Ep145 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Podcast

Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Auctioneer Podcast

Ep145 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers Podcast


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Ya Boy – it’s Aug 23rd (the day Madden 17 comes out) and it’s episode 145 and this is the Fantasy Auctioneer fantasy football wide receivers Podcast. The Fantasy Auctioneer Podcast, is the official podcast of TheFantasyFootballAuction.com – the only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions. We have a great show for you tonight – tonight we are looking at the fantasy football Wide Receivers – we will also look at some news and review an auction the three of us were in last night.


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We have a great show for you tonight – tonight we are looking at the Wide Receivers – we will also look at some news and review an auction the three of us were in last night.


But of course, our analysts, they are always here


He skipped a free dinner that included free booze, to clean his basement – Blistr – All clean?


And he’s doing an awesome job of being our Dynasty Commissioner – Slim how you doing tonight?


If you guys are ready, then I’m ready – let’s cock the hammer it’s time for action!


We Just Got A Letter


@JM_841 – In 12 team, non PPR (1 flex) league the top WR often costs $70 of $200.  I project big 3 to cost $65-75.  Is it worth it?


@JM_841 – in a Non PPR league where is your cut off for WR1s? Are you targeting 2 or even 3 WRs from this list or is that too heavy?


@Runyan1127 – 12 team PPR/$200/Start 3 WR/no flex.  If I go RB zero, how many WR would you recommend carrying and how much allocated to that position?


@DevinVaughan7 – What is too much to spend out of $200 on elite WR? Is there a % that u have found crippling on WR1?


@OchoMcOcho – outside of the standard top rookie WRs what rookie WRs would you target for a team with long term dynasty implications?


@cOffeeboy – 12 team PPR league.  Can you go over budgets spent on positions you would target?


@joshschwede – If I wanted to target 3 WRs in the top 20 what are some budget combos?


Fantasy Football Auction Recap





30 Demaryius Thomas, Den WR $28
34 Doug Martin, TB RB $26
36 C.J. Anderson, Den RB $27
45 Jarvis Landry, Mia WR $30
59 Cardinals D/ST D/ST $2
66 Allen Hurns, Jax WR $13
71 Steven Hauschka, Sea K $1
76 Travis Kelce, KC TE $10
85 Arian Foster, Mia RB $10
86 Zach Ertz, Phi TE $5
93 Jordan Matthews, Phi WR $11
94 Carson Palmer, Ari QB $5
95 Michael Crabtree, Oak WR $12
120 Willie Snead, NO WR $2
131 Charles Sims, TB RB $5
135 Josh Gordon, Cle WR $6
143 Devontae Booker, Den RB $4
144 Tevin Coleman, Atl RB $3


Slim Slim


24 Ryan Mathews, Phi RB $15
27 Eddie Lacy, GB RB $32
29 Allen Robinson, Jax WR $50
43 Keenan Allen, SD WR $46
57 Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR $11
65 Melvin Gordon, SD RB $9
83 Coby Fleener, NO TE $8
88 Tyler Lockett, Sea WR $7
103 Frank Gore, Ind RB $8
122 Shaun Draughn, SF RB $2
127 Tyrod Taylor, Buf QB $2
134 Martellus Bennett, NE TE $2
136 Bengals D/ST D/ST $1
150 Vincent Jackson, TB WR $3
169 Bruce Ellington, SF WR $1
179 Chris Thompson, Wsh RB $1
195 Josh Doctson*, Wsh WR $1
202 Brandon McManus, Den K $1



3 Lamar Miller, Hou RB   $42
10 Julio Jones, Atl WR   $57
46 Amari Cooper, Oak WR   $31
48 Panthers D/ST D/ST   $1
70 Latavius Murray, Oak RB   $14
84 Chandler Catanzaro, Ari K   $1
91 Giovani Bernard, Cin RB   $10
96 Antonio Gates, SD TE   $4
97 Marvin Jones, Det WR   $14
104 Devin Funchess, Car WR   $5
109 Duke Johnson Jr., Cle RB   $9
117 Sammie Coates, Pit WR   $3
118 Philip Rivers, SD QB   $2
148 Theo Riddick, Det RB   $3
175 Terrance Williams, Dal WR   $1
184 Tyler Boyd, Cin WR   $1
192 Dwayne Allen, Ind TE   $1
199 Andy Dalton, Cin QB   $1


Fantasy Football Wide Receivers


From blistr –

WR talk:


either or….


Wheaton or Coates

Matthews or Sharpe

Tate or Jones

Landry or Parker

Strong or Fuller

Baldwin or Lockett


can be based on costs and expectations


Strategies, nominations, team make up, $1 guys

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