How To Budget Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

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How To Budget Fantasy Football Wide Receivers

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Budgeting


If you have been following our fantasy football podcasts, you will have heard us say we are willing to spend 60-70% of our budget on fantasy football wide receivers (PPR leagues) which equates to $120-140.  So with that limited info, what does that look like with actual names and dollar values of fantasy football wide receivers?  Great question!  Let me show you.


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We have completed several auctions and prices always vary slightly, they always will.  When shopping for fantasy football wide receiversfantasy football wide receivers (WR) or any position, you need to go into your auction knowing what you are willing to spend on each position.  It’s like grocery shopping.  You go to the supermarket knowing you have $200 to spend.  You need to buy meat, fruits and vegetables, drinks, snacks, etc.  Let’s, for this article, consider our fantasy football wide receivers the meat of our shopping experience.  You have many choices in meat.  You can buy beef, pork, chicken, fish, seafood, etc.  Further, within the beef for example you could go low and just buy burger, or you might select nearer the top end a prime rib or a rib-eye steak (no Kobe beef on this trip).  So you have choices.  You cannot/do not buy every type of meat and every option from a type of meat.  Similarly, you will need to shop for different values in WR.  If you go shopping and the rib-eyes and prime rib are on sale, you may get both…you get the point.  Let’s get onto the meat of this article.


Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Dollar Values

So from that chart, you should be able to slap together some fantasy football wide receivers that fit into your budget strategy.  Now keep in mind, you will also need a few cheaper guys.  I would say no matter the format (start 3 WR’s, or 2 WR’s and a flex, or whatever) you will probably need to draft around 6 WR’s at least.  So if you budget $125 and take Nelson ($44), Cooks ($36) and Landry ($30) as your 3 starters, that would leave you $15 for your other 3 receivers.

A little more data for you to crunch.  Our most recent draft saw 68 players go for double digit dollars.  That is just over 30% of the players drafted (216).  Therefore, you better do your homework as anywhere from 9-14 players (based on a 10 man starting rotation and 8 man bench) are going to cost between $1-9.  In our draft each team had somewhere between 4 (on the low end) and 9 (on the high end) double digit price tags on their fantasy players.  Of those 68 players that cost $10+, 34 were wide receivers.  So, most teams are targeting WRs with their money.  All things being equal then, (roughly) each team is getting 3 double digit fantasy football wide receivers.  Yes, there is a huge difference between Parker at $10 and Brown at $60.  However, where you can really make a difference is by making sure you are strong at RB.  I still think you can stream TE’s and QB’s if need be so you can save money there.  You should also only budget $1-2 for your kicker and DST.  

Play with the numbers in the chart. Have a look at our Auction Values.  See what your team would look like and more importantly have an idea before you draft how much you want to spend at WR1, WR2 and WR3.  Try and get your player on the board before all the fantasy football wide receivers are gone in that price range (look up the Auction Horseshoe article).

That my friends will help you win your league this year 🙂