Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

and Tight-Ends too!

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Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Strategy

Fantasy Football Auction draft strategies may vary from year to year.  Nomination strategies may vary from player to player, draft to draft.  One thing however I stand firm with is that I do not spend up on Fantasy Football Quarterbacks (QB) or Tight-Ends (TE).  I know the temptation is there to get a gunslinger like Mahomes or a beast like Kelce, but I never do, and every year I hoist several championships, so until I do not, I will continue to do so.

In single fantasy football quarterback leagues that are so common on Yahoo! and ESPN, (and 12 team for all references going forward) first of all, there is no need to draft more than 1 QB.  Have a look at our Fantasy Football Quarterbacks Auction Values. I would budget $7 for my fantasy football quarterback, and if I am lucky I may only need to spend $3. So for $7 or less, these QB’s are in play; Brees, Newton, Ryan, Goff, Wentz, Winston and everyone beyond.  Actually, I should have just listed who was not in play and that list is short including Mahomes, Rodgers, Luck, Watson and probably Mayfield. The reasoning for this is as follows:

2018 Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks Rank FP FP/Gm AAV
P. Mahomes 1st 494.1 30.9 $3
B. Rothlisberger 2nd 420.3 26.3 $3
M. Ryan 3rd 416.7 26 $3
A.Luck 4th 400.5 25 $5
D. Watson 5th 397.4 24.8 $16
J. Goff 6th 385.2 24.1 $4
A.Rodgers 7th 361 22.6 $27
D. Brees 8th 353.8 23.6 $11
K. Cousins 9th 353.2 22.1 $7
R. Wilson 10th 350 21.9 $18
T. Brady 11th 349.3 21.8 $19
D. Prescott 12th 348.8 21.8 $1


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