Fantasy Football Players, Thanks But No Thanks

Fantasy Football Players

Thanks, But No Thanks

3 Fantasy Football Players I’m Not Buying

I listen to podcasts.  I do my own research. I read social media and many, many websites and articles.  No matter what I read, there are some fantasy football players I just can’t/won’t get behind at the price they go at.  I, in most cases, won’t argue that they are talented, but when you are drafting auction style, you also need to be smart with your money.  I won’t be buying these fantasy football players in 2018!

Odell Beckham Jr (WR-NYG)

fantasy football playerOdell, depending on where you look, may be ranked as high as the WR1, and seldom falls below WR3.  That will equate to a price tag over $60 most likely (he went for $66 in a recent auction I was in).  Here are my issues and why this to me is not great value. His QB is Eli Manning. Eli did not look good at all last year, or for the last few years for that matter.  He was supposed to be in an offense that would help him complete higher percentage passes, and that he may have done. But, what did that do for the overall offense? Squat-douche!  So now he has a new OC and things will be different- we will get away from the easy passes perhaps and ask Eli to throw down-field more…does that sound successful to you? Problem #2- Odell’s fantasy points /game have declined 4 years in a row.  He went from 17.2 FP/game down to 14.9 down to 12.4 and last year 12.3. I think as long as Eli is his QB, this trend will continue. Problem #3- OBJ isn’t built like a brick sh*t house. He is 5’11” and has played 16 games once in his 4-year career.  If he gets more catches, I can’t see his body holding up for 16. Lastly, the Giants drafted Saquon Barkley #2 overall. They have a nice stable of talent in OBJ, Barkley, Sheppard and Evan Engram at TE. This could open up the field but it also gives Eli 4 excellent choices every down.  OBJ will be an early nomination for me so I can watch some other dreamers spend $65 and I’ll save my money for Mr. Brown who never lets you down.


Jay Ajayi (RB-PHI)

fantasy football playerI have never been a fan.  I just do not think he is that good.  Some people thought leaving Miami and going to Philly was the answer.  Yet, Kenyan Drake did just fine behind the same offensive line that was to blame for Ajayi’s lack of success.  He is ranked as an RB2 and would probably cost you $22-25 on auction day. Way too much for me. He has never received more than 34 snaps as an Eagle-yes snaps, not touches.  They have made it quite clear they will use Sproles and Clement thus limiting Ajayi’s upside. He has a history of knee troubles dating back to college. Again, avoid this guy like the plague if you want to win.



Christian McCaffrey (RB-CAR)

fantasy football playerIn a recent auction, he went for $45.  I think the hype may drive that price up closer to $50 by August.  He is talented. He is young and healthy. The issues I have are too many however to pay that price.  One, CJ Anderson is much better than last year’s J-Stew. CJ was a 1000 yard rusher last year. He is elusive and talented enough to demand touches.  That caps McCaffrey’s rushing numbers. Two, Cam will still be the TD vulture and that may be back to double digits this year with an overall better offense based on the weapons they have.  Three, McCaffrey had 113 targets last year. I see this number taking a hit for several reasons: TE Greg Olsen, WR DJ Moore and again, RB CJ Anderson. Those 113 targets were with a team that was missing Olsen, they traded away their #1 WR in Kelvin Benjamin and was prior to them drafting a WR in the first round.  I also think Curtis Samuel, another WR they drafted last year, will get an uptick in touches. He is talented. I do like McCaffrey, but there are too many factors that make me want to steer clear at that price. If he goes for $35, then I am in.

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