Fantasy Football Auction – Do Not Draft List

August 4, 2018

Fantasy Football Auction – 9 Players Not To Draft Thanks, But No Thanks! You are in your fantasy football auction. A player is on the board that you are not fond of, but what the heck you throw in a bid, and you get him!  That is a feeling I hate and I will always avoid as, I don’t want someone on my team even if they only cost $1, that…


The Fantasy Football Auction U

August 3, 2018

How To Find Value In Your Fantasy Football Auction Draft This year there seems to be 10 RB’s going for $50-70 dollars.  Anyone of those ten could fetch top dollar in a fantasy football auction draft. A lot of things factor into the price but one theory we see time and time again is what we have dubbed the “Auction U”. (Want to see more prices? Look at our Auction…


Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

June 23, 2018

Fantasy Football Wide Receivers – Breakout, Bounceback or Bust Candidates Let’s take a look at another position in my series on 3B’s – the fantasy football wide receivers. Fantasy Football Wide Receivers can make or break your fantasy football team! Devante Parker (MIA)- Breakout Parker is entering his 4th season in the NFL.  He has yet to play all 16 games. He was a first-round pick that stands 6’ 3”….


Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

June 23, 2018

Fantasy Football Quarterbacks – Break-outs, Bouncebacks and Busts A positional breakdown of fantasy football quarterbacks you should target, keep an eye on or avoid altogether.   Fantasy Football Quarterbacks: When I break down these fantasy football quarterbacks, I am not going to list the obvious guys that ball out year in and year out like Rodgers or Wilson.  I am also not going to list the shots in the dark like…


3 Breakout Tight Ends

June 18, 2018

3 Breakout Fantasy Football Tight Ends and 1 Bounceback The 3 B’s of the TE’s For the purpose of Fantasy Football Tight Ends, I will avoid the bust candidates.  Take a look at our rankings and auction values to see what we think of other Fantasy Football Tight Ends this year. Realistically, if Gronk, Kelce and Ertz (not necessarily in that order) are not your top 3 tight ends they…


Late Round QB For Your Fantasy Football Auction

late round qb
May 4, 2017

Check out this article from 2016! Win The Bid On A “Late Round” QB In Your Fantasy Football Auction The term Late Round QB, was framed by JJ Zachariason and has been around for several years now.  In fantasy football auction drafting, it would equate to spending a buck or two on a QB or two.  No matter how many articles are written and podcasts recorded, fantasy football auction drafters still…


How To Budget Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

fantasy football wide receivers
May 2, 2017

Check out this article from 2016! How To Budget Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Budgeting   If you have been following our fantasy football podcasts, you will have heard us say we are willing to spend 60-70% of our budget on fantasy football wide receivers (PPR leagues) which equates to $120-140.  So with that limited info, what does that look like with actual names and dollar values…


12 Bargain Bin Buys For Your Fantasy Football Auction Draft

Fantasy Football Auction
August 4, 2016

12 Guys In The Fantasy Football Auction Bargain Bin No matter how your fantasy football auction goes, you will get to the point where the bank account is getting thin.  Every year there are players who don’t pull down big money that produce fantasy points like they cost you a small fortune.  This year there will be those bargains that can help you win your league, and there will even…


Five Do’s and Five Don’ts For Your 2016 Fantasy Football Auction Draft

fantasy football auction do's and don'ts
August 1, 2016

Fantasy Football Auction – Five Do’s and Five Don’ts by: MrBlistr FREE FANTASY FOOTBALL AUCTION ARTICLE It is August.  Training camp and pre-season games are well under way and you have caught it…Fantasy Football Auction Fever!  Ya boy, I know that feeling.  I have completed several fantasy football auction drafts already and am pumped for the season to start, but the biggest fantasy football auction that I partake in is…


Fantasy Football Auction Jambalya II

June 26, 2016

Fantasy Football Auction Jambalaya Part 2 Many of our fantasy football auction twitter followers have asked for advice on a variety of fantasy football auction related topics.  Many of your answers can be found if you sift through our fantasy football auction site and read some older articles.  We have many articles that relate to strategy, bidding and budgeting your fantasy football auction dollars.  Nonetheless, I will touch on a…