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    I’m in a 10 team PPR keeper league with a flex position ($200 budget). We can keep up to three players on our roster, but can only keep a player for two seasons before he has to re enter the open market. I have four potential keepers so I’m thinking about a pre-draft trade with a team that doesn’t have enough keepers. I’m wondering if you think the following would be a good deal for me or if I should just keep what I have.

    I have Emmanuel Sanders at $14 and Travis Kelce at $1. Both have 2 years left of keeper eligibility. I’m thinking about offering both of them for one year of DeMarco Murray at $29.

    Any thoughts on this?
    (Honestly, when I write it out, I feel like it would be a horrible offer for me to make, just looking for some advice)


    Uncle Bucketts

    Well it depends alot on your team make up with Demarco.

    I feel like you could do better!



    Well, here is my other keeper options. I have Andrew Luck at $15 which is a definite keep. The other keeper I would utilize is Julio Jones at $49. I know this sounds high, but I think he’s going to have an amazing year and receivers in my league tend to go extremely high.

    So I have two choices if I offered this trade:
    1) Luck 15, Sanders 14, Kelce 1 or
    2) Luck 15, Murray 29, Jones 49.

    What do you like better?



    Can you keep Luck, Julio and Kelce? That’d be what I want.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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