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6 Ways 2015 Fantasy Football Auctions Will Be Different

Peyton - 2015 Will Be Different

If you are a die-hard fantasy football player, or at least just want to grab the title in the next fantasy season, then the research starts now.

I am coming off one of my most successful seasons in fantasy, but am I sitting back and resting on my accomplishments? Hell no!

I am already starting my 2015 rankings. In doing so, it makes me wonder how the 2015 draft season will differ from season’s past.

Will people finally not reach for a QB? If you took Brees or Peyton early on this past year, you may have been slightlyfantasy football champ iconsaddened when they averaged only 2.5 fantasy points per game more than 10th ranked Tannehill, or 13th ranked Romo.

Will people still blow their budget on an RB? Last season McCoy, Charles and AP were costing well over $60. If they would have finished top 3, then it would have been worth it…but McCoy was 12th, Charles 7th and AP….well we all know how that worked out.

At WR last year I had 8 players ranked as Tier 1 (most people had Jordy and Antonio in Tier 2….suckas). However in 2015, rookie WR’s all over turned in stud performances…Beckham Jr., Cooks, Benjamin, Landry, Watkins, Evans, Matthews, and even Hurns. In addition to that Sanders, Tate and Hopkins all took it to the next level. Maclin and TY stepped up to WR1 status.

Wow, at first glance it appears WR will be just slightly deeper than the Atlantic Ocean. How will that translate into the 2015 fantasy auctions? You would think that guys may be reluctant to spend big money on a WR as their are easily 24 guys that can compete for top 10 status. If that is the case, do you pour more money into RB’s..QB’s..or TE?

TE was as inconsistent a position as they come…except for Gronk. Twelve TE’s averaged double digit fantasy points per game, but in many cases it was feast or famine. From Gronk to 12th, the point total dropped 106 points and an average of 7.8 FP/game. Will Graham’s injuries and lackluster season drop his value? Ahh so much is yet TBD.

Here is my initial take on the 2015 fantasy football auction season:


Andrew Luck will be the priciest but should cap out at $25 max, all other QB’s should sell for under $10.


LeVeon and Demarco will cost the most and I believe more RB’s will go for over $60 again than any other position as people will see the depth at WR and look for value more so than ever.


Like I said appear to be DEEP. Thus the person who spends $60 on Demaryius or Dez may leave themselves short on depth. It will be possible to land 3 WR1’s for $70 as they are deep and guys will hold out with so many big names still left on the board. Get the guys you want on the board early and buy them up.


Gronk will be very expensive. He is the only guy, providing he is healthy, that can put up WR1 numbers (he would have ranked 10th as a WR in PPR). If he cost $30 last year, be prepared to pay $45 next summer. Set yourself a limit and if you miss on Gronk, play the matchups for the entire rest of the TE field.


Seriously? Well all I can say, is I was willing to spend the extra $1 on the kicker I wanted (Gostkowski) and there were weeks where 1 point or less meant the difference between winning and losing. He was 30 points better than the 12th ranked kicker and 50 points better than the 20th ranked kicker. Don’t sluff off the kicker…get one on a high powered offense if it costs you $2..who cares. I took that fake $2 and turned it into thousands of real $$ :)


This I will skip. Or, let me just say this. Two years ago SF was the costliest def. They may have been a great NFL def, but they ranked 10th in fantasy, 51 points back of the #1,undrafted, KC Chiefs. This past year Seattle was costing as much as $9…crazy, and they finished as the 23rd ranked fantasy Defense. Folks, save your money. Buy a defense or two for a dollar, if your bench has the space, and don’t hesitate to kick one or both to the curb ir another defense is out-producing them.

Coaching changes, OC changes, draft picks, injuries, trades and free agent signings will speak volumes in terms of how our final ranks will play out. Rankings are always a work in progress. This is an early look and hunch, keep in tune with the FFA for all your auction draft needs.

Thanks for supporting us here at the FFA,

Mr Blistr.

Two Auction Strategies

corrdarrelle patterson

Two Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategies

We have been answering a lot of questions, participating in mock auctions and also have been in a few real auctions over the past month.  Every auction draft unravels a different way, which is just another reason why auctions are so much more exciting than snakes.  It is also why you need to have several game plans heading in, and not get frazzled should your guy go way over your set  budget.  Like I said, you need several strategies and be prepared, but in the next few paragraphs, I am going to simplify things a little and break it down according to two different strategies.

We have been asked by many of our followers to break down a couple of our recent drafts or to assemble a team based on our auction values. I am always crunching numbers, based on auction trends.  Obviously, the goal is to try and translate every auction dollar into the maximum fantasy points possible.  You also know, if you have done any auctions, some guys you will get cheaper than you bargained for, some more.  Based on a recent league I was in here are a few notes:


two strategies table 1

This particular league started QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX (RB/TE/WR), K, DST and had 8 bench spots.  We also started with a $200 budget.  As you can see people were able to get anywhere from 5-9 guys for a value over $10.  In reality, a $10-20 player is not a huge buy and of the double digit buys, 34 of the 75 went for under $20.  Another thing you need to remember, only 24 of the double digit buys went for over $35.  That is on average obviously, two per team.  The last thing to note was the money spent on the bench of 8 guys.  From $9 to $33 spent on the bench players.   These numbers are fairly similar in almost all of my auctions this year.  Thus, the two strategies I want to examine, are basically 1) Spend 90% of my budget on my starters with a minimal bench and 2) be thrifty and limit my dollar value on my starters so I can have a deeper bench.

First of all, I think that should you choose one of these strategies or the other, you have to commit to it fully to have a different team than your competitors.  Realistically when looking at the 12 teams above, the guy with a $9 bench will have a slightly weaker bench than the guy with a $33 bench…typically.  However, as seasons unfold, injuries occur, etc anything can happen.  But, we are not here to look at each individual drafted instead the strategy..gotta keep on track.  One last thing however, the difference in the eight bench spots may not even be that significant as the $33 bench may have a $15 player and a $12 player, than 6 $1 players.  Thus, yes two guys on the bench may have more of a role right off the bat, but the other $1 players are just as much a crapshoot as the guy who has 8 $1 bench players.  This is why I go back to that word that we all are scared of at some point…”commit”.  Decide, do you want depth on your bench or not?  Because if you really want a deep bench, you should commit $50-65 to it and have 8 guys that can contribute…not just two and some guys that are fliers.

Auction Draft Strategy A: Go Big and then Go Home

I wish it was that simple.  Unfortunately, you still have a decision to make.  Who and what positions do you want to blow your starting cash on?  Some guys will grab a stud QB (3 over $30), others a stud TE (3 over $25), the elite WR (10 went for over $25) or the bellcow RB (12 went for over $38).  You can’t afford them all, and as the table above shows most guys only had 1-4 guys over $35.  Thus within this strategy, you may have several options.  What combo of expensive players do you want? Can you get?  My feeling here is that if you want to load up on your starting lineup, then do so,  Don’t skimp out and end up with $20 for your bench, because the difference in talent on your bench if you only have 8 $1 players or if you have a bench worth $20, is minimal.

Here is a sample of a team drafted with stud RB and TE:

  • QB: Tony Romo $3

    Matt Forte fantasy football auction values

    Matt Forte – Elite RB – Fantasy Football Auctions

  • RB: Matt Forte $56
  • RB: Arian Foster $40
  • WR: Roddy White $20
  • WR: Reggie Wayne $9
  • WR: Emmanuel Sanders $10
  • TE: Jimmy Graham $45
  • Flex: Cecil Shorts $6
  • K: Justin Tucker $1
  • DST: Bengals $1
  • Bench:
  • QB: Carson Palmer $1
  • RB: Andre Williams $2
  • RB: James Starks $1
  • RB: Knile Davis $1
  • WR: Tavon Austin $1
  • WR: Marlon Brown $1
  • WR: Brian Hartline $1
  • TE: Ladarius Green $1

As you can see, I spent my big money on RB and TE.  This part of your draft can vary quite easily.  You could go WR heavy.  You could go QB heavy.  You could grab 1 stud at each spot.  The important thing to remember, in a 12 team league, everyone has some weakness…what position do you think you can fill easier through WW or trades, or wise budget players on your bench who may get a shot.  Again although you may commit to spending on your starters, you still can be flexible in what studs and positions you target.

Auction Draft Strategy B: Deep Bench

As I mentioned above, if you want a deep bench you will need to have at least $50 or  more towards your bench players.  Does this mean that you have to limit yourself to quit bidding after a set amount (like $25)?  No, but you have to be aware that if you want a solid starting lineup and a deep bench, you really need to save money for the bench.  You could still get one expensive (over $40) player, but after that you will need to have players in the teen dollars to ensure you have depth on your bench.  The difference between a $8 bench and a $25 bench is minimal.  The difference between a $8 bench and a $60 bench is huge.  Lets take a look at a team with a deep bench based on the same actual auction results used above.

  • QB: Tom Brady $7

    Cordarrelle Patterson  Fantasy Football Auction Values

    Cordarrelle Patterson – Could have a huge Fantasy Football Auction season

  • RB: Rashad Jennings $20
  • RB: Ben Tate $18
  • WR: Keenan Allen $22
  • WR: Michael Floyd $21
  • WR: Cordarelle Patterson $17
  • TE:  Jordan Cameron $10
  • Flex: Kendall Wright $16
  • K: Justin Tucker $1
  • DST: Bengals $1
  • Bench:
  • QB: Tony Romo $3
  • RB: Ray Rice $13
  • RB: Steven Ridley $12
  • RB: Terrance West $7
  • WR: Torrey Smith $12
  • WR: Mike Wallace $11
  • WR:  Markus Wheaton $5
  • TE: Zach Ertz $4

Bench $67…it’s a great bench compared to the first team.  Obviously your starters are the ones who score for you each week.  However, a deep bench gives you the ability to play matchups…with that can come tough decisions, sometimes wrong ones.  In the end, you have to decide what strategy you want t employ.  These teams are derived from actual auction results.  Values will change as we continue through preseason, but not a lot.  A $20 player is not going to jump into the $40 range.


Try some mocks.  See what your team will look like.  Good luck.




For The Thrifty Auction Drafter

thrifty budget feature image

Fantasy Football Auction – Thrifty Draft Strategy

Shopping For Fantasy Football Auction Players Like Your Grandma Buys Toilet Paper – Cheap Deals!

Looking for fantasy football auction values in 2014? Want to know how to do some fantasy football auction budgets and find some sleepers and high upside players in your fantasy football auction draft? Well have a look at how MrBlistr can put together a sweet little team while saving some cash in his draft at the same time. What do you think of this draft strategy? We want to know! Tweet us @fantasyauction – You can find your own deals from looking at our Auction Values and our Player Rankings

Every year you will hear a debate on how to draft your auction team.  Boom or Bust.  Deep bench.  Studs and duds.  Whatever your strategy, you never really know how successful it will be until the very end.  Last year my big dollar buys were Julio Jones and CJ Spiller.  We all know how that worked out.  This year myself and the boys at the FFA have already completed numerous drafts.  One thing that continues to resonate, there are 19-20 players that will cost you over $40 and many over $50 and into the $60 range.  Those players include at QB: Peyton Manning, at TE Jimmy Graham, at WR Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, and at RB Eddie Lacey, Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, LeVeon Bell, Montee Ball, Demarco Murray, Gio Bernard, and Doug Martin.   No doubt you would be happy with all these guys on your squad.  Unfortunately, you will probably only be able to afford three of them at most.  After a recent auction, I jotted down a few notes to see what a team would look like if I tried to limit myself to a maximum of $25 for a player.  I won’t list all the players, just some that I am sure would look good on any roster.

Fantasy Football Auction Values

Fantasy Football Auction Values Good Deals

So, yes that was one draft.  All drafts will vary but in reality, the prices are not going to vary a whole lot.  You may see a swing of as much as $5 more or less, but these are the names that are going to be available to you for less money than the big studs.  I think that if you look through that list, you will agree there are names that you could easily see in the top 10 at their position.  So for the thrifty shopper, you could have a squad that looks like this:

Thrifty Fantasy Football Auction Budget Roster

Fantasy Football Auction Values Good Deals Roster


Starters Cost: $115 which leaves $85 for the bench.  Typically a bench may have 8 spots.



1) Trent Richardson $10

2) Emanuel Sanders $9

3) Steven Ridley $11

4) Terrance Williams $12

5) Zach Ertz $4

6) Matt Ryan $4

7) Rashad Jennings $18

8) Cordarelle Patterson $16


Bench total: $84


Thus I have a dollar to spare.  But look at that squad.  Are you ok with not getting a high priced stud at any position?  You have great depth.  You have the ability to play match ups with proven starters.  What often happens, as it did to me last year, when you spend big money on your RB1 or WR1, and you have the bad luck of them getting injured or flat out not producing…you only have the money to put $1 guys on your bench.  The problem there is, they are never starters and there is no guarantee those $1 fliers will ever produce.  If you look at the bench I could have made with these actual auction results it is quite reassuring.


I have a back up QB who can easily be top ten.  Matt Ryan will have Julio back this year and they can air it out and may have to if their D continues to stink it up.


I have a TE that is poised for a breakout year.  Ertz is expected to take a big leap this year.


At RB, I have T-Rich, Ridley and Jennings.  All three are the teams starters.  If T Rich can find the form of his rookie year…he was a top 10 back only two years ago.  If Ridley can get his fumble issues under control, I have another top ten back from two years ago.  Plus, he does not have Blount to take carries away from him this year.  Jennings is another number one back for the Giants.  With this budget I was able to draft 6 starting RB’s!!!!


At WR, I have Sanders, Williams and Patterson.  Wow! Patterson is expected to be huge this year.  He finished last year strong and it is expected Norv Turner turns him loose.  Sanders is only going to the best Offense in the league to replace Decker and Williams gets to play across from Dez in single coverage.  The ‘boys have been in need of a healthy and consistent number two, and Williams appears to be a great fit.


You know those names are all hot on the draft boards.  Will they all pan out? Well, maybe not, but if you spend $10-12 on a player, and he flops, it doesn’t hurt your squad like a $60 flop.  When you spend the big dollars on a stud you typically do not have much on your bench.  Your bench will consist mostly of $1 players with a few $2 players.  These are guys that only become relevant if the guys in front of them go down.  So with a bench that costs you $8-15 you have a bunch of guys that need a lot of help to be able to contribute to your fantasy team.  In comparison, the bench I mentioned above that cost me $84, I can plug and play those guys any week as I know they will be playing and I know they will contribute.


You also have some flexibility with this draft choice.  You could submit a stud in the mid $40 range if you like (Peyton, Jimmy, AJ, Dez, Brandon, etc) and have a little less depth on your bench.  Fact of the matter is this, the big name studs will draw a lot of money out of your competitions’ pockets.  You know they can afford 2-3 studs but that is it and after that, there depth will not be great.  Try a few mock auctions to see what your team could look like.  These numbers and these players have really opened my eyes as to what I could have for a team sans the studs…..time to draft again!


Thanks for reading.  Follow me on Twitter @Mrblistr and send me any questions you have.  Also, if you take this strategy into an auction draft, send me your team and the dollar values.  I would love to see how it turns out.



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News From The Mocks

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The Strategy for 2014?

Looking for Fantasy Football Auction Values for 2014? Let Mock Auctions help. Fantasy Football Auction Mock Drafts are not always easy to find. ESPN and Yahoo! have them all the time. Our Fantasy Football Experts are always in search of a full Mock Auction to help them determine Average Auction Values (AAV)
Fantasy Football Wide Receiver depth is very important to your Fantasy Football Auction Values this year

Wide Receiver Value Is Key

For many years Running Backs were held in very high regard when it came time to draft your fantasy team.  You had to start RB/RB if you were
going to have a chance.  You could grab the late round QB.  TE’s after Graham or Gronk were a dime a dozen.  WR’s had more depth than the south Atlantic.  But in 2014, the tide seems to be turning.  “It’s a passing league.”

In 2014, it seems that there is a new consensus.  If you can get Peyton, Rodgers or Brees somewhere between rounds 1-3, then you do.  If you whiff on them, then you may as well wait another 6 rounds because not much is separating the rest of the pack.  RB’s are still valuable, but they have so much volatility.  Typically 6 of your top ten backs from the previous year, will not be a top 10 the following year.  So what do we do?  Well  many of the experts this year think that getting 2-3 stud WR’s is the answer.  WR’s do tend to have a better chance of producing from on year to the next.  You can then spend some money on getting numerous RB1’s from less desirable teams and RB2’s from teams where they have a chance to evolve to the number1 role.   Before we delve further into this scenario and what it might look like, let’s look at some numbers from the past 3 years:

Running Backs:

2011 2012 2013
1. Ray Rice Adrian Peterson Jamaal Charles
2. Lesean McCoy Doug Martin Matt Forte
3. Arian Foster Arian Foster Lesean McCoy
4. MJD Ray Rice Knowshon Moreno
5. Darren Sproles Marshawn Lynch Marshawn Lynch
6. Marshawn Lynch CJ Spiller DeMarco Murray
7. Ryan Mathews Alf Morris Reggie Bush
8. Michael Turner Trent Richardson Eddie Lacey
9. Chris Johnson Jamaal Charles Chris Johnson
10. Steven Jackson Frank Gore Adrian Peterson

So as you can see above, 3 top ten RB’s in 2011, found there way back to the top 10 in 2012.  This trend again repeated itself from 2012 to 2013.  And, you and I both know that when you go into your draft these top RB’s still command top $$.  How comfortable are you spending 25-50% of your auction dollars on a guy (or 2) who has a 30% chance of being a top 10 player at his position?

Wide Receivers:

2011 2012 2013
1. Calvin Johnson Calvin Johnson Demaryius Thomas
2. Wes Welker Brandon Marshall Josh Gordon
3. Victor Cruz AJ Green Antonio Brown
4. Jordy Nelson Dez Bryant AJ Green
5. Roddy White Demaryius Thomas Calvin Johnson
6. Larry Fitzgerald Andre Johnson Brandon Marshall
7. Steve Smith Wes Welker Dez Bryant
8. Percy Harvin Reggie Wayne Alshon Jeffery
9. Mike Wallace Eric Decker Eric Decker
10. Marques Colston Roddy White Andre Johnson

The jump from 2011 to 2012 only saw 3 WR’s repeat top 10 performances.  However, from 2012 to 2013, 7 WR’s stayed in the top 10.  To get a better feel, the data needs to be looked at for a larger sample than this.  However, spending 40-50% of your auction dollars on a player who has a better chance to repeat their past year’s performance is obviously what we want to do, is it not?

So, now the question remains, is this the trend in 2014?  Surprisingly, NO!.  So far in the mock drafts I have participated in, people are still paying top dollar for RB’s and even QB’s!!.  Obviously there are a lot of people out there that would benefit from doing some reading on our site.  Take a look at Slim’s recent article that graphed the dollar value at each position in relation to their fantasy production.

In the mocks I have been in, the trend has looked like this:

9 QB’s have been going for an average of $11-$55

8 RB’s have been going for an average of $45-67

7 WR’s have been going for an average of $38-52

Looking at Average Fantasy Football Auction Values for 2014 by position, Running Backs, Wide Receivers, and Quarterbacks

Average Fantasy Football Auction Values By Position

Jimmy Graham goes for an average of $44

Based on those numbers, I feel I have been finding some excellent value that will produce top 10 fantasy numbers.

At QB:

Big ben $3, Tony Romo $5, Andy Dalton $3, Jay Cutler $3, Josh McCown $1, Nick Foles $8

At RB:

Montee Ball $37, Gio Bernard $34, Andre Ellington $21, Reggie Bush $23, Shane Vereen $14, Trent Richardson $15, Steven Ridley $10, CJ Spiller $18, Ben Tate $17, LeVeon Bell $34

At WR:

Find value in your Fantasy Football Auction in 2014 by knowing with players Average Auction Value (AAV) will be by doing lots of Mock Drafts

Mock Fantasy Football Auction Values 2014

Antonio Brown $29, Randall Cobb $17, Jordy Nelson $35, Mike Wallace $6, Pierre Garcon $19, Golden Tate $10, Vincent Jackson $23, Roddy White $14, TY Hilton $11, Alshon Jeffery $24, Emmanuel Sanders $7, Kendall Wright $4, Wes Welker $10, Victor Cruz $13, Keenan Allen $12, Julian Edelman $7

I am fairly confident that if you could make up a fantasy roster from above, not only would you be quite happy, but you would also have a great chance to win your league.  That is a benefit from doing mocks.  You get a feel for the trends.  Enjoy!

Ep77 Fantasy Football Auction – Early QB Tiers and Values

QB auction values vs fp 2013 chart
Our NFL Fantasy Football Podcast is the only Fantasy Football Auction Podcast on the internet. We are looking at Fantasy Football QB or Quarterback rankings, values and tiers tonight. You won’t find 60 min of Auction on Fantasy Focus or CBS Fantasy podcast.


FS4U Banner with PromoPlay Daily Fantasy Football at FantasySports4U and use referral code “auction” to receive your new member first time deposit 100% cash match.

Episode 77 – Podcast Script

Listen to the show here

Watch the videocast here

Ya boy – Its June 17th  and Episode 77 and this is the Fantasy Football Auctioneer. I’m your host Uncle Bucketts.

The Fantasy Football Auctioneer is the official podcast of – the internet’s only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions

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We have a great show for you tonight – tonight we are looking at Early QB rankings and tiers. Slim has produced some spreadsheets and graphs for the first free update of our 2014 Draft Kit. Tonight we will discuss some of the research from Slim’s research.

Want to know more about our 2014 Draft Kit? Look here

As always – our experts are here:

He’s dissecting the San Antonio Spurs Victory – Slim how’s it going tonight?

And he’s polishing up our new trophy – Blistr, you look good in gold my friend!

If you guys are ready, then I’m ready – let’s cock the hammer its time for action!

Like I said before, we have a great show for you tonight – tonight we look at some of Slim’s latest research around Fantasy Points, Tiers and QB’s

So Slim – lets start with you, tell us a little about why you decided to create the spreadsheets and graphs for our next free Draft Kit Update?


So… Blistr – tell us about your Tier 1 QB’s

– or we could just talk about why you have certain guys in a certain tier – like I i wanna know why you have a guy like Philip Rivers in your 4th Tier – he was #6 in scoring in 2013

and Slim – maybe we can talk about some of yours too… like why do you have Kaep in Tier 4 – when Blistr has him in Tier 2

or we can talk about guys with upside in Tier 4 and Tier 5 for each of you guys

and/or we can talk about strategy when drafting QB’s

and/or Slim – what you learned from the research


Episode 76

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders
NFL OTA’s are firing up all around the league. See what our experts think of the NFC Free Agent moves and the fantasy football auction implications! Here is our latest fantasy football auction podcast!


FS4U Banner with PromoPlay Daily Fantasy Football at FantasySports4U and use referral code “auction” to receive your new member first time deposit 100% cash match.

Episode 76 – Podcast Script

Listen to the show here

Watch the videocast here

Ya boy – Its June 10th  and Episode 76 and this is the Fantasy Football Auctioneer. I’m your host Uncle Bucketts.

The Fantasy Football Auctioneer is the official podcast of – the internet’s only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions

You can find us on facebook at or follow us on twitter and instagram @fantasyauction

We have a great show for you tonight – tonight we are going to breakdown the major free agent moves in the NFC.

Of course our experts are here…

He’s researching the “Hand of God” and the 4-5-1 formation for the upcoming World Cup Soccer Pools – Slim how’s it going tonight?

And he’s slowly counting to 200 – which is the total number of points our Fantasy Hockey Playoff pool team is about to crack! Blistr – We are the champions… my friend!

If you guys are ready, then I’m ready, let’s cock the hammer it’s time for action

So, last time we were on the air, we discussed all things AFC free agency. If you missed it, head on over to our website – and look for episode 75. Tonight its the NFC’s turn – We are breaking down the fantasy football implications of NFC free agent moves

This segment of the Fantasy Football Auctioneer is brought to you by our 2nd Annual Fantasy Football Auction Draft Kit. June 1st we released our 2014 edition of our draft kit. This year – its multimedia – with embedded videos, downloadable spreadsheets and more! This kit is 100% dedicated to auctions! This kit will be updated all summer long – for free and the updates will be delivered to your inbox – free! This kit is less than a outdated magazine – only $6.95 will get you over 90 pages of All Auction content! So head on over to our website and click on the draft kit button! Download some free content to see what its all about!

OK.. lets get going with the free agents

Blistr – Chicago Bears – Additions: Josh Morgan (WR-WAS)

Slim – Detroit Lions – Additions: Golden Tate (WR-SEA)

Blistr –  Green Bay – Additions: None of Significance Key Losses: James Jones (WR), Jermichael Finley (TE)

Slim – Minnesota – Additions: None of Significance Key Losses: None of Significance

Blistr – Dallas – Additions: None of Significance Key Losses: Miles Austin (WR)

Slim – NYG – Additions:  Rashad Jennings (RB-OAK), Mario Manningham (WR-SF)

Blistr – Philadelphia additions: Darren Sproles (RB-NO)Key Losses: Desean Jackson (WR), Jason Avant (WR)

Slim – Washington – Additions: Desean Jackson (WR – PHI), Andre Robert (WR – ARI)

Blistr – Atlanta Additions: None of Significance Key Losses: Tony Gonazalez (TE)

Slim – Carolina – Additions: Jerricho Cotchery (WR-PIT), Jason Avant (WR-PHI), Ed Dickson (TE-BAL)

Blistr – New Orleans Additions: Robert Meachem (WR-SD)

Slim Tampa Bay – Additions: Josh McCown (QB-CHI) Key Losses: Mike Williams (WR)

Blistr – Arizona – Additions: Ted Ginn Jr. (WR-CAR), J Dwyer (RB-PIT)

Slim – St Louis – Additions: Kenny Britt (WR – TEN)

Blistr –  Seattle – Additions: None of Significance Key Losses:  Golden Tate (WR)

Slim – San Francisco Additions: Stevie Johnson (WR – BUF), Brandon Lloyd (WR – FA), Blaine Gabbert (QB – JAX)

Masters Golf Fantasy Pool

Sure we love to talk Fantasy Football Auctions, we discuss fantasy football auction values and drafts. However, today MrBlistr talks PGA Masters Golf and the Masters Pools that makes watching the PGA golf event so much fun. Keep reading to find out how to win your PGA Masters Golf Fantasy Pool.

As you have probably all gathered by now, I will bet on anything Fantasy.  I do however, love the Masters, even without any fantasy ties.  Some years watching the Masters is a sign of spring and a signal that it is time to get out on the golf courses ourselves.  The past two years however, watching the tourney on TV is the only spring we have had.  (a little whine coming here)  Two years ago, the spring of 2012, we were golfing in  March (this is coming from a small Canadian community, bordering Minnesota).  This seemed to be the way our climate was going and I did not notice anyone complaining about it either.  All hail global warming!!

Last year and now again this year, as we approach the Masters, we are still staring at snowbanks 10 feet high.  There is 4 feet of ice still on the lakes.  Like last year, we will be lucky to have the lakes open for the fishing opener in the third week of May!  Winter sucks people when it lasts 7-8 months. The winter is still coming our way – Winter Storm Warning in effect!


Fantasy Football and Fantasy Sports don’t stop because of snow

OK, now that I have got that out, it may have one small bright spot.  Because it is too cold, too snowy and just plain too crappy to do anything, a guy does have a lot of time to study every sport he wants to. Over the years I have been in a few different types of Masters pools.  Fantasy golf is actually a rapidly growing sport.  You can play it on many daily sports sites, yahoo, the pga tour, the golf channel, and the list continues to grow.  There are also some great sites for info on fantasy golf.  I like the “expert picks”, cbs, yahoo and even fftoolbox.  Most sites play a weekly contest.  In some cases you pick one player from each tier, others are salary cap based and others assign a point value per player, and you have to field a team but stay under a designated point value (similar to salary cap).  No matter the format, you still need to know a few tips when choosing the Masters.  Also, formats change as do scoring formulas.  In some pools they will use the golfers actual scores ie -3, +2, etc and total them up for your fantasy squad total.  Many other formats go by the dollar values the golfers win.  Thus, you need golfers to make the cut.  However, most importantly, you need the winner of the tourney.  The winners money total will almost add up to more than the rest of the top 10 combined.

Masters Pools and PGA Golf and Tiger – Hand in Hand in Hand

Unlike other majors, the Masters is always played in Augusta, Georgia.  The other 3 majors move each year.  Thus, history at Augusta is a huge factor in trying to select a squad.  Here are a few things that I consider when trying to pick the winning fantasy team at Augusta:

  • Rookies do not tend to do well at Augusta….it’s been almost 40 years since a rookie won.

  • No matter what Angel Cabrera and Freddie Couples do in the golf season prior to the Masters, they will be very competitive…and have a chance to win…and will not cost you a lot in any format

  • Be wary of any injuries…right now Tiger, Day, Bubba and Hunter Mahan are all nursing booboos..unfortunately, the PGA isn’t as forthcoming with injury info as the major sports teams are

  • Success in the 2 or 3 tournaments prior to the Masters has no bearing at all on how a player will do in the Masters…I have tried to correlate prior success and success at the Masters…no dice

  • You can look at how the player did in the previous 2-4 Masters…first, did they made the cut? The 2013 winner Adam Scott, finished 8th in 2012.  The 2012 winner Bubba, finished 38th in 2011.  The 2011 winner Charl Schwartzel finished 30th in 2010…and so on.

  • Important stats to look at include: driving accuracy, putting strokes gained, greens in regulation, and then the top 10 list, and don’t forget the Race to Dubai..the European PGA  “Fedex cup race”

  • I had Charl Schwartzel the year he won because, although he had some success on American soil, the sample size was small…however, he was lighting it up in Europe, and had previous Masters experience, so he knew the course..I also had Scott last year (this years Charl Schwartzel….Jamie Donaldson..hint hint)

I like Donaldson this year in my PGA Masters Fantasy Golf Pool

With all that in mind, here are some actual names I like for this year’s Masters:


Recent Previous Masters (2013-2010)

Top Tens (top tens/tourneys)


Adam Scott

1st, 8th, 2nd, 18th

3 of 5 (best 3rd)

Playing well, could defend this year.

Jason Day

3rd, WD, 2nd

2 of 3 (1st and 2nd)

Also playing well, concerns with injury

Zach Johnson

37th, 32nd, MC, 42nd

3 of 9 (1st and 3rd)

Has won it before.

Dustin Johnson

15th, –, 38th, 38th

5 of 6 (1st and 2nd)

Due for a Major and playing very well

Matt Kuchar

10th, 3rd, 27th, 24th

4 of 7

Also due, playing well, but no top 3’s

Bubba Watson

59th, 1st, 38th

5 of 8 (1st and 2nd)

Was hot…is he hurt though now?

Graeme McDowall

–, 12th, MC, MC

5 of 6 (3rd)

Good year, but not good history at Masters

Charl Schwartzel

30th, 50th, 1st, 30th

2 of 4  but 6th in Europe

Having solid year, and previous winner

Brant Snedeker

7th, 19th, 15th,

1 of 10

Not a great year…but has played Augusta well

Webb Simpson

–, 44th, –

5 of 9 (1st and 3rd)

playing well, yet to have great success at Augusta

Jamie Donaldson


2 of 5 (2nd) 1st in Europe

Not much experience at Augusta

Hunter Mahan

MC, 12th, MC, 8th

4 of 7

Injured?  If his trend continues, this yeat he should be top 15 again

Ryan Moore

38th, –, 35th, 14th

4 of 10 (1st)

sneaky play

Angel Cabrera

2nd, 32nd, 7th, 18th, 1st


always in the hunt

Freddie Couples

13th, 12th, 15th, 6th



You will notice I did not include Tiger or Phil.  Tiger’s back is ailing him and Phil isn’t playing great golf right now.  In most pools they will be at the top end of your salary or point system and right now they are too big a gamble in their current state.

That’s my take on this years Masters.



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2014 NHL Playoff Drafts

anaheim ducks ice girls
The NHL Playoffs are almost here, are you playing in a NHL Fantasy Playoff Pool? Is your Playoff draft coming up? If so, read Mr.Blistr’s latest article on a couple of league we play in and some information on NHL Realignment and how it effects the playoffs. The NHL Playoffs are looking good in 2014 – do you like the Anaheim Ducks? I do!

If you read my last article, or listened to our recent podcast, you will know that I am busy preparing 2 NHL play-off drafts.  What a great time of year.  The two drafts are both very fun, but both have entirely different formats.  The newer of the two is probably already closer to 20 years old.  The format has changed over the years, but I think we have now found a format that everyone enjoys….auction of course.  We draft 9 forwards, 5 defencemen and 1 goalie and we have $100 to shop with.  One interesting twist is that after the 5th, 10th and 15th rounds you can select any player not drafted at that time as a “secret” pick.  You can then subsequently draft them if you so choose, and double their points, or finish with a roster of 18 players vs 15.  Of course, as in any playoff pool, you need to draft guys that will go to the Cup finals.  You could spend $30 on Sidney Crosby, arguably the best player in the playoffs, but if he is out in the first round, it won’t help you.  Subsequently, if you have a hunch Minnesota can go the distance, you may get your entire roster filled out for $15.  Unfortunately you can’t take the $85 you saved to the bar after as it’s not real $$.

NHL Fantasy Playoff Pool goalie kisses the cup after helping you win your fantasy hockey pool

The other draft we (myself and Uncle Bucketts) are co-Presidents for Life of, has been established since the 1970’s.  Ahh the 70’s, back when I was a good hockey player…mind you I was not even into my double digits in age then.

shanebliss flyersstats2

This draft is the next best thing to a national holiday.  It has a constitution that is both entertaining and mind-boggling.  It has trivia that dates back to the start.  The original draft sheets from the 70’s are still here in my office and from time to time, the elders like to have a look back and reflect.  The draft is always precluded by an intense week long trading of draft picks.  It is not uncommon for a first round pick to be traded for 5 players in the later rounds.  This is definitely the best part.  The trading always intensifies when we all get to our local watering hole a few hours prior to the first draft pick being made.  We draft 10 rounds and usually have between 16-20 franchises (constitution will only allow 20 franchise maximum).  Each franchise however usually has between 1 and 3 owners.  The multiple owners are not because the cost to get in is high, it is because getting into this prestigious event is not easy.  Also, it helps elevate the entertainment level come draft time.  Getting into the draft has been an issue in the past, however, I think somewhere along the lines, the current Presidents got soft and let a couple of questionable franchises in.  When I say questionable, it is because they either do not make one trade (aka no fun at all), or they make the downright stupidest trade proposals ever heard of in the modern day English language.  How they get through the night without a black eye, always amazes me (but also makes me relieved in the morning that I behaved lol).

If you want any further details on these drafts or some tips on how to run a draft, please tweet me @Mrblistr and I would be happy to help.

Now, onto the real deal, the NHL play-offs.  If you did not realize that the NHL realigned its conferences this past year and restructured the playoff format, then you have some homework to do.  The Western Conference now has the Pacific and the Central divisions.  The Eastern Conference has the Metropolitan and the Atlantic.  The top 3 in each division make the play-offs and the next 2 teams with the highest point totals after the top 3 in each conference are the wildcards.  The #1 team in the West plays the #2 wildcard.  As it stands right now that would be St. Louis vs Phoenix.  The #1 team in the other division in the west would then play the #1 wildcard.  This current match up is San Jose vs Minnesota.  After that, the #2 in the Central (Chicago) plays the #3 in the Central (Colorado).  The #2 in the Pacific (Anaheim) plays the #3 in the Pacific (LA).

The #1 overall in the East (Boston) will play the #2 wildcard (Detroit).  The #1 in the other division in the East (the Metropolitan-Pittsburgh) plays the #1 wildcard (Columbus).  The #2 in the Atlantic (Montreal) plays the #3 in the Atlantic (Tampa Bay).  The #2 in the Metropolitan (NYR) plays the #3 in the Metropolitan (Philadelphia).  What happens in round 2…is a good question.  I am not entirely sure.  Will it be the highest seed in each conference of the first round winners, vs the lowest seed?  Would make sense wouldn’t it?

Nonetheless, this is an interesting format.  There are about 10 games left in the regular season, so the matchups will no doubt shift slightly.  Keep an eye on the matchups and see how things worked out between the two teams in the regular season.  Watch for great goaltending (I would say it’s questionable in Phoenix, Minnesota, Chicago and maybe even Anaheim in the west.  Detroit, Pittsburgh, TB and Philly all also have slightly less appealing goalies than the other 4 eastern teams).  Detroit will hopefully be healthy and thus rested going into the playoffs and could be scary.  Currently they own the head to head matchup with the Bruins.  Pittsburgh’s goalies have literally crapped the bed the last couple of years.  Chicago may fatigue after going the distance last year and having a large contingent in the Olympics.  Minnesota is struggling right now.  San Jose always disappoints.  Who will win is always the biggest part of your strategy. Getting it right is always a crap shoot.  Good luck and stay tuned.  As the matchups get determined, I will break them down and try help you win your playoff pool.


Good luck



Executive Champions League Dynasty Start-Up Draft

startmeup stones
With the NFL Draft around the corner and NFL Mock Drafts in full swing, Dynasty Fantasy Football Drafts are a major topic of FantasyFootball conversation. Today Mr.Blistr discusses a new start-up we are currently drafting. NFL free agency, first round draft picks like Johnny Manziel, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Watkins are major topics of this discussion as we move forward. This is Dynasty Fantasy Football at it’s finest!

I have been slacking off in the writing department.  It’s not for lack of interest in sports, it’s probably just the opposite.  It’s hard to write when you are busy studying and watching March Madness, the Masters (golf) which is fast approaching, prepping 2 NHL play-off drafts, playing weekly fantasy hockey and basketball, prepping for a MLB draft this weekend and of course prepping for the Day 2 draft of the ECL.  Day 1 of the inaugural ECL started on March 1st.  It was a ton of fun as guys were making trades, criticizing each other and drafting in their own “sure-fire” method to try and secure a championship team.  Uncle Bucketts and I are teamed up as the FFAucShaneers and of course we have Slim in the background filling our minds with useful data and perception.   As much fun as it is drafting, we do intend to win this thing as well :)

Dynasty Football Start Ups are like the Rolling Stones. They “Never Stop” in the world of Fantasy Football

Before we look at players, I should point out a couple of key facts.  One, of the draft picks from which we call Day 1, (or the first 5 rounds), only 2 of these players can remain on your team the following year.  Thus, although it is Dynasty, you could look at an older player knowing you may not be keeping him anyway.  Also, scoring includes a half point per carry.  Thus, a running QB is quite valuable and the points per carry help to increase his value. We always say “Know Your Scoring Systems” to help your draft.

As per the usual, I tried to wheel and deal as much as I possibly could.  Once the smoke settled, we had moved up to pick earlier in both the 3rd and 4th rounds.  We did however lose a 7th round pick but picked up additional picks in the 15th and 18th.  Here is what we did (we had pick #6):

  • Round 1.6-RB Eddie Lacy (23 years)

    Eddy Lacy of the Green Bay Packers was our first pick of the Fantasy Football Dynasty start-up with the Executive Champions League (ECL)

  • Round 2.7-RB Giovani Bernard (22 years)

    Gio was The Fantasy Football Auction pick in the second round! We are very excited about his Fantasy Football Auction value and his upside.

  • Round 3.2-WR Antonio Brown (25 years)

    In the 3rd round, The Fantasy Football Auction selected Antonio Brown. He is a great value pick in PPR formats

  • Round 4.1-WR Pierre Garcon (27 years)

    The Fantasy Football Auction selected Garcon with our 4th round pick. He is a Fantasy Football PPR beast. With still lots of value and upside.

  • Round 5.6-QB Russell Wilson (25 years)

    Wilson was the 5th round pick by The Fantasy Football Auction. With a .5 per rush attempt Fantasy Football scoring system in the ECL, Wilson is one of the must have Fantasy Football Quarterbacks.

Eddie Lacy could easily be a top 3 back in this scoring.  He was 6th last year in carries, and he added on 35 catches in only 15 games.  He will be a huge part of a high powered offense and his 11 TD total could be more like 15-16 next season.  In round 2 we took Gio.  Although a lot of Dynasty sites have him ranked as high as 3 or 4, this will depend on how much they give him the ball.  He showed last year how electric he can be.  Everyone in fantasy wants to see this guy get the rock about twice as much as last year, especially the FFAucShaneers.  We felt the drop off in RB would be too great if we would have taken a WR in the 2nd round, and also there were a number of WR’s we were targeting still available.

Our two WR’s actually were 1 and 2 in catches last year.  Brown had 110 and Garcon had  113.  They finished as the 3rd and 11th ranked WR’s in PPR.  We were quite happy to be able to trade and still get the guys we wanted.  In a PPR Dynasty these guys can easily be top 10 receivers again next year.

Finally in round 5, we started to look at a running QB, with our eyes set on Cam Newton.  When you calculated the scoring and input Cam’s stats, he was a top 2 or 3 QB.  Unfortunately, he was snagged right before us.  However, now it looks like there is turmoil in Carolina coupled with ankle surgery for Cam.  Now I am glad we never used a 5th round pick on him.  Instead we grabbed Russell, Superbowl Champ, Wilson. In standard scoring Russell was the 10th ranked QB last year.  In the ECL scoring Russell would have finished with 363 points.  In comparison, Matt Stafford, the 4th ranked QB last year, would have finished with 321 points.  In addition to the rushing stats helping Wilson, because he scrambles  and can run, he can often throw the ball away, minimizing interceptions which are -4 points each.  Wilson can easily finish as a top 5 QB in this scoring format.

Where do the next 5 rounds of drafting take us starting April 1st?  The jury is still out on that.  Currently, we do not have a pick in round 7, so if all stays status quo, we are only going to be drafting 4 players in the Day 2 portion of our draft.  The players drafted from here on in can be on the Dynasty roster for as long as we choose, but we can only keep 8 total players from one year to the next.  So, potentially, our next 6 guys could prove quite valuable.   We may trade out of round 6 if it means picking up extra picks in the next 5 rounds.   What we do will depend on one of 2 things 1) the offer we are given, and 2) who is available when we pick.  There are numerous good receivers available.  Depth at RB is always important.  I expect to see a run on young QB’s in the 6th.  Who knows what will happen, there are always surprises.

Some other news and notes with the Day 1 draft:

  • the first overall selection 1.1, was Drew Brees! by lb4lb

  • Eric Decker was picked at 4.5, he is now a Jet…haha  He is now a WR3-4 at best

  • 7 QB’s were drafted…2 of them by Red Zone..hmmm

  • 3 TE’s were drafted, I think there is a large gap between those 3 and the next one off the board in terms of production, and there are numerous TE’s that you can platoon from here on in

  • Sixth Sense made some trades and ended up with 7 players in the first 5 rounds, he will only be able to keep 2 next year, but has a great base on this year’s squad

  • I think Sixth Sense and us have drafted the best 2 teams so far, but time will tell

Only 5 more sleeps until we crank up the draft again.  It is a ton of fun and can not wait to get back in the action.  Hopefully I can do a re-cap again and keep you in the know.

Take Care


Week18 Fantasy Hockey Report

Daily Fantasy Hockey is an amazing way to make some cash from some ‘suckers’ that think they know hockey. Well it may say football on our website, but we are from Canada and we know NHL Fantasy Hockey!

The weeks are rolling by.  I am mired in a slump in my daily leagues and may have hit an all-time low one day last week scoring a total of 0.5 points..ouch.  It doesn’t help when you pick Carolina players and twice now they have had weather cause games to get cancelled.  Oh well, you can’t win them all and I was fortunate enough to pull out some cash from FS4U (not a member? head to our site for an exclusive deal) and buy myself a little present.  Always nice having something to show for your efforts:)

Week 18 is highlighted by Montreal and Washington as the only 2 teams on FS4U playing 4 games.  Although you will want players from these teams in your weekly line-ups, I wouldn’t be real concerned about having players exclusively from these 2 teams.  Carey Price should be a good bet for 3 starts minimum, but things are not as clear in the Washington goal.  They have lost a record 7 straight at the time I am writing this, and both goaltending and goal scoring has been suspect over that stretch.  Ovechkin has missed the past 2 games with a groin strain and after that it is a bit of a reach for goal scorers in Washington.  Backstrom has points, but most of the assist variety.  On FS4U where goals are worth more than assists, he is a pricey talent for not scoring goals.  PK Subban, the d-man in Montreal, is a solid play this week.  Others you may want to consider in Montreal are Plekanec, Pacioretty and Markov.  In Washington, Green or Carlson on D and Ward, Brouwer and Chimera are all low cost talent playing 4 games.

Teams with only two games in the FS4U week include: Carolina, Colorado, Dallas, Edmonton, NYI, NYR, Pittsburgh and Vancouver.  These teams may be better off avoided as with only 2 games your chances are obviously cut in terms of scoring opportunities.  There are still plenty of teams with three games that you may want to look to for your weekly lineups.  Teams such as Toronto (151 goals), Columbus (148 and hotter than anyone right now), Chicago (189 leads league in goals), St.Louis (173), Anaheim (179 and all 3 games at home) and San Jose (162) all have great offences that are capable of scoring 4-5 goals per game.  Thus, even when these teams do not play the most games in the week, they still have the potential to post the most points in the week.  It is probably safe to say that anytime these teams play 3 or more games in a week you can run with their snipers.

If you look at the highest scoring team in the East, Pittsburgh (168 goals in 51 games for an average of 3.29 goals/game) vs Montreal, who have 4 games this week, or Buffalo the lowest scoring team in the East there is a noticeable gap.  Montreal averages 2.51 goals/game and Buffalo 1.88, thus it is important to note team scoring as obviously that translates to individual scoring…which helps you win weekly pools.  In the West, Chicago leads in goal scoring and it works out to an average of 3.57 goals/game.  The bottom dwellers in the West are Calgary and they average 2.29 goals per game.  At this point in the season, the high powered offences come from the Western Conference.  Three teams in the West (Chicago, St.Louis, and Anaheim) out score the highest scoring team in the East(Pittsburgh).

That’s a look at week 18.  Good luck.

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