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Fantasy Football Auction U:

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Theory

When you are looking at how to draft your team and you are looking at fantasy football auction values and fantasy football draft strategy, there are many ways to find value and possible fantasy football sleepers. Take a look at now fantasy football mock drafts are teaching us how now to nominate and bid on players.

After mocking my way through numerous mocks in preparation for the real deal, more than one thing has become apparent.  First of all, there are more RB’s than ever fetching $50+ and a pattern is developing when it comes to bidding.  While mocking a couple of years ago with a few experts, JJ Zachariason (The Late Round QB) pointed out what he coined the “U” theory.

Auction U Theory

Basically, if you look at a tier of players in a fantasy football auction. I will use WR’s, when the first few players are nominated from that tier, they are pulling down top-dollar.  Then as you approach the middle of the tier, you may be able to grab a guy for a few dollars less.  Near the end of the tier, again you will pay top dollar, as at this point guys are scrambling because they are worried they will miss out on a top tier player, WR’s in this case.  Let’s look at this theory with actual numbers from a recent fantasy football auction draft. These numbers were generated with our Auction Values as a starting point. It was a Salary Cap Start-Up Fantasy Football Auction, but the rules still apply.

I will list tier WR’s in the order they were drafted (but in a “U”) from a recent auction. Listed in the table is the order in which the players were draft. The right-hand column and the graph highlight the actual fantasy football “AUCTION U”.

fantasy football auction

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The rest of the article breaks down how to utilize the Auction U to your advantage and find value. It helps both with nominations and bidding. This is how you crush your league-mates.  You don’t want to miss it!


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