Celebrity Interview Nathan Zegura

We love Fantasy Football, and if you are here reading this, you do too! You are not alone. Lots of celebrities play this game we love.

My quest is to get to those with fame, those we look up to, and those who play our favourite past-time. So this will be an ongoing blog post. As I get more and more interviews, I will post more and more on our site. So stay tuned.

Leave me a comment below and tell me why you love fantasy football – this post is about why Nathan Zegura of CBS Sports and SiriusXM loves fantasy football.

I interviewed Mr. Zegura regarding fantasy football:

Uncle Bucketts: What is your favourite drafting style? Snake, Auction? Why is this style your favourite?

Mr. Zegura: I like an Auction for fairness because everyone is on a level playing field and there are no excuses.  That being said, I love a snake draft just because there is something fun about anticipating your pick and snagging your guy.  Plus we are so used to the NFL Draft being in that style that it feels the most formal and the most familiar.   I have begun playing in more auction leagues and I really think they are a GREAT way to draft .

Uncle Bucketts: You want to dominate your league because it’s a personal challenge to compete at the highest level or because you want to trash talk your buddies?

Mr. Zegura: I play in about 20 leagues each year and my 3 favorite/most important leagues are all with my friends. They are the ones I care about the most by far and I want to win for the money and the prestige, but most of all for the trash talk and the bragging rights!  Last year I had the best record and most points in all 3 of those leagues and it was my favorite fantasy football season yet…go figure.

Uncle Bucketts: As a newcomer to the fantasy football advice world – I am striving to improve my status and reputation in the Fantasy Community. What advice would you give a newcomer to this exciting world?

Mr. Zegura: Just work hard and do your homework.  I don’t like reading or listening to anything where someone is just giving their gut feeling.  I strive to make sure I bring a good statistical/analytical background to everything I do to make sure that there is credibility to my recommendations.   I realize that you can not be right every time, but it sure makes it a lot easier to stomach being wrong when there is a very logical and completely defensible story supporting why I made the recommendation I did even if it does not work out that way on one particular Sunday.   I would do that and make sure you have fun with your presentation of everything….there is a ton of great Fantasy info out there, so you have to have your own voice and style to differentiate yourself for success.

Not a whole lot more you can say! Zegura is the master. He’s the one we emulate! If this stuff doesn’t give you goose bumps… you’re not doing it right!

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