Fantasy Football Auction Preparing For A Draft

New Fantasy Football Auction Keeper League Draft Preparation

So, @mrblistr and I are join a new fantasy football keeper league, this one is a fantasy football auction, but also a keeper. We are picking up an orphaned team. The league is even going to sauce in the $200 entry fee. This is a high stakes fantasy football auction. This fantasy football keeper league is 15 years old and for the first time have a new franchise owner, Blistr and I.

We are pumped!

So what are we doing to prepare for this new Fantasy Football Keeper Auction league? Here is some of the work we have done so far!

Fantasy Football Auction Preparation

Blistr went to his favorite projections website John Paulsen is a stud projector and probably the best in the FantasyPros long list of fantasy football experts. He entered our specific league settings; roster settings and scoring. He got the projections! He got me the list!

Next up! He goes through the keepers. Blistr goes through the list of keepers for a couple different reasons.

  1. He wants to see who won’t be available in the upcoming fantasy football auction on Friday
  2. He wants to see which franchises have studs at specific roster positions
  3. Finds out who are keepers are, and how much we spent on them (remember, it’s an orphaned team)
  4. We will also use this list to cross off players who have been taken in the online draft

Now Blistr won’t be at the draft on Friday. He’s at a family function so… it’s up to me to crush this fantasy football auction draft. But trust me, we have discussed who we want to target and who we want to avoid. Also, he will be available on his cellphone if Ifantasy football auction david johnson need an ear to bounce ideas off of.

Next, we take a look at our tiers. We both have tiers and if you become a member, you can download your own copy of the spreadsheets for your draft. We need to look at our tiers and organize them for this specific draft. This fantasy football league is a RB heavy league. So we are ready. We have adjusted our tiers and next we look at our fantasy football auction average values. You can see some of our Average Auction Values on our site, but if you become a member you can see over 300 players, their rankings and their values. Our fantasy football podcast tonight is all about bargins, have a listen.

When we look at the values, we look at our Value Indicator in order to try and find some spots in the draft that will be bargain bins buys for us. We have written some articles on values for our members. We also look at our strategy for this draft, have a look at our strategies article for some ideas of where we may be heading in this fantasy football auction draft.

Finally – it’s going to be draft night on Friday. I need to ensure my sheets are printed. My pens are ready and my testicular fortitude is ready to make some big bid. David Johnson, here we come!

We would love to hear from you! Tell us about how you prep for your fantasy football auction drafts. Tweet us @fantasyauction



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