Ep106 Fantasy Football Podcast

Fantasy Football Podcast Ep106

Reception Perception w/ Guest Matt Harmon – Early Look at WR’s


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Ya boy – Its April 21 and it is episode 106 and this is the Fantasy Football Auctioneer Podcast. I’m your host Uncle Bucketts. The Fantasy Football Podcast Auctioneer  is the official podcast of TheFantasyFootballAuction.com – the internet’s only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions


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We have got a great show for you tonight, tonight we are talking WR’s – moves, signings and trades and tonight we have Mr Reception Perception with us – Matt Harmon – we will get to his official intro in a moment, because of course, our experts, they are always here…


He’s still reeling over the huge Fantasy Hockey Auction bidding war over Ben Bishop of the Tampa Bay Lightning. Blistr – thanks for the draft last week – I had a blast!


And he’s taking a stand against micro brews by supporting Labatt Blue – slim, you got one in ya tonight?


And tonight, we have a special guest to help us discuss the WR position. He’s from www.thebackyardbanter.com – Mr Reception Perception – Matt Harmon – Matt how is going tonight?


Matt before we get started, why don’t you tell our listeners a bit about yourself and how you got involved in Fantasy Football – and have you ever played in an auction?


So Matt, what is the Reception Perception?


So if you guys are ready, then I’m ready, let’s cock the hammer its time for action


So, like I said before, we have a great show for you tonight, tonight with our special guest Matt Harmon we are looking at WR moves and signings. There are sooo many to talk about, I’m gonna pick a few to go over tonight.



  • Randall Cobb – resigned with the Packers for 4yr/40M


    • Matt lets look at his metrics
    • Slim and Blistr – rankings and auction values/tiers




  • Percy Harvin moves to Buffalo on a 1yr deal


    • Matt metrics
    • Slim and Blistr – ranks and values/tiers




  • Michael Crabtree signs with Oakland on a 1yr prove it deal


    • Matt metrics
    • Slim and Blistr – ranks and values/tiers




  • Andre Johnson inks a 3 yr/21M deal with Indy


    • Matt metrics
    • Slim and Blistr – ranks and values/tiers



Mike Wallace – traded to the Vikings

    • Matt metrics
    • Slim and Blistr – ranks and values/tiers