Dynasty Start-Up Draft

So, John Bosch invited me into this Salary Cap Auction League. I have never done a Salary Cap league before and I only compete in two Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues. One of the Dynasty Leagues started as a snake and the other as an fantasy football auction draft. This league also include 13 other fantasy football analysts. Needless to say, I was nervous about this version of a Dynasty Fantasy Football Auction Start-Up.

Dynasty Start-Up Auction: 

How to Rank/Tier?

We talk on our fantasy football auction podcast all the time about “tiering” your layers. Fantasy Football Auctions don’t play out like snake drafts, you can’t just follow the Average Draft Position (ADP). It is advantageous to tier your players as well as rank them. This allows you to find values with in a tier, utilizing the “Auction U” strategy of drafting. It also allows you to target tiers rather than just players, focussing on using your money to build the type of team you want to build. 

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Here’s what I did to rank that tier my players for this version of a Dynasty Start-Up Auction. First, I looked at dynasty rankings. I went to Fantasy Pros because I felt like I would get consensus rankings from a dozen or more rankers. This would be the foundation of my ranking/tiering. I used the “Download to CSV” option that downloaded the values and put them into a spreadsheet. I did this for all players in each position (well the top 80 or so). Going through each position and adjusted my rankings based on guys I liked, age, 2-3 year window of production and our fantasy football auction values/rankings to see how Blistr, Slim and I felt about a particular player. I then sorted these players into tiers, not based on their values but more so on how I felt a group of players compared to one another and where I saw changes in value. 

Dynasty Start-Up Auction: 

How to Determine Auction Values?

Where to find auction values for a dynasty start-up auction draft? For a Salary Cap league? Do these numbers actually exist? I did some googling, it’s not that easy to find dynasty start-up auction values. Reddit did help! I found a site that was pretty useful in getting me started, DynastyProcess.com. It has a tool that has auction values, league settings etc. I used these values as my base. I also used the Fantasy Football Auction Values from our site. Our site’s 14 team values and values from DynastyProcess to determine an “Estimated Dollar Value”. The first few nominations are really going to dictate how this draft is going to go and to determine if my values are close. These values won’t take into account the length of contract that happens during this league… but that’s a whole different story. 

Want to see what my spreadsheet looks like? Click Here

created a couple of columns in my spreadsheet to help me determine how accurate my values are, where the deals are. The sheet will also allow me to change on the fly which is going to be important in the first few rounds of this draft. In the third column, I used the ‘gradient’ feature on the spreadsheet to assign colors to the difference between estimated and actual dynasty start-up auction values. The colors and the dollar difference will make it easy for me to spot deals in the draft.