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4 Fantasy Football Articles From Page 1 of Google

We pride ourselves on being the primary source for Fantasy Football Auction content on the internet. With Fantasy Football Auction Values (with value indicators), podcasts, cheat sheets and tiers, and articles all dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions, we have everything you need to crush your Auction draft this fall.

The Fantasy Football Auction love is spreading, there is more and more information creeping up on various sites. While no other site is dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions, other sites are realizing that Fantasy Football Auctions are the only way to draft. I have Googled “Fantasy Football Auction” and gone through some article and thought I would share some of my thoughts with you. Feel free to click the links and head to the sites as the more information you can get, the better.


Sporting Newslink

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy

Howard Bender – Published on Aug. 17, 2018

fantasy football auctionBender has some good strategy here. He preaches stuff we have been telling you for years. I like how he suggests you:

  • Have a plan – are you going RB heavy? Studs and Scrubs? etc
  • Tier your players – something we preach each year and offer you our personal tiers if you become a member
  • Don’t overspend – know your AAV’s (we have 300+ on our site)
  • Keep track of your money – you need to know how much you (and your league-mates) have left to spend
  • Pay attention throughout your draft – you never know when you are going to find deals
  • Watch what you eat – Great tip! You don’t want to be dropping a few lbs on the dumper because you decided to eat curry for the first time
  • Everything in moderation – great idea… too much sauce and your team might get messy

The only advice I caution you on is “Put Together A Budget and Stick To It” – we highly recommend having a variety of budget ideas, so you can take advantage of values and be ready to turn when the draft comes to you. Slim wrote an article outlining this very idea – 3 Auction Budget Strategies.



10 Auction Draft Tips

FantasyPros Staff – Published on July 31, 2018

fantasy football auctionHere is a great article answer common auction questions. Here are some of the things I like about the advice from the boys at FantasyPros:

  • Mike Tagliere (FantasyPros) suggests adjusting for inflation – a great point here. Adjust your budget and your values to what is happening at your auction. No two auctions are the same. You need to be ready to move and adjust when it’s needed. You can use our Fantasy Football Auction Values as a guide, but in a real draft, they are just a guide.
  • Mike has more great advice. Don’t nominate a bench player too early. If you do, you may overpay.
  • Chris Meyers (Athlon Sports) suggests to not get too clever and up-bid players. This can backfire. We do like the idea of varying your bidding techniques to keep your league on their toes. But be cautious!

One piece of advice the guys from The Fantasy Football Auction can’t get behind is the advice to “Do Not Enter Draft With A Plan” – don’t have a plan? We highly recommend a plan, actually, we recommend a few plans. When you find value, you need to be flexible. At your draft is not the time to do all the math and decide what you are going to do if your RB zero plan fails… do that ahead of time!


The Fantasy Footballerslink

Who To Nominate In 2018


Michael was on our Episode 180 of our Fantasy Football Auction Podcast. This guy knows his auction stuff! In this article Michael goes through some Nomination strategies. Here’s what I like about his article:

  • Nominate QB’s early in the draft when drafters have lots of cash and they may spend up at QB
  • Nominate top (high risk) RB’s at the start of your draft and try to get drafters to spend too much on the big names. I like the name he came up with here, like Barkley and Hunt.
  • Hold off on nominating rookie RB’s if you are interested in getting them yourself. This year this could be a great year for rookies, like Freeman, Penny etc.
  • Don’t price enforce WR’s – you might get stuck with one.
  • Don’t nominate a kicker or DST early – this is the worst advice. We have been saying this for years. This is a waste of a nomination. You can get so much accomplished from early nominations – like setting prices, getting drafters to spend lots of money and getting rid of players you don’t want on your team.

Great article (one of many) from our new Auction buddy, Michael. That’s why we had him on the podcast – he’s good!


CBS Sportslink

Strategies You Will Use To Dominate Your Auction Draft

by Dave Richard  @daverichard – Published Aug 16, 2018

Dave Richard (of the Kenny Powers Division in the Scott Fish Bowl – my division) talks some strategies for your auction this year. Here’s the good meat from the article:

  • Use Tiers – yes please – we talk about this every year – you can use ours (Blistr, Slim and myself all let you download ours if you are a member)
  • 20/50 Rule – good thing to remember – save 20% of your budget for the last half of your draft. This is not a rule, but a good thing to think about as you head into the middle of your draft.
  • He reminds you that nominations count – see Michael Wenrich
  • Dave also talks about nominations of $2 if you want a player late in your draft. Sometimes someone can’t/won’t go to $3. Great point.

So there are a few updates from Page 1 of Google searches for Fantasy Football Auction. We continue to be the leader in all things Fantasy Football Auction. From Podcasts, Auction Values and Fantasy Football Auction Articles – we have you covered for your drafts this fall.