How To Run A Successful Fantasy Football Auction Draft

The fantasy football auction
June 22, 2015

How to Run a Successful Fantasy Football Auction Draft How to run a Fantasy Football Auction draft for the 2015 season? Is it all about auction values, player rankings and doing your homework? I’ve been the commissioner of an auction league for 7 years now.  It started off as an experiment, a way to shake things up a little from the mundane way my friends and I played fantasy football for the previous…


Become a Fantasy Football Auction Jedi

WR after draft after math (1)
May 30, 2015

Win Your Fantasy Football Auction Using Mind Tricks Like a Jedi by @Slim4MVP   Did you ever think it would be awesome to crush someone’s trachea using only your mind?  Of course.  Well this article won’t teach you that but it will hopefully help you crush your auction league which may or may not be as cool. Here are some tips to help you get in the heads of your…


The Misuse of Total Fantasy Points

Misuse Total Fantasy Points Graph
August 7, 2014

Misuse of Total Fantasy Football Points Drafts are heating up everywhere.  People are crunching numbers and gathering information – looking for Fantasy Football Auction Values for this 2014 season.  If drafts are done, owners are then scouring the waiver wire or offering trades to their competitors looking to improve their team.  All those things are great, but what are we paying attention to when we are making these roster moves…


Phases of a Fantasy Football Auction

phase of an auction graphic
July 17, 2014

The more you know about fantasy football auctions and auction values for the 2014 NFL football season the better you will be when you enter your draft. Slim, (an Fantasy Football Auction Expert) breaks down the important Phases of the Fantasy Football Auction. Slim is a senior writer on the internet’s first and only website dedicated to fantasy football auctions. Phases of a Fantasy Football Auction As we’ve talked about…


Why Julio Jones Is A Value

julio and patrick
June 19, 2014

When it comes to 2014 Fantasy Football Auction Values in 2014, we are the first and only website dedicated to fantasy football auctions. Want to compare our Auction Values to ESPN Fantasy Football and CBS Fantasy Football or even FFToolbox? Compare! Comment! Win your Fantasy Football Pool! Click here for our Auction Values What happened to all the love for Julio Jones? Yes, he’s coming off an injury but c’mon…


Ep77 Fantasy Football Auction – Early QB Tiers and Values

QB auction values vs fp 2013 chart
June 18, 2014

Our NFL Fantasy Football Podcast is the only Fantasy Football Auction Podcast on the internet. We are looking at Fantasy Football QB or Quarterback rankings, values and tiers tonight. You won’t find 60 min of Auction on Fantasy Focus or CBS Fantasy podcast.   Play Daily Fantasy Football at FantasySports4U and use referral code “auction” to receive your new member first time deposit 100% cash match. Episode 77 – Podcast…


Episode 76

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Oakland Raiders
June 10, 2014

NFL OTA’s are firing up all around the league. See what our experts think of the NFC Free Agent moves and the fantasy football auction implications! Here is our latest fantasy football auction podcast!   Play Daily Fantasy Football at FantasySports4U and use referral code “auction” to receive your new member first time deposit 100% cash match. Episode 76 – Podcast Script Listen to the show here Watch the videocast…


Week13 – Fantasy Football, Houston We Have A Lack of Playoff Push

November 26, 2013

Fantasy Football Advice for Week 13 Listen to our latest podcast Watch the latest videocast What is going on in Houston?  You only score 6 points against Jacksonville!  Don’t get me wrong, I love the strategy.  Why not tank and get an awesome pick.  Especially if Tampa, Jacksonville and Minnesota are going to keep trying to win like suckers.  If Houston plays their cards right they could parlay this genius…


Red Rifle + Taint + Marcel Marceau

October 30, 2013

Man there was some crazy games this week.  The Red Rifle throwing for 5 TDs. The Seahawks and the Rams front 4 getting Schottenheimered.  Denver’s second half explosion.  The biggest story though has to be the Lions unlikely comeback.  I watched a lot of that game because I was forced to start Joseph Randle and because it was the one of the only close games that kicked off at 1 o’clock….


Ice Packs, Scalpels and Schlong-Gate

October 22, 2013

Holy ice packs and scalpels Batman!   The funny thing is that I was looking for a picture of Ice Packs and Scalpels and all I could find where pics of Vasectomy (don’t ever Google that). So I had to include it in the picture for the post – too funny!   Holy ice packs and scalpels Batman!  Was it just me or was there a few injuries this weekend?…