Fantasy Football Auction Articles

Our experts (Slim and Mr. Blistr) are hard at work creating valuable content to help you win your Fantasy Football Auction league in 2015. Let’s have a look back at some articles from last year that could help you win your league this year in 2015.




6 Ways 2015 Fantasy Football Auctions Will Be Different

Peyton - 2015 Will Be DifferentIf you are a die-hard fantasy football player, or at least just want to grab the title in the next fantasy season, then the research starts now. Have a look at our Fantasy Football Player Rankings you die-hard!

I am coming off one of my most successful seasons in fantasy, but am I sitting back and resting on my accomplishments? Hell no!

I am already starting my 2015 rankings. In doing so, it makes me wonder how the 2015 draft season will differ from season’s past. ->> read more



Two Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategies

corrdarrelle patterson fantasy football
Corrdarrelle Patterson has a huge Fantasy Football value ceiling

We have been answering a lot of questions, participating in mock auctions and also have been in a few real auctions over the past month.  Every auction draft unravels a different way, which is just another reason why auctions are so much more exciting than snakes.  It is also why you need to have several game plans heading in, and not get frazzled should your guy go way over your set  budget.  Like I said, you need several strategies and be prepared, but in the next few paragraphs, I am going to simplify things a little and break it down according to two different strategies.

We have been asked by many of our followers to break down a couple of our recent drafts or to assemble a team based on our auction values. I am always crunching numbers, based on auction trends.  Obviously, the goal is to try and translate every auction dollar into the maximum fantasy points possible.  You also know, if you have done any auctions, some guys you will get cheaper than you bargained for, some more.  Based on a recent league I was in here are a few notes: READ MORE



Misuse of Total Fantasy Football Points

Misuse Total Fantasy Points Graph
Fantasy Football Points from 2013

Drafts are heating up everywhere.  People are crunching numbers and gathering information – looking for Fantasy Football Auction Values for this 2014 season.  If drafts are done, owners are then scouring the waiver wire or offering trades to their competitors looking to improve their team.  All those things are great, but what are we paying attention to when we are making these roster moves or preparations before the season kicks off?

Total Fantasy Football Points 2013

One thing I have found over the years of playing fantasy football is that often times people rely too much on how many points a player scores in a year.  Unless you are in a rotisserie league, which virtually no one is, total points per season doesn’t mean anything.  The reason it is so insignificant is because most of us play head to head, where we accumulate points and conversely wins and losses on a weekly basis.  We want players that will be consistent weekly and total points in a season doesn’t necessarily reflect that. READ MORE



Phases of a Fantasy Football Auction

As we’ve talked about and many of you probably already know, auction drafts are a different beast compared to most other types of drafts.  You have to be on your toes the entire time because you have the ability to acquire players at any time.  You will find that the ebb and flow of most auction drafts can be broken into 3 main phases.  Let’s take a look at these phases and see what you can expect in each of them. READ MORE