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If you are reading articles on our site, then chances are you play fantasy sports, namely fantasy football. Typically fantasy sports were reserved to leagues amongst friends and colleagues or even on-line with complete strangers. No matter how you slice it, they are fun and addictive. Probably the bragging rights, in most cases, even outweigh the cash prizes. Daily fantasy sports takes your love of fantasy to a whole new level.

Why should you play?

Daily fantasy allows you to field a new line up every day. When you draft your fantasy team in your season long leagues, that is your team. Sure you may have trade options or waiver wire grabs, but what you have is your team for the entire football, or baseball or hockey season (etc). In daily fantasy, you usually have a salary cap, but as long as you can fill out your line up and stay under the cap, you can select whoever you want. If you play baseball and a hot hitter comes onto the scene, you can throw in Yasiel Puig or jump on the hot bat of Adam Jones. If in football you see a matchup for a running back that you can only dream of because in your season long league you didn’t get Adrian Peterson, well you can have him on your daily team. I started playing daily fantasy football. I also play golf, hockey and baseball. You also have the option to play these sports as a weekly game too. I really enjoy fielding a new team each week. Plus, if you do not feel like playing for a day, or a week or three weeks, you do not have to. You can play when you like and as much as you like in terms of number of games, and cost of games.

 Why don’t you play?

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This question I have a hard time to figure out. I know of my friends that I play in season long leagues with, very few play daily sports. Yet, they follow the pro leagues daily. They enjoy the season long leagues immensely. So, I am always perplexed as to why they do not dabble more in the daily sites. There are numerous sites now where you can play daily fantasy sports. Many of the sites are huge like FanDuel, Draft Day, DraftStreet, etc. Some are relatively new like the one we enjoy The big sites have tens of thousands of people playing. They offer huge prizes to their winners. It is not uncommon to see them have daily games that offer upwards of $100000. Although the huge prize money seems awful enticing, beware that the guys playing these sites are no small fish. They have the bankroll to put in multiple teams and play in multiple games. I compare playing on these sites to the lotto. You may win a couple bucks here and there, but eventually the big fish will swallow you up. That could be a reason people shy away. Another reason might just be the fact they are not entirely comfortable playing…all you need to do to change that is wade in slowly. The games are not any more difficult than what you play when you draft your season long fantasy team.

The new sites, like are a great place to learn the ins and outs of daily fantasy sports. The numbers are not off the charts…yet. After playing for a week you will recognize your opponent’s names and right now on FS4U, it almost feels like a family as you compete with many of the same guys week in and week out. I am not just saying nice things about FS4U because we support each other. I really truly believe that if you want to ease into daily fantasy, then this is the site to do it on. All sites offer some kind of sign-up bonus. However, they usually gradually release this bonus to you as you play. So if they offer you a 50% deposit bonus, and say it works out to $50. They will gradually release this $50 as you play the money you originally deposited. It’s a slow, painful process that you really never can even notice in your account. (I have played the big sites and I know this through experience). On FS4U, if you sign up and mention “Auction”, they will match your first deposit. So, if you deposit $20, FS4U will give you another $20. Your account will start with $40. Not a gradual payment, they match it immediately and you can play that money immediately also. That’s a service that no other site has. And, if you are not a first time depositer, but a member of their site, they send you a newsletter weekly. In that newsletter they often will have offers for their current members where if you deposit another say $20, they will match it also and put $20 more into your account. That is a service you will not find anywhere else. What I also find playing daily sports is because you are aware of what is going on every day, it helps you prepare for your season long leagues or for making your weekly lineup changes, waiver wire acquisitions and so on. Thus it helps you do even better and be in the know for your season long leagues.So again I ask, Why not play?


League size:

If you are a fan of fantasy sports, then you know what that is all about. You fill out a roster from a salary cap and hope that your opponent doesn’t do as well as you. As for strategy for daily sports, I can give you some generic ideas, and if you want to contact me, you can do so by email and I can go into greater detail. First of all, do you play this to make a little cash? I hope so. In your season long league, as I mentioned, the bragging rights can be of more value than the prize money available. In a daily league you have the option to play any or every day and for whatever denomination suits your eye. Thus, it is time to think about making some money. I would suggest then, to play in head to head matches as much as possible. Think of it like this. If you are playing Powerball, your odds are not too good. If you are playing a rock paper scissors against your friend, your chance of winning is 50%. So playing in smaller leagues (5 -10) people, and especially head to head matches give you better odds at winning. The prize money will not be huge, but if you compile the wins, your pot will slowly grow. Large sites have large games with large prize money. The lure of the prize money draws people in, but the odds are stacked against you.

 Background Info:

You will still do your usual research for daily games that you would for your season long leagues (ie injury updates, match ups, etc), but what is crucial in daily and weekly leagues is how many games each team plays. For example, in hockey this year, some teams may have played 5 games in a week, while others only 2. Next week in baseball (June 24-30th), some teams play 7 games, and others 5. If you are playing a weekly league, more games=more opportunity to score points. What is really nice if you play on FS4U, is that we will do that research for you at the We will dissect the week ahead each week for the NFL season, as we did for the past NHL season. You will not have to crunch all the data yourself, simply read the newsletter when it comes to you. For daily games, try and ensure that the players you pick are in the starting line-ups. Baseball can be tough as the contests typically close when the first game starts. If you have players drafted to your team that play later, you may not be able to pull them from your line up after the early games start as the contest will be closed.


I think this is probably common sense, but check the scoring settings from the games you play. Hockey on FS4U awarded 2 points for a goal. Thus, it was important to have the goal scorers in your line-up as they were more valuable. If you can peer into your crystal ball and get a glimpse of the daily baseball match-ups, draft the guys that are going to take it deep. Home runs add up in a hurry (damn you Chris Davis when you play against me).

 Bottom Line:

If you are a fan of fantasy sports (I think there are 50 million that play football alone), then you will love daily fantasy sports. Go to I have played several of the daily sites and none of them will match what FS4U does for its members. Also, follow me on I will break down the weeks ahead for the NFL season. Play against me (mrblistr) on FS4U and then you can chirp me on twitter if you like (@Mrblistr). Myself, Uncle Bucketts and Slim4MVP are available to give you daily and season long advice and we can’t wait for the NFL season to kick-off. Daily fantasy sports are a rapidly expanding business. Join us on FS4U and enjoy the thrill of managing a team as often as you like.

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