Ep166 Welcome Back Fantasy Football Podcast

Ep 166 Welcome Back 2018 Fantasy Football Podcast

Ep166 Fantasy Football Podcast – Show Notes

Episode 166




Ya Boy – May 27th and its Episode 166 and this is the Fantasy Football Podcast. The Fantasy Football Auction Podcast is the official podcast of TheFantasyFootballAuction.com – the only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions


But of course, our analysts, are always here


Listener fantasy football podcast questions Q’s


@RyanMiner8 – Thoughts on QBs and is this the year to zag at RB and go WR?


@CDNVikfan – Who were the guys who were hyped as good picks and who busted not including injury? Who could those guys be this year?


@WindyCityLoyal – $200 budget, what are you spending on this year’s rookie RBs and WRs?


What are some general rules around drafting 2018 NFL rookies in a Fantasy Football Auction?

    1. How do you rank them
    2. When do you nominate them
    3. How much $$?

Let’s look at this year’s class – 2018 NFL rookies in a Fantasy Football Auction

    1. Who do you like?
    2. Who’s worth more than $1
    3. Who’s worth a buck at the end of the draft?


Next week?


What process do you go through for the next couple months until you hit your drafts?  What should auction drafters be doing?


What do you think your draft strategy will be this season (based on things you have learned from last year, current depth of positions, predictive trends in drafts, etc)?