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Masters Golf Fantasy Pool

Sure we love to talk Fantasy Football Auctions, we discuss fantasy football auction values and drafts. However, today MrBlistr talks PGA Masters Golf and the Masters Pools that makes watching the PGA golf event so much fun. Keep reading to find out how to win your PGA Masters Golf Fantasy Pool.

As you have probably all gathered by now, I will bet on anything Fantasy.  I do however, love the Masters, even without any fantasy ties.  Some years watching the Masters is a sign of spring and a signal that it is time to get out on the golf courses ourselves.  The past two years however, watching the tourney on TV is the only spring we have had.  (a little whine coming here)  Two years ago, the spring of 2012, we were golfing in  March (this is coming from a small Canadian community, bordering Minnesota).  This seemed to be the way our climate was going and I did not notice anyone complaining about it either.  All hail global warming!!

Last year and now again this year, as we approach the Masters, we are still staring at snowbanks 10 feet high.  There is 4 feet of ice still on the lakes.  Like last year, we will be lucky to have the lakes open for the fishing opener in the third week of May!  Winter sucks people when it lasts 7-8 months. The winter is still coming our way – Winter Storm Warning in effect!


Fantasy Football and Fantasy Sports don’t stop because of snow

OK, now that I have got that out, it may have one small bright spot.  Because it is too cold, too snowy and just plain too crappy to do anything, a guy does have a lot of time to study every sport he wants to. Over the years I have been in a few different types of Masters pools.  Fantasy golf is actually a rapidly growing sport.  You can play it on many daily sports sites, yahoo, the pga tour, the golf channel, and the list continues to grow.  There are also some great sites for info on fantasy golf.  I like the “expert picks”, cbs, yahoo and even fftoolbox.  Most sites play a weekly contest.  In some cases you pick one player from each tier, others are salary cap based and others assign a point value per player, and you have to field a team but stay under a designated point value (similar to salary cap).  No matter the format, you still need to know a few tips when choosing the Masters.  Also, formats change as do scoring formulas.  In some pools they will use the golfers actual scores ie -3, +2, etc and total them up for your fantasy squad total.  Many other formats go by the dollar values the golfers win.  Thus, you need golfers to make the cut.  However, most importantly, you need the winner of the tourney.  The winners money total will almost add up to more than the rest of the top 10 combined.

Masters Pools and PGA Golf and Tiger – Hand in Hand in Hand

Unlike other majors, the Masters is always played in Augusta, Georgia.  The other 3 majors move each year.  Thus, history at Augusta is a huge factor in trying to select a squad.  Here are a few things that I consider when trying to pick the winning fantasy team at Augusta:

  • Rookies do not tend to do well at Augusta….it’s been almost 40 years since a rookie won.

  • No matter what Angel Cabrera and Freddie Couples do in the golf season prior to the Masters, they will be very competitive…and have a chance to win…and will not cost you a lot in any format

  • Be wary of any injuries…right now Tiger, Day, Bubba and Hunter Mahan are all nursing booboos..unfortunately, the PGA isn’t as forthcoming with injury info as the major sports teams are

  • Success in the 2 or 3 tournaments prior to the Masters has no bearing at all on how a player will do in the Masters…I have tried to correlate prior success and success at the Masters…no dice

  • You can look at how the player did in the previous 2-4 Masters…first, did they made the cut? The 2013 winner Adam Scott, finished 8th in 2012.  The 2012 winner Bubba, finished 38th in 2011.  The 2011 winner Charl Schwartzel finished 30th in 2010…and so on.

  • Important stats to look at include: driving accuracy, putting strokes gained, greens in regulation, and then the top 10 list, and don’t forget the Race to Dubai..the European PGA  “Fedex cup race”

  • I had Charl Schwartzel the year he won because, although he had some success on American soil, the sample size was small…however, he was lighting it up in Europe, and had previous Masters experience, so he knew the course..I also had Scott last year (this years Charl Schwartzel….Jamie Donaldson..hint hint)

I like Donaldson this year in my PGA Masters Fantasy Golf Pool

With all that in mind, here are some actual names I like for this year’s Masters:


Recent Previous Masters (2013-2010)

Top Tens (top tens/tourneys)


Adam Scott

1st, 8th, 2nd, 18th

3 of 5 (best 3rd)

Playing well, could defend this year.

Jason Day

3rd, WD, 2nd

2 of 3 (1st and 2nd)

Also playing well, concerns with injury

Zach Johnson

37th, 32nd, MC, 42nd

3 of 9 (1st and 3rd)

Has won it before.

Dustin Johnson

15th, –, 38th, 38th

5 of 6 (1st and 2nd)

Due for a Major and playing very well

Matt Kuchar

10th, 3rd, 27th, 24th

4 of 7

Also due, playing well, but no top 3’s

Bubba Watson

59th, 1st, 38th

5 of 8 (1st and 2nd)

Was hot…is he hurt though now?

Graeme McDowall

–, 12th, MC, MC

5 of 6 (3rd)

Good year, but not good history at Masters

Charl Schwartzel

30th, 50th, 1st, 30th

2 of 4  but 6th in Europe

Having solid year, and previous winner

Brant Snedeker

7th, 19th, 15th,

1 of 10

Not a great year…but has played Augusta well

Webb Simpson

–, 44th, –

5 of 9 (1st and 3rd)

playing well, yet to have great success at Augusta

Jamie Donaldson


2 of 5 (2nd) 1st in Europe

Not much experience at Augusta

Hunter Mahan

MC, 12th, MC, 8th

4 of 7

Injured?  If his trend continues, this yeat he should be top 15 again

Ryan Moore

38th, –, 35th, 14th

4 of 10 (1st)

sneaky play

Angel Cabrera

2nd, 32nd, 7th, 18th, 1st


always in the hunt

Freddie Couples

13th, 12th, 15th, 6th



You will notice I did not include Tiger or Phil.  Tiger’s back is ailing him and Phil isn’t playing great golf right now.  In most pools they will be at the top end of your salary or point system and right now they are too big a gamble in their current state.

That’s my take on this years Masters.



fs4u exclusive offer banner

2014 NHL Playoff Drafts

anaheim ducks ice girls
The NHL Playoffs are almost here, are you playing in a NHL Fantasy Playoff Pool? Is your Playoff draft coming up? If so, read Mr.Blistr’s latest article on a couple of league we play in and some information on NHL Realignment and how it effects the playoffs. The NHL Playoffs are looking good in 2014 – do you like the Anaheim Ducks? I do!

If you read my last article, or listened to our recent podcast, you will know that I am busy preparing 2 NHL play-off drafts.  What a great time of year.  The two drafts are both very fun, but both have entirely different formats.  The newer of the two is probably already closer to 20 years old.  The format has changed over the years, but I think we have now found a format that everyone enjoys….auction of course.  We draft 9 forwards, 5 defencemen and 1 goalie and we have $100 to shop with.  One interesting twist is that after the 5th, 10th and 15th rounds you can select any player not drafted at that time as a “secret” pick.  You can then subsequently draft them if you so choose, and double their points, or finish with a roster of 18 players vs 15.  Of course, as in any playoff pool, you need to draft guys that will go to the Cup finals.  You could spend $30 on Sidney Crosby, arguably the best player in the playoffs, but if he is out in the first round, it won’t help you.  Subsequently, if you have a hunch Minnesota can go the distance, you may get your entire roster filled out for $15.  Unfortunately you can’t take the $85 you saved to the bar after as it’s not real $$.

NHL Fantasy Playoff Pool goalie kisses the cup after helping you win your fantasy hockey pool

The other draft we (myself and Uncle Bucketts) are co-Presidents for Life of, has been established since the 1970’s.  Ahh the 70’s, back when I was a good hockey player…mind you I was not even into my double digits in age then.

shanebliss flyersstats2

This draft is the next best thing to a national holiday.  It has a constitution that is both entertaining and mind-boggling.  It has trivia that dates back to the start.  The original draft sheets from the 70’s are still here in my office and from time to time, the elders like to have a look back and reflect.  The draft is always precluded by an intense week long trading of draft picks.  It is not uncommon for a first round pick to be traded for 5 players in the later rounds.  This is definitely the best part.  The trading always intensifies when we all get to our local watering hole a few hours prior to the first draft pick being made.  We draft 10 rounds and usually have between 16-20 franchises (constitution will only allow 20 franchise maximum).  Each franchise however usually has between 1 and 3 owners.  The multiple owners are not because the cost to get in is high, it is because getting into this prestigious event is not easy.  Also, it helps elevate the entertainment level come draft time.  Getting into the draft has been an issue in the past, however, I think somewhere along the lines, the current Presidents got soft and let a couple of questionable franchises in.  When I say questionable, it is because they either do not make one trade (aka no fun at all), or they make the downright stupidest trade proposals ever heard of in the modern day English language.  How they get through the night without a black eye, always amazes me (but also makes me relieved in the morning that I behaved lol).

If you want any further details on these drafts or some tips on how to run a draft, please tweet me @Mrblistr and I would be happy to help.

Now, onto the real deal, the NHL play-offs.  If you did not realize that the NHL realigned its conferences this past year and restructured the playoff format, then you have some homework to do.  The Western Conference now has the Pacific and the Central divisions.  The Eastern Conference has the Metropolitan and the Atlantic.  The top 3 in each division make the play-offs and the next 2 teams with the highest point totals after the top 3 in each conference are the wildcards.  The #1 team in the West plays the #2 wildcard.  As it stands right now that would be St. Louis vs Phoenix.  The #1 team in the other division in the west would then play the #1 wildcard.  This current match up is San Jose vs Minnesota.  After that, the #2 in the Central (Chicago) plays the #3 in the Central (Colorado).  The #2 in the Pacific (Anaheim) plays the #3 in the Pacific (LA).

The #1 overall in the East (Boston) will play the #2 wildcard (Detroit).  The #1 in the other division in the East (the Metropolitan-Pittsburgh) plays the #1 wildcard (Columbus).  The #2 in the Atlantic (Montreal) plays the #3 in the Atlantic (Tampa Bay).  The #2 in the Metropolitan (NYR) plays the #3 in the Metropolitan (Philadelphia).  What happens in round 2…is a good question.  I am not entirely sure.  Will it be the highest seed in each conference of the first round winners, vs the lowest seed?  Would make sense wouldn’t it?

Nonetheless, this is an interesting format.  There are about 10 games left in the regular season, so the matchups will no doubt shift slightly.  Keep an eye on the matchups and see how things worked out between the two teams in the regular season.  Watch for great goaltending (I would say it’s questionable in Phoenix, Minnesota, Chicago and maybe even Anaheim in the west.  Detroit, Pittsburgh, TB and Philly all also have slightly less appealing goalies than the other 4 eastern teams).  Detroit will hopefully be healthy and thus rested going into the playoffs and could be scary.  Currently they own the head to head matchup with the Bruins.  Pittsburgh’s goalies have literally crapped the bed the last couple of years.  Chicago may fatigue after going the distance last year and having a large contingent in the Olympics.  Minnesota is struggling right now.  San Jose always disappoints.  Who will win is always the biggest part of your strategy. Getting it right is always a crap shoot.  Good luck and stay tuned.  As the matchups get determined, I will break them down and try help you win your playoff pool.


Good luck



Executive Champions League Dynasty Start-Up Draft

startmeup stones
With the NFL Draft around the corner and NFL Mock Drafts in full swing, Dynasty Fantasy Football Drafts are a major topic of FantasyFootball conversation. Today Mr.Blistr discusses a new start-up we are currently drafting. NFL free agency, first round draft picks like Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Watkins are major topics of this discussion as we move forward. This is Dynasty Fantasy Football at it’s finest!

I have been slacking off in the writing department.  It’s not for lack of interest in sports, it’s probably just the opposite.  It’s hard to write when you are busy studying and watching March Madness, the Masters (golf) which is fast approaching, prepping 2 NHL play-off drafts, playing weekly fantasy hockey and basketball, prepping for a MLB draft this weekend and of course prepping for the Day 2 draft of the ECL.  Day 1 of the inaugural ECL started on March 1st.  It was a ton of fun as guys were making trades, criticizing each other and drafting in their own “sure-fire” method to try and secure a championship team.  Uncle Bucketts and I are teamed up as the FFAucShaneers and of course we have Slim in the background filling our minds with useful data and perception.   As much fun as it is drafting, we do intend to win this thing as well :)

Dynasty Football Start Ups are like the Rolling Stones. They “Never Stop” in the world of Fantasy Football

Before we look at players, I should point out a couple of key facts.  One, of the draft picks from which we call Day 1, (or the first 5 rounds), only 2 of these players can remain on your team the following year.  Thus, although it is Dynasty, you could look at an older player knowing you may not be keeping him anyway.  Also, scoring includes a half point per carry.  Thus, a running QB is quite valuable and the points per carry help to increase his value. We always say “Know Your Scoring Systems” to help your draft.

As per the usual, I tried to wheel and deal as much as I possibly could.  Once the smoke settled, we had moved up to pick earlier in both the 3rd and 4th rounds.  We did however lose a 7th round pick but picked up additional picks in the 15th and 18th.  Here is what we did (we had pick #6):

  • Round 1.6-RB Eddie Lacy (23 years)

    Eddy Lacy of the Green Bay Packers was our first pick of the Fantasy Football Dynasty start-up with the Executive Champions League (ECL)

  • Round 2.7-RB Giovani Bernard (22 years)

    Gio was The Fantasy Football Auction pick in the second round! We are very excited about his Fantasy Football Auction value and his upside.

  • Round 3.2-WR Antonio Brown (25 years)

    In the 3rd round, The Fantasy Football Auction selected Antonio Brown. He is a great value pick in PPR formats

  • Round 4.1-WR Pierre Garcon (27 years)

    The Fantasy Football Auction selected Garcon with our 4th round pick. He is a Fantasy Football PPR beast. With still lots of value and upside.

  • Round 5.6-QB Russell Wilson (25 years)

    Wilson was the 5th round pick by The Fantasy Football Auction. With a .5 per rush attempt Fantasy Football scoring system in the ECL, Wilson is one of the must have Fantasy Football Quarterbacks.

Eddie Lacy could easily be a top 3 back in this scoring.  He was 6th last year in carries, and he added on 35 catches in only 15 games.  He will be a huge part of a high powered offense and his 11 TD total could be more like 15-16 next season.  In round 2 we took Gio.  Although a lot of Dynasty sites have him ranked as high as 3 or 4, this will depend on how much they give him the ball.  He showed last year how electric he can be.  Everyone in fantasy wants to see this guy get the rock about twice as much as last year, especially the FFAucShaneers.  We felt the drop off in RB would be too great if we would have taken a WR in the 2nd round, and also there were a number of WR’s we were targeting still available.

Our two WR’s actually were 1 and 2 in catches last year.  Brown had 110 and Garcon had  113.  They finished as the 3rd and 11th ranked WR’s in PPR.  We were quite happy to be able to trade and still get the guys we wanted.  In a PPR Dynasty these guys can easily be top 10 receivers again next year.

Finally in round 5, we started to look at a running QB, with our eyes set on Cam Newton.  When you calculated the scoring and input Cam’s stats, he was a top 2 or 3 QB.  Unfortunately, he was snagged right before us.  However, now it looks like there is turmoil in Carolina coupled with ankle surgery for Cam.  Now I am glad we never used a 5th round pick on him.  Instead we grabbed Russell, Superbowl Champ, Wilson. In standard scoring Russell was the 10th ranked QB last year.  In the ECL scoring Russell would have finished with 363 points.  In comparison, Matt Stafford, the 4th ranked QB last year, would have finished with 321 points.  In addition to the rushing stats helping Wilson, because he scrambles  and can run, he can often throw the ball away, minimizing interceptions which are -4 points each.  Wilson can easily finish as a top 5 QB in this scoring format.

Where do the next 5 rounds of drafting take us starting April 1st?  The jury is still out on that.  Currently, we do not have a pick in round 7, so if all stays status quo, we are only going to be drafting 4 players in the Day 2 portion of our draft.  The players drafted from here on in can be on the Dynasty roster for as long as we choose, but we can only keep 8 total players from one year to the next.  So, potentially, our next 6 guys could prove quite valuable.   We may trade out of round 6 if it means picking up extra picks in the next 5 rounds.   What we do will depend on one of 2 things 1) the offer we are given, and 2) who is available when we pick.  There are numerous good receivers available.  Depth at RB is always important.  I expect to see a run on young QB’s in the 6th.  Who knows what will happen, there are always surprises.

Some other news and notes with the Day 1 draft:

  • the first overall selection 1.1, was Drew Brees! by lb4lb

  • Eric Decker was picked at 4.5, he is now a Jet…haha  He is now a WR3-4 at best

  • 7 QB’s were drafted…2 of them by Red Zone..hmmm

  • 3 TE’s were drafted, I think there is a large gap between those 3 and the next one off the board in terms of production, and there are numerous TE’s that you can platoon from here on in

  • Sixth Sense made some trades and ended up with 7 players in the first 5 rounds, he will only be able to keep 2 next year, but has a great base on this year’s squad

  • I think Sixth Sense and us have drafted the best 2 teams so far, but time will tell

Only 5 more sleeps until we crank up the draft again.  It is a ton of fun and can not wait to get back in the action.  Hopefully I can do a re-cap again and keep you in the know.

Take Care


Week18 Fantasy Hockey Report

Daily Fantasy Hockey is an amazing way to make some cash from some ‘suckers’ that think they know hockey. Well it may say football on our website, but we are from Canada and we know NHL Fantasy Hockey!

The weeks are rolling by.  I am mired in a slump in my daily leagues and may have hit an all-time low one day last week scoring a total of 0.5 points..ouch.  It doesn’t help when you pick Carolina players and twice now they have had weather cause games to get cancelled.  Oh well, you can’t win them all and I was fortunate enough to pull out some cash from FS4U (not a member? head to our site for an exclusive deal) and buy myself a little present.  Always nice having something to show for your efforts:)

Week 18 is highlighted by Montreal and Washington as the only 2 teams on FS4U playing 4 games.  Although you will want players from these teams in your weekly line-ups, I wouldn’t be real concerned about having players exclusively from these 2 teams.  Carey Price should be a good bet for 3 starts minimum, but things are not as clear in the Washington goal.  They have lost a record 7 straight at the time I am writing this, and both goaltending and goal scoring has been suspect over that stretch.  Ovechkin has missed the past 2 games with a groin strain and after that it is a bit of a reach for goal scorers in Washington.  Backstrom has points, but most of the assist variety.  On FS4U where goals are worth more than assists, he is a pricey talent for not scoring goals.  PK Subban, the d-man in Montreal, is a solid play this week.  Others you may want to consider in Montreal are Plekanec, Pacioretty and Markov.  In Washington, Green or Carlson on D and Ward, Brouwer and Chimera are all low cost talent playing 4 games.

Teams with only two games in the FS4U week include: Carolina, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, NYI, NYR, Pittsburgh and Vancouver.  These teams may be better off avoided as with only 2 games your chances are obviously cut in terms of scoring opportunities.  There are still plenty of teams with three games that you may want to look to for your weekly lineups.  Teams such as Toronto (151 goals), Columbus (148 and hotter than anyone right now), Chicago (189 leads league in goals), St.Louis (173), Anaheim (179 and all 3 games at home) and San Jose (162) all have great offences that are capable of scoring 4-5 goals per game.  Thus, even when these teams do not play the most games in the week, they still have the potential to post the most points in the week.  It is probably safe to say that anytime these teams play 3 or more games in a week you can run with their snipers.

If you look at the highest scoring team in the East, Pittsburgh (168 goals in 51 games for an average of 3.29 goals/game) vs Montreal, who have 4 games this week, or Buffalo the lowest scoring team in the East there is a noticeable gap.  Montreal averages 2.51 goals/game and Buffalo 1.88, thus it is important to note team scoring as obviously that translates to individual scoring…which helps you win weekly pools.  In the West, Chicago leads in goal scoring and it works out to an average of 3.57 goals/game.  The bottom dwellers in the West are Calgary and they average 2.29 goals per game.  At this point in the season, the high powered offences come from the Western Conference.  Three teams in the West (Chicago, St.Louis, and Anaheim) out score the highest scoring team in the East(Pittsburgh).

That’s a look at week 18.  Good luck.

Fantasy Hockey Week 16

nry wash fight

We are down to 4 teams left in the NFL, but we have a whole lot to look at in the NHL.  Week 16 is upon us and soon we will be taking a hiatus for the Olympics.  Time for our faithful readers to join FantasySports4U and dabble in the NHL.  You may notice Mrblistr creeping up the leaderboard, don’t let that scare you.  Instead, heed my advice and come try beat me.

If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now through the FS4U banner on our webpage.  This will give you a nice little match play and an opportunity to play around for likely, the rest of the NHL season.

Don’t play with the expectations of getting rich, but if you like turning $10 into $100, and most people tend to like mo money….than give it a go.  Playing daily hockey is like a marathon, not a sprint.  If you want to make money, it’s a gradual process…so be prepared to slug it out for a few weeks or a month before you go shopping with your newfound riches.

On that note, what teams should we target, and what teams should we avoid this week?  You won’t see this to often…avoid the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The talent laden Pens only have 1 game.  They are good, but the price of those players, and the chances they can compete with guys playing 4 games is minimal and not a great investment in a salary cap league.  Five other teams only play 2 games this week and they include Carolina, Columbus, Detroit, L.A. And Winnipeg.  Avoid those teams also.

fantasy hockey marathon sprint

Only three teams play 4 games this week on the FS4U circuit and they are the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitols.  Sometimes you need to look elsewhere than solely the teams playing 4 games, but this may not be the case this week.  All of these teams have guys that can potentially light it up.  Ovy, Backstrom, Grabovski and Mike Green on D are all solid plays in Washington.  Rick Nash, Zuccarello and Hagelin are safe plays in NY.  St.Louis, and Purcell are also solid in Tampa.  Also, if you are a bit of a gambler, Steven Stamkos is very close to a return  and if he does, you need to have that sniper in your lineup.

The Rangers have scored 114 goals on the season, Washington 136 and Tampa 132.  Not bad, but not great numbers.  If you are willing to sacrifice games for some higher powered offences, then look to the Western conference.  There are 4 teams in the west that have been scoring goals at will.  Chicago (170), St.Louis (161), Anaheim (160) and San Jose (148) score a lot more goals per game.  Thus, although the Rangers, Lightning and Capitols play 4 games, you may get more firepower from one of these 4 teams.  Chicago at 170 vs NYR at 114…and the game differential is only 1, might make you opt for some Hawks over some Rangers (66 goals more…wow!!!). I think I will go back in and tweak my weekly lineups right after I finish typing this.

There’s a look at the week ahead in hockey.  Stick a toe in…the ice is cold, but the action at FS4U is just heating up.  Thanks for reading.


Playing Daily Fantasy Sports – want to learn how to win some money, win some cash on Daily Fantasy Hockey? Mr.Blistr is your name – he’s winning money each week! Not on not on but on

Well hopefully the mess of Christmas has been cleaned up, the New Year rung in and another notch punched in your belt.  Now, it’s time to start playing some daily and weekly fantasy hockey on Don’t forget our exclusive offers for FS4U – head over to for more information!

Here’s what to consider in this the 15th week of the NHL season:

Just a reminder, the weekly pools on FS4U run from Tuesday through Sunday.  With that in mind, you may want to avoid players from Florida, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg.  These teams all only have 2 games that would fall in the FS4U weekly pools.  These players may be well rested for their daily games however, so keep them in mind.

The teams to focus on this week include Anaheim, Minnesota, Nashville, New Jersey, Philly and Toronto.  All of these teams play 4 games this week.  However, Minnesota’s Zach Parise is a bit banged up and will be missing games this week.  After him the talent pool in Minny is fairly scarce.  Nashville could play 10 games in a week and you would have a hard time getting enough points out of their players to compete.  Yes, Shea Weber is a good defenceman, but he carries a big price tag also.  New Jersey has some good talent in Zajac, Jagr and Henrique that may help your team this week.  It’s tough to call which goalie their will get the most work, Brodeur and Schneider may split.  Philly has been coming on as of late and thus playing Giroux and Voracek cannot hurt you. Toronto has been riding a roller coaster.  They pulled out a big New Year’s Day win over Detroit in front of over 100, 000 fans, and then get thumped 7-1 by the Rangers.  Tough team to figure out.  If they are playing well, Kessel, Lupul and JVR can be nice fantasy additions.  Your best bets this week are Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry from Anaheim.  They lead their team and with 4 games, have an opportunity to lead your fantasy team this week too.

Should you limit yourself to only players who have 4 games this week?  Absolutely not.  Guys like Crosby and Ovechkin have the talent to outscore most other players who may even play 5 games in a week.  If your weekly fantasy pool include stats other than just goals and assists (ie shots, pim’s, +/-), then I would stick with the guys with the most games.  But, on FS4U, the goals and the assists are how you accumulate points, so considering a league leader each and every week is not a bad idea.

That’s the week in a nutshell.  Good luck.


Welcome Fantasy Hockey


Fantasy Hockey….wait what?

Yes, that’s right kids, fantasy hockey.  It’s time Mrblistr starts to enlighten y’all about something other than football.  Like many people out there, I have been dabbling in fantasy hockey on FS4U, but not really concentrating on it as football season is still on-going.  Last year was great.  The NHL had a lock-out and thus hockey didn’t start until after football was over. But, as football winds down, we have to find something else to keep us entertained/addicted.  Yes golf will be starting soon in the new year, and basketball is also underway, but my next addiction will be fantasy hockey.  I will attempt to try and write a weekly article to get you up to speed for your weekly pools. You can also play daily hockey pools on FS4U, but the strategy there is quite simple…pick from the list of players…and only the players playing that day are listed.

Before you play any daily, or weekly fantasy hockey, you better make sure you know the scoring format.  On FS4U, the scoring for hockey is as follows:










So, what does this scoring mean to you?  Well first and foremost, you need to try and pick the goalies that are going to win.  A goalie that gets a 4-2 win and makes 30 saves will get you 3 points for a win, 3 points for his 30 saves, and lose 1 point for the 2 goals against for a grand total of 5 points.  You will be hard pressed to find any skaters that can do that on a regular basis.  More often than not, if you get 2 wins from the 2 goalies you start, then you have a very good chance to win your daily pool.

Perhaps this info should have came first.  Your roster will consist of 2 Centers, 2 RW, 2LF, 2 D and 2 goalies.  You have a $150,000 budget to build your team of 10 players.

Now the next most important piece of info in regards to scoring is the fact that goals are worth 2 points and assists just 1.  This puts a bigger emphasis on your goal scorers.  For example, if you have to choose between Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, both run a price of $30000.  However, Crosby has 19 goals and 32 assists.  In FS4U scoring that would be 70 points.  Malkin on the other hand has 9 goals and 32 assists for a total of 50 FS4U points.  Thus , spend your money on the goal scorers.  Also on that note, the super studs like Crosby or Getzlaf, or Kessel, the guys that end up at the top of the scoring race each year, you need to play them every night.  Sure they will have a dud here or there, but they don’t end up at the top of the charts by having only a good week once a month.  These guys will put up numbers.  Don’t try and get fancy by thinking someone is due.  Go with your horses when you can afford them.

The last piece of advice for this week, know the weekly schedule.  Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.  You can access the NHL schedule on a million different sites, but the one I find most useful is on ESPN.  If you go to ESPN and look up the NHL Forecaster, it breaks down each team’s schedule for the week.  The only thing you need to be aware of, the weekly pools on FS4U run from Tuesday-Sunday.  Thus, you must make sure you don’t add in the Monday contests to your weekly strategery.  Also, pay no attention to their offensive and defensive ranks.  That’s a crap shoot.  The only thing that matters is trying to pick players from the teams that play the most games.  If Crosby only plays 2 games and you can grab Matt Duchesne from the Avalanche who is playing 4, go with the guy who will be getting more opportunity to put up points.

There’s just a few tips to get you started, or to get you thinking about how you can replace  your huge void created by the NFL season wrapping up.  Come on over to FS4U and try and catch DeanHoagy and myself on the leaderboard.

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Go Bruins!!!

Mr Blistr

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Week 8 I Got Two Words For You!

Week 8 of Fantasy Football and we look at fantasy football sleepers, fantasy football booms, fantasy football busts. Mr. Blistr is full of P+V today!

Another week is almost in the books (just the Monday night game, SEA @ STL, left as I write this). Another week with some key injuries and some absolutely dreadful fantasy performances. Many people will be raving over Marvin Jones’ 4 TD’s or Calvin Johnson’s 329 yards. Yes those are impressive performances, but those are just 2 guys. There were by far, more horrific performances that ruined many people’s fantasy weekends. I think it is time some of these guys get called out on the carpet.

At QB:

Michael Vick….thanks for losing me 12 daily pools this week you band aid. Your -0.1 points (and your teammate Foles last week) really didn’t help the cause.

At TE:

Wow, even the “great” “elite” tight ends did little more than the water boys this past weekend. Heath Miller 1.9, Tony Gonzalez 2.6, Jason Witten 1.5, Julius Thomas 2.9, Gronk 2.7, Jeff Cumberland 0.9 and Brent Celek 1.7 all stunk it up this past weekend. Gonzo is supposed to be 1 of only 2 potential targets in Atlanta with White and Jones out, so where

kaepernick-gonzo is he? Thomas and Gronk are two guys that can and should light it up. Sure, 100 yards and a TD might be a lot to expect from your TE on a weekly basis, but 27 and 29 yards? Really? Witten is on a team that loves to throw the ball. How can he only be open for 15 yards? Miller and Celek, two guys that don’t have a lot of competition for targets..still do not make it happen. Cumberland was supposed to have an elevated role because of the injuries and suspension of the other TE…I think he had more of a role before than the 9 yards he has this week. Also, it’s not like these games were tight where a run game was still valuable, or they had a big lead and could eat the clock, these teams were in full pass mode. Thanks for nothing high priced tight ends.

At RB:

What is with the RB position this year? I think in the drafts of 2014, the RB’s dollar value is going to plummet. The workhorse back is no more. Crap, the effective RB is a ghost already. There haven’t been too many performances worthy of a $50 RB this year. The most consistent RB is probably Knowshon Moreno, and he went undrafted or was picked up for a $1. This past week saw Gio Bernard 2.7, Darren Sproles 0, Roy Helu 2.5 and Jacquizz Rodgers 1.9 lead the pack of stinky performances. Now I was not a fool and think Helu would come close to his 3 TD performance of week 7, but 25 yards is abysmal. Sproles a zero! I don’t know about you, but with 6 teams on a bye, and in a couple of those situations, the starting RB’s injured, you would expect a little more…a lot more.

At WR:

Finally the wide receivers. We had 2 huge games from Marvin Jones and Calvin Johnson. Marvin who? Jones of course, the boys at the FFA pointed him out on our podcast prior to week 8…if you didn’t listen, shame on you…and you probably lost this week. But after those 2 performances take a look at these names: Mike Wallace 4.9, Marques Colston 1.8, Dwayne Bowe 0.7, Eric Decker 4.2, Greg Jennings 0.9, Kenbrell Thompkins 0, Pierre Garcon 4.6, Mike Williams 2.0, Steve Smith 4.2, Justin Blackmon 3.0, Reuben Randle 0, Robert Woods 0.7, Danny Amendola 1.5 and Riley Cooper 1.3. Add up all their yards and Megatron only beat them by 31 yards… He Beat them by 31 yards, 14 guys! C’mon man, you guys call yourselves professionals? Colston what happened to you. You had a bye week and the Bills to finally come to life. You are dead to me now. Jennings and Bowe, well I never believed in you anyway, but some people did, and now they don’t. Garcon and Decker…supposed to be in a high scoring affair in the Mile high City…points were scored, no thanks to you. Go ahead and cut Thompkins, Williams (he was injured), Wallace, Woods and Cooper. They may have 1 more good game this year, but who knows when it will be. You may be better off to find Williams and Brandon Gibson’s replacements than the guys I just mentioned. There were a lot of sad performances this week. Other than my daily pools though, I will come out OK in my full season leagues. So, this rant is not just for me, but for all of the fantasy football diehards who got screwed over this week by their stars taking a week off. Oh ya, thanks Denver Defence. You have done nothing all year, but give up mass amounts of points. So, I let you go. You reward me with a 23 point effort. To quote Degeneration X, “I got two words for ya”.

Let’s regroup for week 9. Let’s hope the stars re-align and there are a lot more studs than duds. My ego and my wallet are bruised from 2 less than spectacular weeks of weekly fantasy football on FS4U, so it may be time to concentrate on getting my big buck. Take care y’all, and to our Fantasy Stars, get it together.


Fantasy Football Writers Cramp


Writer’s Cramp….

Mr.Blistr is brutally honest about how the first part of the NFL Fantasy Football season has gone so far. He had sleepers, busts, must have, and breakout players. After NFL Week 4 Fantasy Football and looking at Fantasy Football for Week 5 in 2013 Blistr tells you how he’s done… so far!

Well, not really writer’s cramp just too damn busy with the work that pays the bills among other things.  I feel bad for not having written anything for a while, but things are busy for Mrblistr these days.  Obviously the school year fired back up and also coincides with my lack of fantasy football article production.  On top of that, my kids both started hockey and that runs 4 days a week.  And, perhaps one of my biggest passions is hunting which also is in full bloom.  For those of you unaware of the time and details that go into hunting, it is a time consuming hobby.  Time is spent scouting, planning and preparing well before the actual time in the field hunting.  On my to-do list for the fall deer hunt still includes hanging stands, moving stands, hanging feeders and cameras and building a large 8 x 8 enclosed stand so the kids can enjoy the hunt.  My 5 year old daughter is taking quite an interest, to my happy surprise.  She recently got up at 4 am and dressed herself because she was so pumped I was taking her moose hunting.  However getting her up at 7am for school is not so easy.  I love it; my wife may not be so excited lol.  Anyway, those are my “excuses” for slacking off.

But, it’s not like I have entirely abandoned the football world, quite the opposite really.  I probably do more research now than ever, I just haven’t had time to share my findings or thoughts.  I still have multiple FF teams; do pick em pools, confidence pools and best ball also.  I play in anywhere from 10-20 weekly leagues on  Thus, I spend a lot (maybe too much) time analyzing players and games, and tweaking my line-ups.  As I watch games and weeks unfold, I thought I would look back at some of my preseason thoughts and hunches and see how things are unfolding.  So the next little bit is going to be a little hodgepodge of:

Random Shots

Most of the players I comment on will be from the AFC as that’s the portion I wrote about in the draft kit, but I did have make a few comments on NFC studs/duds also…

Julio Jones…in the early rankings I had him ranked #1, then after podding with Slim n JJ, they kinda talked me out of that ranking because Roddy White hurts his value.  He currently sits 4th.  All the guys the experts ranked ahead of him…are below.

Michael Vick…I pegged as a bust.  Too many injuries.  He may still fall to injury but right now he is the 3rd ranked QB in fantasy.  This year a late round flier on him is looking pretty sweet.

DeSean Jackson…also pegged as a bust.  However, injury troubles a plenty in Philly, combined with the up-tempo Chip Kelly offense, have made D-Jax fantasy $$ once again.  I guess he scorned me one too many times and made me a hater.  After 4 weeks he’s the #8 ranked receiver.

Doug Martin…for many people he isn’t living up to expectations.  He is currently the 17th ranked RB.  It’s a mess in Tampa, hopefully it gets straightened out real soon.

Joseph Randle… I had him as a sleeper.  The oft injured Murray made this appear to be a matter of not if, but when he plays.  Unfortunately, through training camp he slid right off the depth chart into the abyss.  He has yet to play and is not a sleeper, but asleep.

Torrey Smith… I was uncertain that Torrey could handle the #1 job.  Once again however, opportunity by means of injuries to other key players opened the door of necessity or attrition that left Torrey as one of the only options left.  He is currently ranked 9th in WR stats.  I still think he will fall down the ranks though.

Mohammed Sanu… I thought he would see a lot of targets (at least red zone) based on his play last year, and the fact AJ needs a nice compliment on the opposite side of the field.  He is currently the 75th ranked WR and has yet to find the end zone.

Josh Gordon…I was very high on Gordon coming into the year and grabbed him on many teams…so far he has yet to disappoint.  And, unbeknownst to us at the time, Brian Hoyer is proving to be a nice QB for him also.

David Nelson and Davone Bess… I thought both of these guys had a chance to breakout in Cleveland. Nelson was cut (recently signed by the Jets) and Bess is nothing more than WW fodder.

Emmanuel Sanders…I was unsure of Sanders.  On one hand, he had a golden opportunity to be a breakout with the situation he was in, on the other hand, he did very little with that same opportunity last year, thus he could have been a bust.  I am leaning toward bust at this point for the 56th ranked WR.  Especially, playing on a winless team, who does not have a run game and is forced to throw because they are so far behind…how, can you not produce?

DeAndre Hopkins…I liked this kid and had him as a breakout.  He is currently the 34th ranked WR and has caught 20 of 29 targets.  I look for him to continue to move up the stat ranks amongst WR’s.

Ben Tate… Also a breakout.  Ben’s numbers this year are still better than Foster.  Foster as predicted has been dinged up (although he may be starting to come on as of late).  Ben has 228 yards on 34 carries (6.7 YPC).  Foster has 292 yards on 76 carries (3.8 YPC) and the Texans are 2-2.  I may not be a mathematician, but 6.7>3.8 If I like to work as a coach in the NFL, I need someone to point this out…soon.

Darius Heyward-Bey…aka crap I called Bust.  He may not be a bust, he is just DHB…not very good.  Ranked 78th amongst WR’s and should fall further as the season wears on.

Delanie Walker… I actually called breakout, but started to 2nd guess myself.  He currently is the 17th ranked TE, so that’s not all that bad.  On the WW, he is right at the top of the list for available TE’s.

T.J. Graham…I thought for sure the 3rd year wide out would breakout.  He had Stevie drawing the #1 DB’s.  He has experience and only a rookie to compete with.  The rookie is ranked 32nd …TJ 105th oops!

Legarette Blount… Another guy I had as a bust.  I really thought he may get cut.  He is the highest scoring fantasy RB on NE.  He is only 38th overall amongst RB’s…but the highest in New England!!!

Bilal Powell… I nailed this one.  I didn’t trust Ivory and still do not.  Powell has been the steady, healthy choice and will remain that way.  He is the 14th ranked RB as of today.

Daryl Richardson… He started off making me look smart…he was named the starter as I thought he would when all others wrote him off.  However, I am quite confident that unless he performs out of his mind this week, he will fade off into the sunset.  He is currently the 44th ranked RB.  It may just be Pead time.

Peyton Manning…again Slim and JJ messed with my mind.  I had Peyton #1 overall in preseason ranks.  Then the notion that they would be running out the clock come the 3rd quarter started to make sense.   However, their D isn’t as airtight as we thought and thus they continue to sling it.  Plus, their run game isn’t great, but who cares when Peyton has 4 studs to throw it to.  He is a surgeon and fun to watch.  Peyton had 3 top 11 WR’s way back in 2004…he’s too old now…ya right.

Wes Welker…I had as a bust (oh my was I wrong).  I didn’t think he would be a bust in the sense he would be irrelevant, just in the sense his numbers would have to take a hit “too many mouths to feed”…however, Peyton is making sure every receiver gets enough to eat…would have been a bargain on draft day and currently sites #3

Matt Flynn…supposed to breakout, however got beat out for the starting gig once again…enjoy your last pro season ya bum

Phillip Rivers…a bust, hell no.  He is looking good.  The 4th ranked fantasy QB.  Pretty darn impressive.  I was way off here.

Antonio Gates…another huge misfire.  If Rivers was bad like he has been then Gates would have too, but they work together.  Gates has been great (3rd ranked TE)

Julian Edelman…a sleeper.  Going into the season he was the only wide out who caught a pass from Brady last year.  Thanks to injuries to Gronk and Amendola, he is the 17th ranked WR.  He will produce in spurts but his production should drop when the Pat’s get back to healthy.

Bernard Pierce…I thought he may emerge even more so.  He has had an opportunity to start (as Rice wears out) and they don’t have a lot of options.  Unfortunately, he hasn’t been real healthy himself.  He is ranked 29thamoung fantasy RB’s (Rice is 41st).  I think he can still become very valuable this year.

David Ausberry…I felt he could breakout this year in Oakland, instead he is on the IR and will not play…sure glad I drafted him as one of my 3 TE’s in a best ball format…even more happy now that Sudfeld is also a useless ass

Vincent Brown…a sleeper who has yet to wake up.  Vince you have one more week to deliver before I release you to the hounds…are there any Vince’s I can like?

Looking back it seems that there is a lot of discrepancy in my preseason ranks and reality.  However, that’s what happens when you buy a magazine before camps even unfold.  Things change.  People get hurt.  Position battles unfold.  That’s why with our draft kit, we did our initial synopsis, but then updated you regularly as to how things changed, service you don’t get from a magazine.  Now things will still have an opportunity to change.  We are only 4 weeks in.  Guys will get hurt.  Guys will start to perform and others will fade away.  Although I am not writing regularly, you can tweet me and I will answer any questions.  Like I said, writing has been on the back burner, but fantasy football occupies many hours every day.

Hope you enjoyed the read and I look forward to helping you make your weekly line-ups or debate a trade.



Fantasy Football Auction Draft Results

Fantasy Football Auction Draft results start with… How is my team? Rank my draft? What do you think of my team? I should have spent more money on RB’s… and the list goes on and on!

The true draft results come from reflecting on the time  you had with your buddies, the connections you made, the new stories and memories you created. If you had a live draft, you know exactly what I mean! There is nothing, I mean nothing like a live draft to bond with your buddies over beers and ball!

We want to hear from you! Send us some stories, some pics, something from your draft. The good ones, the really good ones will make it on the site for the world to see. So the world can see just how awesome you and your buddies are! You can be featured on our site! Email us (Email Us) some pics and a story today!

Here are some highlights of our ‘BIG’ live draft we do every year!

Let The Draft Begin


We started the draft in the afternoon. New location this year! The guys are ready with their laptops, and MrBlistr is feeling regal in his throne, or new bar stool or what ever you call it!

Why Did You Up-Bid Me Slim?


Blistr let’s Slim know that he should never, ever up-bid him in an auction!

Dinner Is Almost Served!


Our gracious host get’s the lobster tails ready for the feast!

Let’s Eat!


Bottles of Red Zin, Thick Cut Steaks and Lobster Tails are on the menu. Bloated guts and lots of laughs are the result!

The Ghost Of Blistr


Following the 5 hour live draft, the 30 minutes of eating, the 30 minutes of beer boat races and puking leads to the ghost of Blistr sighting. The fire is huge! You see little Slim in the background, that’s a big fire!

It Wasn’t A Ghost


It wasn’t a ghost, but it was an amazing night! Blistr wears his Championship Belt from 2012. Who knows what will happen in 2013? One thing is for sure – nobody will forget the epic night that was the 2013 Fantasy Football Auction Draft.

Notice nothing in this post talks about nominations, bidding, values, sleepers, busts, rosters or even fantasy football. This post is all about the True Reason we all play!

Tell us about your draft, send us some pics – get featured on our site! Email Us


by Uncle Bucketts







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