Ep152 AFC West Fantasy Football Podcast

2017 AFC WEST Fantasy Football BREAKDOWN

Join us for a closer look at the AFC West Fantasy Football Breakdown. This AFC West Fantasy Football breakdown is the first of a series of divisional breakdowns. After you listen to the AFC West Fantasy Football Breakdown, be sure to listen to other Fantasy Football podcasts in the series. This AFC West Fantasy Football Breakdown is episode 152 of the Fantasy Football Auctioneer podcast. Check out our membership area too. It will be live for 2017 in June of 2017.

**Offense rank is based on points scored by the actual NFL offense

**Defense rank is where their fantasy defense ranked

Denver Broncos



2016 Offense Rank: 22nd, 20.8 pts/game

2016 Defense Rank: 4th, 5.9 FP/Game

2016 Season Record: 9-7

Off-season Moves Offense Additions: Jamaal Charles (RB)

Key Losses:  Justin Forsett (RB), Jordan Norwood (WR)

Offensive Rookies Drafted (Round.Overall Pick): Carlos Henderson (WR) 3-18, Jake Butt (TE) 5-01, Isaiah McKenzie (WR) 5-29, De’Angelo Henderson (WR) 6-19, Chad Kelly (QB) 7-35

UDFA:  Kyle Sloter (QB), Anthony Nash (WR)

Studs & Values


Value: Demaryius Thomas (WR) DT is yet another WR that last year was a flop…well he still ended up 15th, but he was drafted to be a top 10, probably top 6 WR!  The QB play is the problem.  He did have some drops also that were not his M.O.  I think because of last year and the QB situation not getting any better, he may be had for $20-$24 this year..which with his upside is a definite value!

Value: Emmanuel Sanders (WR) People draft Sanders with slightly less expectation than DT.  He finished as the #20 WR last year.  That’s a solid WR2 and there is no reason to think he can’t be in that ballpark again.  Not much has changed to lead us to think otherwise.  He may be of the $15 variety.

Breakouts & Busts


Bust:  Virgil Green (TE) and any other TE in Denver The best they could do last year was Virgil at 42nd rank.  That is putrid.  Avoid all until you see something worth a WW bid.

Bust: Jamaal Charles (RB) They signed Jamaal for peanuts so he may not even make this team.  He is weathered also so don’t expect too much should he make it. Let someone else take the gamble.  They have younger legs behind him.

Notes CJ Anderson and Devontae Booker should compete for the most touches.  The oft injured Anderson may not be worth too much money in your auction, but neither may the oft fumbling Booker. They may be good values and offer depth on your fantasy roster until one establishes themselves.


Kansas City Chiefs

2016 Offense Rank: 13th, 24.3 pts/gm

2016 Defense Rank: 2nd, 6.9 pts/gm

2016 Season Record: 12-4


Off-season Moves Offense Additions: CJ Spiller (RB), Gavin Escobar (TE)

Key Losses: Nick Foles (QB), Jamaal Charles (RB), Knile Davis (RB), Jeremy Maclin (WR)

Offensive Rookies Drafted (Round.Overall Pick): Patrick Mahomes (QB) 1-10, Kareem Hunt (RB) 3-22, Jehu Chesson (WR) 4-33

UDFA: Alonzo Moore (WR), Tony Stevens (WR), Anas hasic (WR), Wyatt Houston (TE), Justin Hunt (WR), Emmanuel Byrd (TE), Marcus Kemp (WR), Gehrig Dieter (WR)

Studs & Values


Stud: Travis Kelce (TE) The #1 fantasy TE last year, and it is about time!  Other years left us scratching our head as to why he wasn’t getting the ball more.  2016 was the year for him to take the lead.  I think he should play a huge role once again this year.  Smith isn’t known for his ability to go deep, thus Kelce will be a high target option once again.

Value: Tyreek Hill (WR) A lot of Tyreek’s production came on special teams, but he still finished as the #23 WR.  It is a definite bonus if your league gives you credit for special teams TD’s to the individual players also.  I would think he will see an uptick in touches on offense this year as well which should make him a higher end WR2 this year.

Breakouts & Busts


Breakout: There are not really any breakout candidates on the Chiefs.  Kareem Hunt (rookie RB), has the best opportunity to break out.  He is behind Ware and West, but that could all change by September.

Bust potential: Any WR after Hill will be a gamble.  They brought in 6 UDFA’s.  I am not sure if they are looking for depth or special teams players to reduce Hill’s presence on special teams.  He is a talented player that they may want to focus their offense around more so than special teams.  If this is the case, it could also hurt Tyreek’s value somewhat.

Notes The Chief’s DST is always a top fantasy producer also.  They are worth a $2 bid in your auction.  They have talent at WR, TE and RB and thus are not a 1 dimensional offense.  Ware is a guy to target in your auction also and should be fairly decent value. Kelce should be a beast.


Oakland Raiders

2016 Offense Rank: 16th, 26 pts/gm

2016 Defense Rank: 23rd, 3.8 pts/gm

2016 Season Record: 12-4

Off-season Moves Offense Additions: Jared Cook (TE), Cordarelle Patterson (WR), EJ Manuel (QB), Marshawn Lynch (RB)

Key Losses: Latavius Murray (RB), Andre Holmes (WR), Mychal Rivera (TE)

Offensive Rookies Drafted (Round.Overall Pick): Elijah Hood (RB) 7-24

UDFA: Pharoah Browns (TE), Isaac Whitney (WR), Ishmael Zamora (WR), Keon Hatcher (WR)

Studs & Values


Stud: Amari Cooper (WR) Cooper finished as WR 16 last year.  It was a solid year but hopes for him are slightly higher.  He had 82 catches.  If he could hit 95+ he would be at the level I think he can be at.  So, 1 more snag a game bra!

Value: Michael Crabtree (WR) Every year Cooper costs more than Crabtree and Crabtree either out produces him or the fantasy difference is very minimal in comparison to the cost at auction time.  Last year Crabtree was  the 12th ranked WR and he will go for $15 less than Cooper!

Breakouts & Busts


Breakout & Bust a hip..Marshawn Lynch (RB) I like Marshawn but I am fairly skeptical that he can still produce after a year off.  The offense is great around him so he has that going for him.  The guys in the rearview are not scary at all.  I hope he can produce.  I will probably not be buying on auction day however.

Busts: Any WR after Cooper and Crabtree  They brought in a number of guys through free agency and UDFA’s.  I wouldn’t touch any of them.

Notes The Raiders have a great young QB in Carr.  Feel free to wait on QB and draft him as your QB.  He averaged 21 pts/gm and the difference between him and the next 12 best guys is a measly 3-4 pts/gm.  You can make that up with the better RB or WR you draft while you wait on Carr.  


Los Angeles Chargers


2016 Offense Rank: 9th, 25.6 pts/gm

2016 Defense Rank: 5th, 5.9 pts/gm

2016 Season Record: 5-11

Off-season Moves Offense Additions: Kenjon Barner (RB)

Key Losses: Stevie Johnson (WR), Dexter McCluster (RB), Ronnie Hillman (RB), Danny Woodhead (RB)

Offensive Rookies Drafted (Round.Overall Pick):  Mike Williams (WR) 1-07

UDFA: Sean Culkin (TE), Austin Ekeler (RB), Eli Jenkins (QB), Andre Patton (WR), Artavis Scott (WR), Dontre Wilson (RB)

Studs & Values


Stud: Melvin Gordon (RB) Gordon only played in 13 games last year and still finished as RB 7.He  was quite consistent too as he only had 2 weeks where he scored under 12 FP.  One of those he got hurt early on.  The Chargers never drafted or nabbed any FA’s that will hurt his value.  In fact the departure of Woodhead may make him more valuable.

Stud: Philip Rivers (QB) It pains me to say this, but he is a big time producer.  And, they added Mike Williams with the 7th overall draft pick,  He still has Gates and a quickly emerging Hunter Henry at TE.  If Keenan Allen could ever stay on the field, he would have more than enough weapons to continue to produce big numbers.  He was the 6th ranked QB last year with 4390 yards and 33 TD’s.  Add in the fact that their real defense isn’t great and you have Phillip being forced to throw.  He is perennially a $1 QB also!!

Breakouts & Busts


Bust: Antonio Gates (TE) Gates is 36 years old now.  Yes he is still pretty good, but history shows bodies begin to break down after 30, let alone approaching 40!  I hope he does well but with a younger TE that is also capable, Gates may not see the targets, or have his health hold up to be a safe play anymore.

Breakout: Mike Williams (WR) I do temper expectations for any rookie, but Williams lands in a good spot.  They drafted him early, so he will get a shot.  It would work out best if Allen is on the field also.  I would think he is capable of at least 800 yards and 6 scores this year.

Notes It will be tough competition for the WR3 spot between Benjamin, Inman and Williams.  The Chargers also grabbed several UDFA’s.  They know how important depth is at WR however as they have had the injury bug hit them several times.  There are a lot of great fantasy players on the Chargers. Most of them will come at a discount on auction day also!

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