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Ya Boy – August 3rd and its Episode 187 and this is the Fantasy Football Auctioneer Podcast. The Fantasy Football Auctioneer Podcast is the official podcast of – the only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions.

We have got a great show for you tonight. …

Tonight we are going to discuss some Auction Strategy… nominations, bidding, etiquette etc

But of course, our analyst’s they’re always here…

Well, actually there is only one of them today. 

His back is sore from running the tractor the last few days. Blistr… you know what you can get from a tractor seat?

Mock drafts – – draw for a free membership – We will draw the name later today… Nick won last week. Enter now

Cock The Hammer It’s Time For Action:

Tonight we are going to talk some Auction Room Strategy – nominations, bidding, etiquette… you name it.

NEWS from RotoWorld:

I don’t really see any news… Except Michael Thomas got paid!


Early Rounds: What is your strategy Blistr?



Bidding Strategies.

Room Etiquette.