Fantasy Football Auction Preparation

How Uncle Bucketts Does His Fantasy Football Auction Prep

Want to see how I got ready for last year’s “Big Auction” draft? Have a look at how I prepare for my draft.

The sun is starting to move to the west, and head towards the trees. A breeze is coming in off the waters of Red Gut Bay, and I sit down on the back deck of my cottage with my notebook, a pen and my copy of the fantasy football auctionFantasy Football Auction Values from our site. It’s time to get to work. It’s time to start preparing for my next Fantasy Football Auction draft. It’s time to make a budget (or two, or three).

I have a list of the rules, rosters, starting lineups and scoring for my upcoming Fantasy Football Auction. This particular draft will be on Yahoo!. The scoring is a ¼ point per carry and ¾ point per reception. So, I think it plays more like a “standard” league as the running backs are scoring per carry and the wide receivers are not getting a full point per catch. It’s a $200 budget.

I will almost always budget $1 for a quarterback and $1 for tight ends. (Same goes for Kickers and DST if they are required). $2-4 dollars are now allocated to the “onesie” positions. Next, I look at bench spots, this league has 5 bench spots, so I will allocate $10 to the bench. $10 gives me some extra money to tweak at other positions, I could easily go $1/player at the end of my draft if I need to. I also have a flex in this league, so I may put about $10 for the Flex position.   Let’s do the math, 4+10 + 10 = $24, so I have about $175 for my starting roster construction.

I have $175 to spend at Wide Receiver and Running Back. Many people I know choose to allocate money for their RB1, RB2 individually. They do the same with WRs. I school to group the total for the starting position. With $175 to spend on these two positions, how will I break up the money for each position? Will I go RB Robust? Will I go RB Zero? These are the two questions that I want to know. So let’s see what the teams could look like in each situation.

I take out my paper and pen. I add a note or two about the scoring at the top of the page. I write down some numbers and look over the AAV’s. What will my team look like for these two budget scenarios? Let’s take a look.

Balanced Budget

What if I take my $175 and split it down the middle, spending about $90 on RB and WR? What will my team look like? As you can see from the picture, with $90 to spend on my RB1 and RB2, you can get some pretty good running backs. Melvin Gordon ($54) and McCaffery ($36) make for a pretty good pairing. Both are going to be full of targets and carries, which in this format is a good thing.

My WR’s are OK. I would most likely want a bigger name at WR1, Keenan Allen ($52) fits that mould. Next, we have Diggs ($27) and Emmanuel Sanders ($11) round out my WR’s and my $90. Hmm, that’s a pretty good looking core for sure.

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