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How To Find Value In Your Fantasy Football Auction Draft

This year there seems to be 10 RB’s going for $50-70 dollars.  Anyone of those ten could fetch top dollar in a fantasy football auction draft. A lot of things factor into the price but one theory we see time and time again is what we have dubbed the “Auction U”. (Want to see more prices? Look at our Auction Values Page) Basically, if you look at a tier of players when the first few players are nominated from that tier, they pull down top dollar.  Then as you approach the middle of the tier, you may be able to grab a guy for a few dollars less. Near the end of the tier, again you will pay top dollar, as at this point guys are scrambling because they are worried they will miss out on a top-tier player, RB in this case. Let’s look at this theory with actual numbers.

gurleyGurley $65, Zeke $62, Bell $65, Johnson $62, Kamara $60, Saquon $57, Gordon $52, Cook $50, Fournette $50, Hunt $51. These prices fluctuate each and every auction draft.  The guys going for over $60 never seem to drop below but more often the guys going for closer to $50 often approach $60 also. It all depends when they are nominated and how many of the top 10 are left. This is important for your fantasy football auction draft.

So, how do you use this information to gain an advantage on your league mates? You want to get your man, and you want to pay as little as possible.  If you play the Auction U theory, of those 10 guys, the highest prices will be the guys nominated early and the guys nominated late. The first 3 guys nominated in this tier and the last 3 are probably going to cost the most.  Thus if you are up to nominate, and 3 RB’s have gone, then nominate Cook, Gordon Hunt or Fournette if you like them. The reason being, there are still a lot of decent RBs left and guys will not panic. They may also see them as a little less appealing as a DJ or Zeke if they are still available and will want to hold their money with hopes of getting a different RB.             


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