Fantasy Football Auction Check In

Fantasy Football Auction Check-In

Here is a quick check-in on what’s new at the The Fantasy Football Auction ( website. Our members receive 100% of this content as part of their fantasy football auction memberships.

Here is a list of what we have been working on over the past couple of fantasy football auction weeks:

Fantasy Football Auction Average Auction Values – UPDATED

Mr. Blistr and Slim are mocking and drafting all the time. Our Monday Mocks have been a huge success (tweet @fantasyauction if you want to mock with us on Mondays)

We think our fantasy football average auction values are the best in the business because we are using actual data, not messed up data from fake mocks that are happening on ESPN and Yahoo. These mocks have a few robots and a few guys that only stick around enough to buy David Johnson for $75 and then leave the mock. So numbers in these fantasy football auction Live Drafts are faulty. You need our auction values. Our members have 300+ auction values along with our Value Indicator to help you find a deal in your draft. Become a Patron on and for $5 you can purchase just our auction values–> auction values

Fantasy Football Auction Cheatsheets

Members and (Patrons) receive our cheatsheets as downloadable and printable files for you to edit and use in your fantasy football auction draft. These are the actual sheets we use in our drafts. Blistr’s is done. Bucketts’s is done. Slim is just polishing up his sheet. Become a member or a patron and get yours today.

Fantasy Football Auction Strategies – 3 Distinct Auction Draft Budgets

August is here.  For fantasy football fans it could be the busiest and most enjoyable month of the year.  The majority of drafts will take place during this month.  Most owners, at least all the winning ones, are diligently trying to compile as much information as they can so they can figure some solid fantasy football strategies.  \

Unlike boring snake drafts, where your roster is largely determined by the position you draft in, auction drafts allow you to draft pretty much any team imaginable.  Sometimes the possibilities almost become overwhelming.  It can often be beneficial to look at a few different budgets and see what each team looks like.  You need some fantasy football strategies. If you like what you see you might consider using a similar budget for your actual draft.  So let’s look at some of the popular potential budgets this year and see what we get. —> read more

Fantasy Football Auction Draft Trends 2017

Fantasy Football Auction trends are real, just like in a regular snake draft. If you follow our podcast or on Twitter, you know that we preach mock auctioning prior to your big fantasy football auction.  As I write this article in early August, fantasy football auction trends will surely change before the season starts.  Players will get hurt and others will shuffle up and down the depth charts through camp battles and pre-season play.  Thus, this is a preliminary find and you should be mocking out several strategies. —> read more

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Fantasy Football Auctioneer Podcasts

We have been crushing our podcasts over the past few weeks. Are you getting ready for your fantasy football auction draft, our podcast has amazing information auction content like – nomination strategies, budgeting, tiers and more. —> listen now

We have also had guests on the show and have been guests on shows:

Bucketts was on the podcast with Ross Tucker and Evan Silva of the Fantasy Feast Eatin Podcast

The Boys had Jody Smith of GridIron Experts – on our podcast

Bucketts was a guest on the 24/7 Fantasy Football Podcast

Slim dropped knowledge on the Eat. Sleep. Fantasy Podcast