Five Do’s and Five Don’ts For Your 2016 Fantasy Football Auction Draft

Fantasy Football Auction – Five Do’s and Five Don’ts

by: MrBlistr

fantasy football auction do's and don'ts
5 Do’s and 5 Don’t Fantasy Football Auction

It is August.  Training camp and pre-season games are well under way and you have caught it…Fantasy Football Auction Fever!  Ya boy, I know that feeling.  I have completed several fantasy football auction drafts already and am pumped for the season to start, but the biggest fantasy football auction that I partake in is just around the corner.  So, as you prep and crunch numbers and strategize to the nth degree, don’t lose sight of some of the basic strategy you need to remember while in the heat of the auction.


Here are Five Do’s and Don’t’s for you to think about while you get ready to fantasy football auction draft.


Five Do’s and Five Don’t



Pay attention to every opponent’s roster and budget.  You need to know if they are strapped for cash or if they still need a WR 1 and are sitting on a bundle of money.


Do not:

Budget so poorly that you have more than $5 left at the end of the auction….preferably you have zero dollars left.


Walk into your Auction ahead of your competition!

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Prior to the draft, allot a dollar amount to each position and as you win a player recalculate (if necessary) the extra funds (as the player cost less than expected) or lack of ( because they cost more) to another position. Learn more about How To Tier Players


Do not:

Give up on a player you really like because of an extra dollar or two…for example, you have budgeted $45 for Odell Beckham Jr…and he gets bid up to $46… Go the $47…chances are later you will not miss that $2, but you will be pissed if at the end you have $2 left over and you could have had him. Check out our Average Fantasy Football Auction Values (AAV) here

Spend In Your Fantasy Football Auction
Don’t Be Afraid To Spend An Extra $1 In Your Fantasy Football Auction



Have several line ups mapped out that you can live with.  For example, you want to go RB heavy but you throw in a bid for Gronk at $36, and you get him…good for you, but RB heavy now may need to be re-evaluated.  Want to know how to go “Zero RB” in this year’s fantasy football auction


Do not:

Throw out a kicker or a defence early.  Ya you may get them for a dollar or someone else may spend $2, but like I said earlier, often you won’t miss that extra dollar at the end. Instead, get big money players out there so people’s pockets get lighter….people tighten up when the cash flow is running low.

fantasy football auction dst
In Your Fantasy Football Auction, Don’t Nominate A DST Early



Pay attention to each tier at each position.  If you continue to pass on a top tier player, you may pay a lot more for the last player or two of that tier as people will all be starting to panic that they are missing out on a player of that tier (the auction horseshoe– the first and last couple players of a tier tend to cost the most)….for example at WR- you can argue that Brown, Thomas Bryant, Jones, Nelson, Beckham Jr, Cobb, Green, Johnson and Jeffrey are the top WRs.  In an auction anyone of these guys can be nominated at any time.  If three or four are gone and it’s your turn to nominate…and you want one…get them out there.   They will probably be at their cheapest as the first few are gone and there are still 6-7 left…thus guys will figure there are still plenty of comparable WRs left…however, as it gets down to the final couple of that tier, the prices will start to increase once again as panic sets in that you never secured a solid WR1.  Plus, you do not have control of the other 12 nominations until you nominate again…get your player out if you see this trend happening.


Do not:

Get caught up in bidding a player up to make your opponent spend more.  This can be fun when it works but get stuck with some guy you do not like not only screws up your budget and your roster but also your psyche.


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Plan on being tied up for several hours.  Auctions take time and thus the fun lasts a lot longer, but forewarn the wife or significant other so that you don’t have to have that worry in the back of your mind when you should be crunching numbers.


Do not:  

Bid on a player you do not like or trust just because the price is low…for example, if you are not a believer in DeMarco Murray, but he is only sitting at $33… Just avoid him..sure the price is great but if the reasons you dislike him do unfold once will be very angry with yourself… And the worst part is that’s some significant cash that you could have used to buy Justin Forsett or Brandin Cooks…


Those are just a few last minute things to consider as you head into your draft.  Best of luck.  Let us at the FFA know how things unfold.