Tiering Players

June 20, 2013

Tiering Your Fantasy Roster When it comes to fantasy football values and fantasy football player rankings – you need to take some of the responsibility. Check out how to utilize your fantasyfootball auction values, create cheatsheets and devise NFL Fantasy Football player rankings to win your fantasy football auction draft! You may have heard the word tiering tossed around fantasy sports and found yourself wondering exactly what that mean.  Well,…


Podcast Episode 34

Its April 7 and Episode 34 of the Fantasy Football Auctioneer – I’m your host Uncle Bucketts We have a heck of a show for you today – its been a couple of weeks since our last podcast and we have lots to talk about. Slim has updated his Mock NFL Drafts – we will talk to him about some of the changes he’s made We will take a look…

April 7, 2013

March 24 2013 Fantasy Football Fantasy Hockey Podcast

It’s March 24 and episode 33 of the fantasy football auctioneer I’m your host Uncle Bucketts. We have a packed show today – We will talk some NFL … both the boys have updated their off-season Auction Values and today we will look at WR’s and debate where Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald should be ranked, Blistr released a new fantasy hockey newsletter, Slim will breakdown the NHL’s Western Conference…

March 24, 2013

Episode 31 – Fantasy Football, Fantasy Hockey Podcast Shownotes

March 9th and Episode 31 of the Fantasy Football Auctioneer – I’m your host Uncle Bucketts. Great show for you today! -Slim is going to talk some NFL Mock Draft -Slim will talk about his article on Early Auction Values for WR’s & Blistr may add a few notes on his WR ranks -Blistr posted a new Fantasy Hockey article this week on Forwards that he’s going to tell us…

March 9, 2013

2013 NFL Fantasy Football Auction Values – Wide Recievers

Every year there are a handful of wide receivers that really over perform their draft position for whatever reason.  Sometimes they get more playing time because of an injury or maybe they emerge because their quarterback or offensive coordinator gets them more involved in the game plan than expected.  Whatever the reason is, if you can find one of these guys for your fantasy team you can often reap the…

March 8, 2013

Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy Football Podcast Ep30

We chat some NFL Mock drafts and some fantasy hockey for the week of Mar 3 to Mar 10, 2013 Plug FS4U FFA hockey challenge FS4U – this episode of the podcast is brought to you by the fantasy hockey challenges at www.fantasysports4u.com FS4U is a daily fantasy site that is offering fantasy hockey right now. Join FS4U, when you register, mention the promo code auction and the boys at…

March 3, 2013

Podcast 29 – Late Round QB

Episode 29 – Show Notes Guest Interview with JJ Zachariason of www.lateroundqb.com and the Living The Stream Podcast Ya Boy – Feb 28 and Episode 29 This episode of The Fantasy Football Auctioneer is sponsored by www.fantasysports4u.com! Fantasy Sports 4U is a daily fantasy site. Its very new, not too many members yet, so your odds at winning are HUGE! When you register, mention the promo code ‘auction’ and the…

February 28, 2013

2013 NFL Fantasy Football Auction Values – Running Backs

In the last article we looked at QB’s that could present value at your 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Auction Drafts.  Now let’s shift gears and look at the running back auction values. This position is a lot different then the QB position.  In 2012 we saw a number of QB’s step up to the point where there are around 12 starting calibre fantasy players.  The talent at that position is…

February 24, 2013

NFL Fantasy Players That Might Have Value In 2013

Now that I’ve made up some fantasy football auction values for the 2013 drafts, I thought I would take a look at some potential values at the various positions.  Remember, one key to try and get an edge over your competitors, isn’t just to buy the most expensive and highly ranked talent.  You want to get the best talent for your money.  Anyone can go and buy the three most…

February 22, 2013

Moves That Won The Auction Pool

The Moves That Won An Auction Pool “The champ is here!” If I had bongos I would bang them like Will Smith in Ali as I yell that previous statement. Why? Because I took home the hardware in our prestigious auction style fantasy football league. If you listen to our podcast then you know how and why the other contributers to Fantasy Football Auctioneer and I choose to play in…

February 1, 2013