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    Couple of disclaimers. This is my first year using the site. I like it. I am in MN so all the cheesehead and vike players values DO NOT APPLY and they will all get drafted down to the 5th wrs. My league is normal ppr with $200 and flex for wr/rb/te with 12 teams.

    So I listened to all the podcasts and made my value sheets and going in I wanted my team to look like this-
    QB ROMO or any cheap
    RB CJ Anderson
    RB Forsett
    WR AJ Green
    WR Tate
    TE Martellus
    K McManus or any
    DEF Pats or any

    I ended with this-
    $1 QB Flacco
    $24 RB J. Stewart
    $21 RB D. Martin
    $45 WR Demaryius
    $44 WR Julio
    $40 Flex Cobb
    $1 TE J. Hill
    $1 K. McManus
    $1 DEF Pats
    $11 BN Spiller
    $2 BN Charles Sims
    $4 BN M. Colston
    $2 BN D. Moncrief
    $1 BN Eddie Royal
    $1 BN Matt Jones
    $1 BN Garoppolo

    Basically all the rbs started going and demaryius was 2nd wr out and I felt getting him for 45 was good value. Then Cobb was out and I was bidding on him just to make it go faster. I did not expect him to go for 40. Not in my league. Rodgers had just went for $55 for some insight. Now not bad but then for some reason I found myself price enforcing Julio and ended up getting him for 44. Shit. Now my hopes and dreams for a descent rb are poof. About 10 minutes after this went down the news came out that Cobb was hurt and the panic really started to hit me. I didn’t draft again for a long ass time. Next problem was all the rbs to spiller were taken but there was way too much money out there and too many teams with still no rbs taken, so all the guys that were suppose to go for teens to low 20s were going for 30s. No good. So, I end up overpaying for stewart and martin or I would have end up with Tevin Coleman as my RB1 and didn’t want to see that happen. So I don’t think it was horrible, but if I had known I would have got both Demaryius and Julio no way I bid on Cobb and would have went for a solid RB1. Guess we’ll find out.



    you did ok but price enforcing 3rd time was silly move ;once you had won cobb the die was cast at that point let the other guy win Julio for bargain that would have left you money for better RB’s TE and QB



    I have a bunch of teams I drafted with the same result. Basically I draw a line that I’m willing to pay up to 46 for tier 1 and fringe 1 WR/RB talent. If I get Julio early below 46 I’ll add that savings to bid higher on the next opportunity. End result equals 4 stud starters and I’ll figure out the rest of the puzzle on the fly. Important to get into the action early.



    Hey Fellers,

    So I listed my team below I just recently drafted. I have been over thinking my week one team and could use some feedback. Thanks! Good Luck!

    QB Tony Romo
    RB C.J. Anderson
    RB Andre Ellington
    WR Dez Bryant
    WR Alshon Jeffery
    WR Golden Tate
    TE Greg Olsen
    FLEX Dion Lewis
    FLEX T.J. Yeldon
    D/ST Broncos D/ST
    K Matt Bryant
    BE Carson Palmer
    BE C.J. Spiller
    BE Larry Donnell
    BE Phillip Dorsett
    BE Ronnie Hillman
    BE Lance Dunbar
    BE Corey Brown
    BE Leonard Hankerson



    @CyTorg – For a 12 Team PPR, you have amazing value for DT, Julio, and Cobb. No issues with any of those as they all should have had been going for $50+. I am really more concerned with your $1 QB and TE picks considering their are no backups on your bench for those positions, it seems to me that the waiver wire should have some solutions for you and I would look into that more before week 1. I also hate D Martin for $21. Would look to try and trade him to whoever you out-bid before your league remembers how bad the dude is. Overall, barring major injuries and some tweaks here or there, I believe you have a playoff caliber team.



    @Rwendl13 – In order to give feedback, please let us know your scoring system, league size, league type (redraft/keeper/dynasty) etc. Thanks



    I had a 12 Team Auction a couple weeks ago. 1/2 pt PPR. Starting QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, K, DT and 6 bench spots. Redraft league. Thoughts?

    Foster (well, once healthy)
    Andre Johnson
    Greg Olsen

    Gio Bernard
    Ryan Matthews
    Reggie Bush
    Ronnie Hillman
    David Johnson
    John Brown

    Hoping John Brown comes on to help get me through the Bye Weeks and that one of these 5 RBs turns into something useful. Feel like I have some good lottery tickets in the Cincy, Philly, Denver, and AZ run games should something happen to a starter. Will be starting Ryan Matthews week 1 as Oakland’s rush D against AZ looked much improved in the Preseason, so can’t trust Gio as much as the experts believe.



    @bestever yeah that may help for some feedback…..

    10 man league
    2 keeper ( Dez & Olsen)
    PPR-Head to Head Points
    2 Flex wr/rb/te
    3 WR
    2 RB




    Just finished my auction draft in my 12 team PPR league and I went with the RB zero method….Budgeted QB-$5, RB- $65, WR- $120, TE- $8, K-$1, Def-$1…was able to add a little to RB and WR when I got a QB and TE cheaper than budgeted.

    DeAndre Hopkins- $49
    Alston Jeffery- $28
    CJ Anderson- $18
    Brandon Cooks- $23
    Jeremy Maclin- $12
    Tyler Eifert- $3
    Arian Foster- $23 (a little high but I’m big on him this year)
    Tyron Taylor- $3
    Houston Texans- $1
    Duke Johnson- $16
    Jay Ajayi- $6 (Foster handcuff)
    Bilal Powell- $4
    Tyler Lockett- $7
    Christine Michael- $5
    Travis Benjamin- $1
    Brandon McManus- $1

    Pretty happy with how my team turned out with the RB Zero method. Week one I’m not sure if I should start Maclin or Jeffrey at WR also at RB Foster or Johnson. Let me know what you think about the draft and week one.

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