Fantasy Football Auction Jambalya II

Fantasy Football Auction Jambalaya Part 2

Many of our fantasy football auction twitter followers have asked for advice on a variety of fantasy football auction related topics.  Many of your answers can be found if you sift through our fantasy football auction site and read some older articles.  We have many articles that relate to strategy, bidding and budgeting your fantasy football auction dollars.  Nonetheless, I will touch on a few questions that have come up in our reader poll.

Max budget for Fantasy Football FAAB:

Now I am not exactly sure what is being asked here, but in most cases FAAB budgets are set at $1000.  I also play in leagues where they are set at $100.  If you are looking at bidding strategies for FAAB, then I think it boils down to 2 things : Need and Defense!.  Obviously if your starting RB goes down and his heir is on the WW, you NEED him.  In a $1000 budget be prepared to spend 60-75% of your FAAB on a starting RB.  Every scenario is different but if you think this player will be in your lineup week in and week out, then a starting RB is the most valuable player to spend your FAAB on.  In other scenarios, you may have only drafted 1 kicker, defense, tight end or quarterback, and now that player is on a bye week.  There is a definite need to fill that position, but you do not have to go crazy.  The QB will be a little more expensive and crucial, but if you bid $1-3 on a K, D or a TE and don’t get him, then it’s not the end of the world to take a zero in one of those columns.  The time of the year is also crucial. If you are 6 weeks in and hovering around the play-off picture, then you need to strengthen your squad and get valuable assets should they come up on the waiver wire.  There is no sense holding onto your FAAB until week 10 when you are already hooped.  If you see a player you need, throw your wallet at him.


The second part was defense.  It is always a very wise move to see what your opponent needs each week.  If you know he needs a TE, you can always throw a bid on one as well, whether you need him or not, and potentially stymie your opponent.  Depending on how well you know your opponent, you may realize that he will just look at the free agent TE’s and take the first one on the list.  A more savvy player might look for the TE on the waiver wire with the best match-up to fill his bye week.  Some leagues have 1 FAAB night and if you don’t get your man then you are out of luck.  Some leagues will have a second WW period.  Always know your league set up and your opponents rosters!

Fantasy Football Auction – Valuing Players

Everyone values players in their own unique way.  Scan 20 “experts” ranks and you will have players listed in a different order on 20 lists.  Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  Value really has a number of factors.  How many yards, catches, carries, TD’s etc do you think your player can reasonably get?  Is the offence the same as last year?  Did injuries contribute to more or less touches for that player?  Did the coaching staff change?  

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What I recommend doing is putting your players into tiers before your draft.  Since this is an fantasy football auction site, we are not going to say if Gronk drops to the middle of round 2, he is a value…or Demaryius Thomas in round 3 is a value.  Instead look at your tiers.  For example, here is my second tier of RB’s:


fantasy football auction
Freeman Fantasy Football Auction

Next Best $40-48

Devonta Feeman (ATL)

Lamar Miller (HOU)

Jamaal Charles (KC)

Doug Martin (TB)

Eddie Lacey (GB)

CJ Anderson (DEN)

Mark Ingram (NO)


I have them in this tier because I think they are very solid.  They should dominate touches on their team’s backfield and they all have the potential to be a top 5 RB this year. There is a real good chance that some of these guys may go for just under $40 or close to $40.  If that happens I would consider them great value.  Why is that value?  Well my top tier (Bell, Gurley, Johnson, Peterson and Elliot) also have the potential to finish top 5, but probably will cost you $50-60.  Thus, if you get CJ Anderson at $38 vs AP at $54, and they both produce similar results, then you saved $16 to pour into another player.  Value is all about spending little to get a lot.

Fantasy Football Auction – Budgeting Your Roster Pre-draft

This is a very important aspect of going into an auction.  After you have made up your tiers look at the players you would like to get out of those tiers and start crunching numbers.  You are either going balanced budget in which you might get 7-8 players in the $20 range or studs and scrubs in which you will have 3 guys over or around $50.  To really know what you can live with, you need to mock auction several times and keep track of your results.  Then you can compare how your teams look after each auction and after applying different strategies.  Once you know what you want to do, then start assigning a dollar value to each position.  For example,(based on an 18 man roster with a $200 budget)


QB: $5

RB1: $35

RB2: $35

WR1: $45

WR2: $35

WR3: $20

TE: $7

K: $1


Bench (8 spots): $16

Now as you go through your auction and you get a player, you need to recalculate what you have left and either apply the excess or subtract the overage from another position.  If I expected to get my WR 1 for $45 (targeting AJ Green for example) and I pay only $42, I need to then quickly take that excess 3 dollars and apply it to another position, perhaps my WR 2.  Similarly, if I pay $48 for him, I need to take $3 away from another position.  Doing this will keep you right on top of your budget lines.  Remember, it is better to pay $3 more for a guy you want then to get to the end of the draft and have $3 sitting in your account with a full roster.


Those are just a few more tips to get you ready for your auction draft.  Good luck and keep the questions coming.

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