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Week13 – Fantasy Football, Houston We Have A Lack of Playoff Push


Fantasy Football Advice for Week 13

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What is going on in Houston?  You only score 6 points against Jacksonville!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the strategy.  Why not tank and get an awesome pick.  Especially if Tampa, Jacksonville and Minnesota are going to keep trying to win like suckers.  If Houston plays their cards right they could parlay this genius strategy into the number one overall pick.  Kubiak has a mini stroke, Arian Foster has a bad back and Matt Schaub can’t complete a pass to his own team and then tweaks his ankle.  They think they have everyone fooled.  Oh sure guys, you just magically went from a 12-4 team to this hot mess.  You’re not fooling me.  I know a tank job when I see it.  And I applaud it.  I say good on you Houston, go get that #1 pick.

How’s the gaming going at Fantasy Sports 4 U? Hopefully you didn’t play against Josh Gordon last week.  If you haven’t signed up yet, you can still get your first deposit matched INSTANTLY by clicking on the FS4U banner below.  They have their Turkey Bowl game going this week for those of you that will be laid out watching football waiting for that turducken to finish cooking.  So you might as well spice up the games because there is only one on the tube at a time.
For those of you playing, here are some players that are offering good value this week in the FS4U leagues.  You get a $100,000 budget:
Josh McCown, QB @ Minnesota $9,000 - He’s playing against the defense that has given up the 2nd most fantasy points to quarterbacks.
Andre Brown, RB @ Washington $4,000 - Don’t be fooled with what this defense did against Frank Gore.  They sold out to stop the run which they won’t do against the Giants.
Rashad Jennings, RB @ Dallas $5,000 - Dallas gives up the most fantasy points to running backs and we just saw Andre Brown and Brandon Jacobs gash them.
Josh Gordon, WR vs. Jacksonville $10,000 - They are playing Jacksonville and Cleveland quarterbacks will look for him all game long. They can’t run the ball.
Michael Floyd, WR @Philadelphia $4,000 - 17 targets and 297 yards the last 2 games and they are playing the team that gives up the most fantasy points to wide receivers.
Coby Fleener, TE vs. Tennessee $2,000 - 18 targets the last 2 games is music to PPR players’ ears.  Plus the Colts are at home where the offense should fair a little better.

Quote of the Week

I’m not going to sit here and say I’m 100 percent secure, because every single person in this locker room has to prove himself daily.”
– Geno Smith postgame after losing to the Baltimore Ravens
No kidding your not 100% secure Geno.  The only thing your job security has going for it is that you have Matt Simms behind you.  Rex can’t play him unless he wants a mutiny on his hands.  I do like the fact that he is taking accountability for his terrible play.  No where to go but up.
Just want to end off by saying Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Enjoy some football but more importantly enjoy your families…..and some time off work.
Slim @slim4MVP
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Daily Fantasy Football
Join us at FantasySports4U for amazing Daily Fantasy Games. Their “New Customer” promo using the Promo Code ‘Auction’ is the best in the biz!
Week 13 Updated!
Fantasy Football News, Waiver Wire Adds, Game Breakdowns and more. That’s what you get from our podcast.

Red Rifle + Taint + Marcel Marceau


Man there was some crazy games this week.  The Red Rifle throwing for 5 TDs. The Seahawks and the Rams front 4 getting Schottenheimered.  Denver’s second half explosion.  The biggest story though has to be the Lions unlikely comeback.  I watched a lot of that game because I was forced to start Joseph Randle and because it was the one of the only close games that kicked off at 1 o’clock.

Calvin Johnson was awesome. But I don’t know why Dallas does this dumb ass stuff every year.  That last drive was evidence why I thought they would make sure they drafted Kenny Vaccaro in the draft this year.  How does Calvin Johnson not get double coverage with only seconds left in the game?  Also, how does a safety not get over to stop Kris Durham from catching that 40 yard pass to really get the Lions in a position to take shots at the end zone?  You have to be able to have the range to get over there.  It’s just another example of how the Cowboys just seem to be jinxed.  If it’s not Romo messing up it’s Jason Garrett mismanaging the clock.  And if it’s not that then apparently its blown coverage.  They have now officially become the most frustrating team to bet on in my opinion.
Now I can’t mention this game without talking about Dez Bryant.  I know its been on every sports show for the last couple days so I won’t spend tons of time on it.  Was it stupid for Dez to act that way?  Of course.  Whether he was being positive or not you can’t act likedez that outside of your own house.  And then an idiot like Terrell Owens needs to add his two cents.  This is what I had the most issue with.  I wish that guys like T.O. would realize that are treated differently than most players is because they are dicks.  Remember the tantrums on quarterback Jeff Garcia, offensive co-ordinator Greg Knapp and head coach Dennis Erickson when he was in San Francisco?  I don’t think Brady is treated that much different.  Any rational non-Patriots fan thought Brady acted like a douche against the Jets in Week 2 when he was berating his young receivers.  They difference for me is he apologized for it.  T.O. never really ever apologized for anything instead choosing to make excuses and blame others.  in my opinion you don’t get the benefit of the doubt when you don’t give people a reason to give it to you.  I think the issue with Dez isn’t that big of a deal he just has to keep his cool a little better.  The issue is guys that Dez has no business taking advice from as far as how to handle themselves off the field, need to shut up and not worry about staying in the spotlight for an extra few minutes.
On a different note, how did Clay Mathews never realize his mom had a “mom-cave” directly behind his locker? Couldn’t he smell the soup odour coming from behind that 3/4″ backing to his locker and think that seemed out of place in a football locker room? Clay Matthews Fathead Commercial Cheeseburger soup seems like the last smell I’d expect in that environment, depending on what John Kuhn had for lunch I guess.  Did he not hear his mom’s pots and pans clanging together when she was getting the soup on the stove?  I really question Clay’s mental awareness on the football field if he was incapable of putting all this together.  Maybe he’s been busy thinking of a way, other than getting his Fathead, to stop burglar cats….which makes sense because 4 out of 5 cops say they are the stealthiest of the domesticated criminal feline genus.
Its pretty slim pickings on the waiver wire, that is if your in any half assed 12 team or larger pool where Andre Ellington and Marvin Jones aren’t available, but here are some guys I’m targeting.
Jake Locker, QB (TEN) – 10% of FAAB. Guys like Peyton, Kaepernick and Russell Wilson are on byes and so are some other common streaming options.  A healing Locker coming off a bye should be able to pick up where he left off when he was injured.
Montee Ball, RB (DEN) – 5-8% of FAAB. Ideally you could wait another week to see just how Ball gets used but Denver is on a bye.  If you’re desperately thin at RB you might want to roll the dice that he stays involved in the offense.
Kenny Stills, WR (NO) – 2-4% of FAAB.  I drafted him, dropped him and most recently cursed him because I could have used his performance this past week.  He doesn’t get tons of targets but he usually does good things when he catches the ball.

Quote of the Week

“That was immature of me.  Hurt my team.  I got to stay composed and play football.  Act like I’ve been there before”  – Golden Tate, on his touchdown taunting penalty
You didn’t hurt the team. You think the defense gives a s^%t that you got a 15 yard penalty?  I hate to sound like an old man but how can you taunt anyone if your Golden Tate?  Your team had 139 yards passing for the game!  Plus your name is Golden.  You average 35 yards per game for your career.  You’re a middle of the road talent and always will be so shut up and leave the hand gestures to the  mimes like Marcel Marceau
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Ice Packs, Scalpels and Schlong-Gate


Holy ice packs and scalpels Batman!  

The funny thing is that I was looking for a picture of Ice Packs and Scalpels and all I could find where pics of Vasectomy (don’t ever Google that). So I had to include it in the picture for the post – too funny!
Holy ice packs and scalpels Batman!  Was it just me or was there a few injuries this weekend? You’d think all these guys were practising down in Tampa and caught some kind of injury bug. Normally Doug Martin going down would spell the end of a fantasy season however you might already be in the cellar thanks to the common #2 overall pick. Teddy Bridgewater should start taking antibiotics now in case the winless Bucs select him in the 2014 Draft.  Jay Cutler hurts his real team probably more than most fantasy teams too, although the Bears defense does a pretty good job of hurting that team itself.  Bradford shouldn’t be on any fantasy team. Jermichael Finley was just getting a chance to potentially show what he can do with the injuries to the Packers wide receivers.  Brian Cushing and Leon Hall obviously hurt their real teams more unless you’re in an IDP league.  The injury that I feel the worst about is Reggie Wayne.  The Colts are 5-2 and have beaten the Niners, Seahawks and now the Broncos….3 of the high touted top 3 teams to start the year.  Who knows how much Reg has left in the tank.  This could have been his last chance to make a real run at getting another Lombardi.  Hopefully he can rehab and get back on the field next year but only time will tell.

I know it’s Halloween but I couldn’t help but look at Jack Del Rio at one point during the Sunday nighter and think about Christmas.  Do you remember the claymation Rudolph show that plays every year at Christmas? It was my favourite shows as a kid.  Well I noticed a eerie similarity between Jack and one of the characters in that epic Christmas tale.  Take a look for yourself here…..and pay very close attention to the bangs.
That’s right he’s a larger version of Hermey the misfit dentist elf.  Maybe he’s getting a jump on his Halloween costume this year.
Did I not tell you Jarrett Boykin would make a nice fantasy contribution last week?  What aboutTolbert?Here are some players I’m targeting this week in my auction pools.
Mike James  RB (TB) – 10-15% of FAAB.  Doug is down.  Yes James falls under the same unflashy ilk as Brandon Jacobs but it’s hard to find a 20 touch running back everyday on waivers.  If for some reason Doug gone for longer then you may want to spend more.
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR (IND) – 5-10% of FAAB. Reggie is down.  Someone has to catch passes now.  Fleener has shown to have butter fingers so why can’t it be DHB?
Chris Ivory RB (NYJ) – 8-12% of FAAB. I like him a lot preseason.  Not so much around Week 5.  Now he’s weaseled his way back onto the fantasy radar again.  If he’s going to keep getting touches he has value.
Jordan Reed TE (WAS) – 4-6% of FAAB. I thought Reed would make more of a statement next year but he’s forcing the spotlight towards him with performances like he had in Week 7.

Quote of the Week

“Aaron is my quarterback and usually he is guaranteed to get me about 30″

– Brett Favre on who his fantasy quarterback is

Ya right Brett.  One, you don’t play fantasy football.  You’re too busy riding around on your lawn tractor doing chores to have time to tinker with lineups and play the waiver wire.  At least that’s what you do in those Wrangler commercials.  His wife probably doesn’t allow him to use electronic devices either after the whole “Schlong-Gate” fiasco.  Two, there is no way you’d draft Rodgers.  You’re too spiteful and crotchety to even admit that Rodgers is worthy of being on your fantasy team.  Plus would Favre really pass up on an elite RB when QBs were so deep this year? He’s much too savvy for that.  He seems like an Eli guy anyway because he’s someone who enjoys throwing into triple coverage off his back foot.  You have to admire that quality in a fantasy quarterback.

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Tom Brady’s Sweater Mangoes


Fantasy Football Advice for Week 7

Looking for Fantasy Football  weekly advice. We have it for you! NFL Fantasy Football waiver wire moves, Fantasy Football injuries and Fantasy Football strategy and analysis is here for you! Helping you win your week!
Well have to say I haven’t been this excited about anyone named Keenan since I saw the preview for the movie Major Payne. Oh wait, that was his brother Damon.  So I guess I’ve never been excited about anyone named Keenan before although he was good on In Living Colour.
Keenan Allen on the other hand has been pretty damn good recently.  I remember when I was doing my NFL Draft prep this spring, there were many scouts who thought he could be the most pro ready wide receiver in terms of his route running ability.  I was surprised that he slipped to the third round. On our podcast last week we said you have to pick him up and he didn’t disappoint again on Monday night.  He followed up his 6 catch, 115 yard, 1 touchdown performance last week with with 9 catches for 107 yards and a score.  He’s a WR3 in any format who will very easily start falling into the WR2 category if he keeps this up.  And he could keep this up since he plays in a pass first offense where over the last 3 games he has 27 targets.  I’m sensing a PPR stud in the making.
Speaking of studs, Tom Brady is as smooth as they come.  I’m not even talking about that game winning drive.  I was more impressed with that sweater he was wearing in his post game press conference.  He must have brass ones the size of mangoes.  Not many guys would have the guts to attempt that wardrobe choice.  Just think about all you could do if you were Tom frigging Brady for 24 hours.

On a more serious note, I was a little disappointed by a couple things I saw on the field in a couple games this weekend.  In two separate games fans were acting pretty classless when players got hurt.  The worst was in Houston where the home crowd was cheering when Schaubgot hurt.  I get that he was playing bad but that’s pathetic to applaud openly when a player gets injured when he’s there to entertain you.  The second instance occurred in San Francisco where 49er fans started the wave as Calais Campbell was being taken off the field on a stretcher.  I realize that the game was stopped so some fans and their ADHD may need stimulus but you can be respectful and wait to cheer and partake in debauchery once the game starts again.  Plus it’s the wave…’s dumb to do when the game is going on let alone when a player is being strapped to a backboard for a neck injury.  It was nice to see the 49er players trying to get the fans to stop at least.  Yes, some of the athletes gets paid a lot of money, but they’re still playing a game.  Sometimes I think we have to step back as fans and remember football is still a game even though we love our teams.

Some guys I’m targeting this week and how much to spend on them:
Mike Tolbert (CAR) - 2-5% of FAAB. Should be used a lot in the red zone
Nick Foles (PHI) - 5% of FAAB. Chip might have a QB controversy brewing. Why rush Vick back if Foles is playing this well and they play a suspect Dallas secondary this week.
Joseph Randle (DAL) - 5-7% of FAAB. The annual DeMarco Murray injury bug has bitten and Randle looks like the guy to pick up the slack.  Going against a soft Eagles rush defense too.  Murray owners might want to spend a little more depending on what their depth is like.
Joseph Fauria (DET) – 1-2% of FAAB. Doesn’t do much outside the redzone but seems like a Stafford fave inside it plus Lions don’t have many other reliable receiving options right now.
Jarrett Boykin (GB) – 3-4% of FAAB. Cobb sounds like he’ll miss a couple weeks and Jones is a question mark too.  He may not score many TDs since the offense has been having trouble in the red zone but he could see plenty of targets. Great PPR potential.

Quote of the Week

We only play to win. I don’t give a damn about playing close of any of that stuff.”
– Bruce Arians when asked about taking positives away from their loss to the 49ers
Love it. This isn’t high school. You are a professional and your job is potentially on the line every game.  It doesn’t matter if you lose by 1 or 20, it’s still a check in the loss column.  If you’re paid to win you better find a way to do so.  Save the positive spin stuff for JV teams.

EJ Just Go Out Of Bounds!

EJ Manuel

First off sorry about the late article!

Second, why couldn’t E.J. Manuel just get out of bounds? These young quarterbacks aren’t playing on college any more.  There are many guys that are bigger and faster than them, which they don’t see very often in college, that are looking to take their shot….especially when they are tight roping the sideline.  And Hoyer.  That sucked.  I actually feel bad for the guy.  He was playing pretty damn good and could have earned himself a shot with someone next year.  So a lot of these streaming options are dropping like flies.  Hopefully you snagged Rivers when you had the chance.  Pryor is knicked up, Vick appears to be falling back down to earth plus it only seems like a matter of time before he gets hurt and Freeman is hitting the snooze button every morning now.  Streaming looked like the best play this year, unless you drafted Peyton, especially with the subpar scoring by guys like Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Tom Brady.  If you’re a streamer make sure you get your meat hooks into a couple viable options before the well dries up.
MrBlistr was busy this week writing a nice article recapping some of his preseason player predictions.  If you haven’t got a chance to read the article here is the link to it  Some of his projections were spot on, like Bilal Powell, full credit given there.  Some were not like his BFF Rivers.  He also took the time to throw myself and JJ Zachariason under the bus with Roddy White/Julio Jones and Peyton Manning.  I still stand by my thoughts on both.  I don’t think anyone thought Manning would be bad, or even mediocre, but who predicted this?  I mean the guy is on pace to “Peter North” Brady’s single season touchdown record.  I think that record is already on it’s knees with it eyes closed and mouth agape.  I still also think that Roddy hurts Julio’s value….only when healthy though.  I believe we said that on the particular podcast that MrBlistr references in his article too.  If you’re a White owner obviously you’re frustrated by this ankle injury.  I still believe that if he was 100% then Julio’s numbers wouldn’t be as good as they are now.  Julio is an awesome receiver, but if Roddy wasn’t a decoy right now he would definitely be more involved in the offense which then limits Julio’s touches.
Also  guys, if you haven’t been on FantasySports4U to take their free money I don’t know what you’re waiting for?  Especially since we break down their prices right with our weekly player rankings so you can fill out a roster faster then ever.  If they are giving you money to sign up why not turn that into more cash. And you don’t have to tell your wife and you can spend it on yourself!! Buy beer, some good cigars or fly the wife and kids to your mother-in-laws for a weekend so you can watch football and porn on the big screen while drinking your beer and smoking your Cohiba.  Check it out here and get the free cash by using the promo code “auction” to get the best deals.

Quote of the Week

“We don’t make any first downs. Play calling is like throwing a dart at a board
– Tom Coughlin postgame after their Week 4 loss to Kansas City
Dart at a dart board? No way.  I don’t play much darts and when I do I’m usually out past my curfew and a few sheets to the wind as the kids say and yet even then I can hit what I’m aiming for with more consistency then Eli right now.  I wonder if Coughlin has a board in his office with Kevin Gillbride’s picture on it?  Just a thought……
kevin dart board
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Player Projections from Number Fire

keep calm waiver wire
Week fantasy football waiver wire claims are difficult some weeks, especially when you use the “Blind Waiver Wire Auction”. Who are sleepers and who are busts for NFL week fantasy football is tough to determine. But how do you get who you want? Slim will tell you exactly how!

By now, your hard work all summer has led to you drafting a contending team on paper.  Now only if you could win your pool on paper.  Now is not the time to simply sit back and admire your perfectly drafted squad.  We all know that over the course of the season injuries and coaching choices could make some players on your team not worthy of a roster spot anymore.  The draft is where you accumulate the stars that are going to do most of the heavy lifting throughout the season.  The waiver wire will allow you to fill in the gaps on a weekly basis in order to make your team a true winner.

For those of you that don’t do blind bidding for your auction waiver wire all it means is that everyone in your league has until a set time to to get a bid in for any player of their choosing that is on waivers.  At the end of that time period, waiver players go to the highest bidder.  Usually as a commissioner, I like to set the deadline for Wednesday night, since it allows everyone to set their rosters before any Thursday games.  Now one issue is that as a commissioner, not only do you take all the bids, but you are also in the pool so you can see what everyone has bid.  How I run pools is that as commish, I have to have my bids in before the Monday night game is over, then after the game, the rest of the league can start submitting bids until the Wednesday deadline.  Now, the commish has to work on the honour system, however if they really want to cheat their friends that badly then I think they have bigger underlying issues, at least that’s what Dr. Phil says.  If trust is an issue in your league maybe you can come up with a way to get around this, like getting an outside person to handle all the bids or something.  It’s up to you.

I like the blind bidding process much better than the old and still most common “first come, first serve” waiver method.  “First come, first serve” is great for the guy that is watching every game on his satellite dish on Sundays and immediately hits the waiver wire when he sees Darren McFadden limp off the field in real time.  That guy is me actually, and even though it does give me an advantage over the guy who has to resort to checking scores from his cell phone while cleaning the gutters, cutting the grass, making his wife a grilled cheese sandwich, cleaning the garage, browsing the farmer’s market, soaking his vag and/or washing the minivan, I like the blind system better.  I feel that if keeps the auction theme going throughout the year because players are bidding against one another every week.  There is also more strategy involved because you have to manage your waiver funds throughout the season while keeping track of the remaining budgets of the other owners.  Sound familiar?  It also balances the playing field too because it gives a couple days for guys to figure out what they want to do to their rosters after the games on Sundays.  So even though I do think I get an edge over some competitors using the standard waiver method, I like the fact that blind bidding can balance the playing field for everyone, which ultimately makes the league more competitive.  If you are not currently using blind bidding for your waivers then I suggest you lobby your league to give it a try.  It’s much more fun and I’m confident you’ll never go back.

Now blind bidding is quite different than standard waiver claim processes so let’s look at some ways that you can make this system work better for you.

1. Don’t save your money

Just like in an auction draft, with blind bidding, you have a set amount you can spend to manipulate your roster.  And just like in an auction draft, you don’t get a prize for having money left over.  In our main money league we use a budget of $1000 for acquiring players off waivers throughout the season.  That may seem like a lot of money, and it is, so go out there and spend it.  If there is a player that you think is emerging and can potentially be a significant contributor then go and get him.  For example, last season Alfred Morris wasn’t drafted.  An owner who was thin at running back put in a waiver bid for him after Week 1 for $500.  At the time he took heat for spending half his budget on one player.  Well, that one player ended up rushing for 1606 yards and 13 TDs and finished as the 5th best fantasy running back and was obviously a key contributor to his fantasy team all season.  The moral of the story is don’t be cheap.  There won’t be many guys coming off waivers that will be stars, so if you think you have found one make sure you really try and get him.

2. How much should you bid?

Now I just finished saying spend your money, but how do you know how much other owners will bid?  Well obviously you don’t, unless you’re either a mind reader or a corrupt commish, but you can still try and use human nature to your advantage.  We like whole numbers.  By that I mean numbers ending in zeroes and fives.  Marketers have been using that to their advantage for years and now you can do the same.  I will rarely bid $1 on any waiver player simply because it’s what many other owners will do.  Instead, if I’m bidding on a very cheap player, I’ll start at $2, but often I’ll even go for $3 or $4.  Those extra bucks, unlike in an auction draft, won’t make or break you.  If you’re going for a more high priced player I like to bid $22, $52 or $102.  It gives you an edge should some owners go $1 over like $21, $51 or $101.

3. Plan ahead

Look ahead at your bye weeks.  Try not to wait until the week before to fill in your kicker, defense, quarterback or tight end.  More competitive owners might try and block you from getting the best bye week replacements by outbidding you for them if you wait.  By putting in bids a couple weeks in advance you can get the best deals and you get the jump on your competitors. It will also allow you time to get another player should you lose out on your initial waiver claim

4. Look at your opponents rosters

If you notice the guy you’re playing this week has his kicker going on bye then maybe you want to put bids in on a couple kickers to try and block him from picking one up.  If you are successful, yes you will be stuck with a couple kickers on your bench for a week, but more importantly your opponent will receive zero points at that position when he plays you because you didn’t let him grab a kicker.  You can drop the kickers after that week while you are still basking in the glow from your important win.  I will do this for any position where I notice my head-to-head competitor will need a waiver wire replacement.

If your league is using blind bidding waiver acquisition then hopefully these tips will help you maximize your success on the waiver wire.  If your league is still using the old-fashioned method, maybe you can convince your league to switch to a more interactive and strategic waiver method.

Good luck!


Slim  @slim4MVP Contributor  @fantasyauction

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Results

Fantasy Football Auction Draft results start with… How is my team? Rank my draft? What do you think of my team? I should have spent more money on RB’s… and the list goes on and on!

The true draft results come from reflecting on the time  you had with your buddies, the connections you made, the new stories and memories you created. If you had a live draft, you know exactly what I mean! There is nothing, I mean nothing like a live draft to bond with your buddies over beers and ball!

We want to hear from you! Send us some stories, some pics, something from your draft. The good ones, the really good ones will make it on the site for the world to see. So the world can see just how awesome you and your buddies are! You can be featured on our site! Email us (Email Us) some pics and a story today!

Here are some highlights of our ‘BIG’ live draft we do every year!

Let The Draft Begin


We started the draft in the afternoon. New location this year! The guys are ready with their laptops, and MrBlistr is feeling regal in his throne, or new bar stool or what ever you call it!

Why Did You Up-Bid Me Slim?


Blistr let’s Slim know that he should never, ever up-bid him in an auction!

Dinner Is Almost Served!


Our gracious host get’s the lobster tails ready for the feast!

Let’s Eat!


Bottles of Red Zin, Thick Cut Steaks and Lobster Tails are on the menu. Bloated guts and lots of laughs are the result!

The Ghost Of Blistr


Following the 5 hour live draft, the 30 minutes of eating, the 30 minutes of beer boat races and puking leads to the ghost of Blistr sighting. The fire is huge! You see little Slim in the background, that’s a big fire!

It Wasn’t A Ghost


It wasn’t a ghost, but it was an amazing night! Blistr wears his Championship Belt from 2012. Who knows what will happen in 2013? One thing is for sure – nobody will forget the epic night that was the 2013 Fantasy Football Auction Draft.

Notice nothing in this post talks about nominations, bidding, values, sleepers, busts, rosters or even fantasy football. This post is all about the True Reason we all play!

Tell us about your draft, send us some pics – get featured on our site! Email Us


by Uncle Bucketts








Big Fantasy Football Draft this weekend? Looking at your Fantasy Football Auction Values and still have some questions? Want to compare ADP (Average Draft Position) and AAV (Average Auction Value)? Wondering how they compare? Where is the value? Who is over valued? Slim has all the answers  you need!

If you are heading into your auction draft this weekend, hopefully you’ve done your homework by going to auction specific sites like to prepare.  I get it though.  We all have lives, some of which are busier than others.  Maybe your boss has been breathing down your neck or your wife has been urging you to get to those household projects that you’ve put off all summer.  Now all of a sudden your draft is right around the corner and you realize that you haven’t done any research.  You don’t want to go through the humiliation of finishing last in your draft again this year.  Your scars have finally healed after losing to your sister-in-law in Week 8 in 2012.  What are you going to do?

Well don’t fear.  Maybe on the drive to your draft you have a spare second to look something up.  The most common data out there is ADP (Average Draft Position) and you can find it on many sites.  You may be thinking though, what does this have to do with auctions?  One of the main differences between auctions and snake drafts is that in auction you can theoretically draft any player at any point in a draft.  Obviously you’re not going to get Adrian Peterson in the third round in a snake draft.  The thing about ADP data though is that it can shed some light on what players are the general public liking more than others.

No matter what type of draft you are doing, It all comes down to finding players that offer value at the position, or amount in auctions, that you draft them.  ADP still gives you an idea of where players are being drafted.  For example, if Larry Fitzgerald’s ADP 8 positions lower than Randall Cobb’s, who just went for $30 in your auction, then maybe it doesn’t make sense to spend more than $30 for Fitz since he’s typically not “as valuable” to owners in any draft format.  A site like is great for quick and accurate ADP values becuase it takes the most current data from many mocks drafts to compile their numbers.

Using ADP data we can see players that can potentially provide you with value in your auction drafts.  Conversely you will also be able to see players that may be typically being overdrafted therefore allowing you to avoid them or at least proceed with caution when bidding on them.


The following table lists players that are being drafted considerably higher based on their ADP compared where they typically go in auction drafts.  These could be potential players that will offer you value in your auction drafts since their ADP is suggesting they are being drafted higher in many snake drafts.


Auction Rank


Rank (ADP)

ADP Rank vs Auction Rank**

Mark Ingram



RB31 (78)


Jordy Nelson



WR10 (35)


Mike Williams



WR23 (60)


Philip Rivers



QB14 (165)


Andre Brown



RB30 (77)


CJ Spiller



RB3 (3)


*Average Auction Value
**Value found by Auction Rank – ADP Rank



This table lists players that are being drafted higher in auctions than what their ADP is suggesting they should go for.  These are players that you might want to wary of in your auction draft because you may have to overspend in order to get them as the public seems to be higher on them than auction prices suggest.


Auction Rank


Rank (ADP)

ADP Rank vs Auction Rank**

Wes Welker



WR28 (68)


Emmanuel Sanders



WR44 (108)


Chris Ivory



RB35 (105)


Darren Sproles



RB29 (73)


Vincent Jackson



WR16 (44)


Robert Griffin III



QB12 (113)


*Average Auction Value
**Value found by Auction Rank – ADP Rank

Now with the players listed in the Values table, you may feel comfortable spending a few extra dollars on them in an auction draft since they are consistently getting drafted higher based on their ADP.  With the players in the Overdrafted table, you may want to bid cautiously or even stay away altogether since they may be prone to being overvalued by many others in your draft.

Why are there such differences in where some of these players are being drafted in auctions versus snake drafts?  Well, with players like Jordy Nelson and RGIII, injuries can often sway what the perception is of a particular player.  Guys like CJ Spiller, Andre Brown and Chris Ivory might make people uneasy of how they may handle their new work loads.

The important thing to realize is that any kind of research you can find time to do will help you no matter what format of draft you participate in.  So get out there and get your hands on any information you can.  There are no more excuses.  Good luck in your drafts!


Slim @slim4MVP Contributor

Auction Values Updated

new values with football
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UPDATED Aug 22/13

Values For Different Size Leagues


We’ve been busy on the site creating a new auction values section.  Many have asked us questions regarding auction values and different sized leagues.  We’ve added to both @mrblistr and @slim4MVP’s values new sections that gives the values for different sized leagues, not just the standard scoring 12 team format.

Hopefully those new values will help some of you that are in different sized leagues.  Some of you may be asking how did we come up with those values?

Well it’s actually fairly easy.  If you look at the maximum amount of money that can possibly be spent in a standard 12 team league ($200 budgets), it is $2400 (12 teams x $200).  Compare that to a 14 team league where the maximum to spend is $2800 (14 teams x $200).  If you come up with a percentage change ($2400/$2800 = .857 or 86%). Therefore the percent increase or inflation from a 12 team to a 14 team league is 14% (100%-86%) which we’ve rounded up to 15%.  Now if you wanted to go to a 16 team league, you would simply add another 15% onto the 14 team values or 30% on the 12 team values.

Conversely, the same thing holds true if you want to go from a 12 team to a 10 team or less.  For every 2 teams you take away from a 12 team league, you subtract 15%.  For example, if you are in a 8 team league, you would take the 12 team value and subtract 30% because you lost 4 teams.

Hopefully this helps you create your own values and understand how to create the most accurate values you possibly can which will lead to you winning more….bottom line.

As always, if you have any questions, fire away.  We love answering questions from serious auction drafters.

Good luck and happy drafting

Slim @slim4MVP Contributor

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