ep173 – matt harmon

ep173 – Matt Harmon Interview


We have our Matt Harmon interview today – Ya Boy – July 21 and its Episode 173 and this is the Fantasy Football Auctioneer Podcast. The Fantasy Football Auctioneer Podcast, is the official podcast of TheFantasyFootballAuction.com – the only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions.

We have got a great show for you tonight. Tonight we have Matt Harmon from Yahoo! Fantasy Sports on the podcast – so we will be talking about WR’s of course, but we have some other things planned too.


But of course, our analysts, are always here:


He’s — getting his bags pack for the 10th Annual All Boys In Golf Trip – Blistr – tee times are booked, now do you have your Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets ready for the trip?


Matt Harmon Interview

Mr Reception Perception, contributor to the Ultimate Draft Kit (Fantasy Footballers), formally of NFL.com now he’s with Yahoo Fantasy – outside of Scott Fish, he’s probably one of the most talked about analysts in the biz…@matt_harmonBYB


Cock The Hammer It’s Time For Action:


Mock Auction Draft Contest:

Because we pride ourselves on having the most accurate auction values. The boys are doing tonnes of mock drafts, but now you can help. Send us your mock auction results – like when you do an ESPN mock and they email you the results – just forward those results and in the subject list the type of draft (12 team ppr) to  auctionmockdraft@gmail.com


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Contest Winner – Nick Vecchia

We Just Got A Letter:

@PDargy – 10 tm, .5 PPR dyno start-up.  1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex 16 bench.  What would be the ideal breakdown of money spent for each position?


@vinnysae – Being in a larger league, there is definitely an advantage to getting an Elite RB or Elite WR on your team. This year, which would you say is more valuable? I’m thinking Top 6 RB1 is most valuable and build around that.


Tell us about why you like Auction!


Matt, here are some general topics I will give you an opportunity to speak on.  We will probably just end up discussing certain players that come up as well.


  1. What are you doing right now to get ready for auction drafts later this summer?


  1. Anything you learned from your drafts last year that you are taking into 2018?


  1. Any trends you are seeing so far?


  1. What is your ideal budget allocation that seems to give you a roster construction you like?


  1. How do you find yourself addressing the WR position this year heading into a draft?  Robust WR, WR Zero, etc.


  1. Are there any areas, tiers or positions where you think there will be considerable value in most auction drafts?


  1. Are there any players you find yourself acquiring more than others dues to cost?


  1. Who are a couple names that you will probably never own because of their current value? (doesn’t have to be players you dislike)


  1. What are one or two of your favorite early nomination strategies?  What do you typically like to do later in drafts to try and end up with as many of your favorite cheaper players that you like?


  1. What projects are you up to these days and where can people find your work?