Diary Of The #1 Seed

Tuesday Dec 4/12

Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning excited by fantasy football! I did it! I am in first place! I did everything right – I worked the waiver all season to set up for success during the season. I managed my bench and starting roster properly so I could have the best chance at winning each week. Later in the season I managed the waiver wire to set my bench up with the right match-ups and strength of schedule to be ready for the playoffs. Great Job Uncle Bucketts!

Wednesday Dec 5/12

Dear Diary,

I picked up everyone I wanted for the playoff run. I’m ready! Playing the #8 seed. I’m ready! I am favoured by over 20 points. I’m ready! I’m ready!

Thursday Dec 6/12

Dear Diary,

Nobody playing tonight. I don’t trust Marcel Reece tonight against the tough Denver DST. Everything is ready. Don’t jinx yourself. Stay calm. You are the heavy favourite. Your opponent has almost conceded already. Remain calm. Don’t jinx it! Be confident yet humble.

Friday Dec 7/12

Dear Diary,

It’s all good. Double check your roster. Match ups are good! No injuries to report. Checked the practice reports. I’m ready!

Saturday Dec 8/12

Dear Diary,

Not much to report today. Went to a party tonight with friends. My opponent was there. I was confident but not cocky. I know I am favoured. He knows he shouldn’t have a chance. I mean I am favoured but almost 30% it will take a lot to lose. But it is fantasy football and anything can happen.

Sunday Dec 9/12

Dear Diary,

I’m so jacked! My guts were rolling all day. My line up was perfect heading into the day, but they didn’t perform. All my stars didn’t come to play. What am I going to do? I am at only 79 points of my projected 128. Can I win with less than 80 points. I do have almost a 40 point lead. He has Brady, Hernandez and Ridley tomorrow. Can they get 40 points? Yes they can. Can they do it against Houston? They used to be a good team defence. Can they hold them? Oh I hope so – I need the football gods to smile down on me. I have done everything right all season. I play in 3 pools. I am first in 3 pools. Two of those pools are in the playoffs this week. I am losing in both. I was projected to beat each team by more than 30%. Why is this happening? Karma? For what? I need to stay positive. I need to stay calm. I can do this. I deserve this!

Monday Dec 10/12

Dear Diary,

Well it happened. It really happened. My team totally choked! All that hard work, done, gone, over! The texts and tweets were flying. My gut was rolling. I tried to stay positive, but it was hard, so hard. How are you supposed to stay calm when Tom throws for 3 TD’s in the first quarter and Hernandez gets 2 TD’s in the first quarter! You can’t!


Well it was fun while it lasted. I don’t know how I am going to go to work tomorrow. I need to hold my head high! I had a great season. I don’t have control over how my team plays. I had the better team. I made all the right choices. The Fantasy Football Gods did not want me to win! It was their choice. It was there choice!


“You don’t know what you got, till its gone!” an appropriate line from an band who’s looks makes me almost as sick as that loss made me feel! Almost!