price. Depending on what projections you like to use, QB’s like Newton, Cousins, Stafford, Wentz and Brees are projected for about 40 less overall points.  That’s just slightly over 2 points/week. However, their fantasy football auction prices are on average $25 less than Rodgers. That means you could draft a guy like Cousins and with the money you saved, but a WR2 like Fitz or TY Hilton…vs A-Rod and maybe Marqise Lee…both not bad combos but I will put my money on Cousins and TY in this scenario.



Tom Brady-NE Patriots AAV $21

tombradyAgain we have a QB capable of finishing as the top QB.  But I am not drafting him as his price is still too high for me but also he just turned 41.  I know he is the GOAT but at some point, you cannot ignore life. Bodies take longer to heal as you age.  He will get roughed up and I think he may be in decline. He lost Amendola and Cooks and learning this NE offense isn’t very easy so I don’t expect any new receivers in NE to make an impact.  They spent a 1st round pick on Sony Michel, so there is the option to run the ball even more.  Too many question marks for me.



Patrick Mahomes-KC Chiefs AAV $2

mahomesThe Chiefs let Alex Smith go after he had a phenomenal season.  Now the young, unproven Mahomes takes over. So far people have been gobbling him up and anointing him as the next great thing.  I need to see it to believe it. So far in camp, he is leading the league in INT’s. If he struggles, I could see the fans not being happy, and the coach getting fired.  $2 also gets you Ryan, Rivers or Mariota. How do you want to spend your money?



Running Backs:

Jerick McKinnon-SF 49ers AAV $30

San Francisco 49ers Mini CampJerick might be a capable pass-catching RB, but I am not sold that he can be a 3 down RB.  He never even beat out Matt Asiata while in Minnesota. Plus, I have watched him play live many times and he dances around too much behind the line instead of hitting a hole hard.  I can see a lot of people having high hopes for him in this offense but I am not spending that kind of money on a player I don’t believe in. Hopefully, I am wrong for those that do believe.

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Rashaad Penny-SEA Seahawks AAV $17

pennytHere is a rookie RB drafted in the 1st round so automatically we have people assuming he will be the next Zeke or Kamara.  Do the names CJ Prosise, Thomas Rawls or even Alex Collins mean anything to you? Those were also supposed to be the next rookies to break out (mind you from 1st round to undrafted as in Rawls is a big difference).  However, Seattle hasn’t had the go-to horse since Lynch left.  Chris Carson is there still and getting a lot of buzz. CJ is said to be the 3rd down back and 2-minute drill back.  That’s a little too much money to spend on a guy who may be watching a large portion of the snaps.



Jay Ajayi-PHI Eagles AAV $18

NFL: JUN 12 Eagles MinicampI have never liked this guy.  He doesn’t impress me and I do not see the Eagles involving him anymore then they did last year (which wasn’t enough).  Corey Clemente looked like the most explosive back in Philly. He was instrumental in their Superbowl win. So, I ask you, why change?  Not to mention Ajayi still has the bone on bone knee issue. That hasn’t gone away and usage can only make the matter worse.




Wide Receivers:

Julio Jones-ATL Falcons AAV $53

julioI owned Julio last year.  He had 1 huge game with over 50 fantasy points.  Had he got his average points/game that game which was 15, he would have finished as WR 16 (PPR).  He was 6th the year before.  He has finished as a top 5 WR once.  Why is everyone blowing so much smoke up his a$$?  He is the 4th most expensive WR.  Nominate him early and watch someone go well over $50 on a player who will not even finish top 10 in 2018! Will you take him in your Fantasy Football Auction?




Tyreek Hill-KC Chiefs AAV $30

hillThis is partially tied to my uncertainty in the QB situation there.  However, it also has to do with the signing of Sammy Watkins. There are/were a lot of fantasy relevant players in KC.  I do not see Tyreek having a season like the last. For $30 I need more certainty when I shop, thus I let him walk.




Alshon Jeffrey-PHI Eagles AAV $28

alshonAnother fairly pricey player that I do not want to touch. He hasn’t been a top 10 WR since he left Chicago.  He finished as WR 23 last year. You are paying good money for a guy who may only be a WR3. I would take Tate, Jones, DT or Thielen just to name a few for less money but whom I believe will all be top 20 at worst!



Tight Ends:

NFL: NOV 26 Bears at EaglesI will keep this short.  Gronk, Kelce and Ertz are the class of the field, but I am not paying $24-$35 on a TE in a fantasy football auction draft.  I have won more leagues than I have lost over the last 4 years with this notion so why change now?  In the leagues that I play year in and year out, I can’t remember the last time a high dollar TE was on the winning team.  This isn’t the first year that there was 1-2 TE’s clearly ahead of the pack either. For many years it was Gronk and Graham.  I even recall owners drafting them both thinking they would have a huge advantage as no one else would have a good TE. False!  TE is one of the easiest positions to stream. I would pay $25 for an RB4 to sit my bench and give me that depth over an expensive starting TE.



Good luck drafting!