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Create Your Own Fantasy Football Auction Player Tiers

3 Steps How and 4 Reasons Why


how to construct tiers

If you are looking to win your fantasy football auction in 2015, you need to create your own player tiers and rankings. Read this fantasy football auction article for 3 steps how and 4 reasons why creating tiers is important. Look around the internet, find fantasy football auction experts, use social media (@FFAuctionAdvice) and determine your own rankings and then create your fantasy football auction tiers.


You may have heard the word tiering tossed around fantasy football and found yourself wondering exactly what that means.  Well, it simply means ranking players at various positions in groups of equal anticipated production for that season.



Basically you are determining which players are relative equals in what they can deliver during the season. It is a useful tool for various reasons as we’ll discuss later on.  First let’s look at how you can come up with your own tiers.


I generally start my tiering by trying to predict what production I can expect from each player based on situation. This list will change as OTAs and training camp story-lines unfold and depth charts and injuries make sense of how certain players will be used.  Then I can take these tiers and compare them to my auction values that I will generate over the summer as well.


Step 1: Generate Your Own Fantasy Football Auction Values

Adrian Peterson Fantasy Football Auction

I will start generating auction values a few months before my draft.  As I do mock drafts, study depth charts and read training camp information I will make adjustments to my values.  A few days before my first draft I will look at my auction values at each position.  From there, it should be evident where there are some natural “gaps” in prices between players.  For example, perhaps you have your top 3 running backs listed between $55-$60.  Last year I had Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles and LeSean McCoy all right around $60.  After that your next running back might be valued at $50.  So you can see that AP, Charles and McCoy would make up my first tier of running backs according to my values.


Step 2: Generate Fantasy Football Auction Player Tiers

Gronkowski Fantasy Football Auction

I will continue to move through my values until I come up with around 6 or 7 tiers.  Some tiers might only have one or two player, for example Rob Gronkowski is found all by himself in tier one of tight ends tier.  Generally, the farther you get down the list of players at every position, the more players you will have in your tier.  This should make sense since there are obviously fewer fantasy studs every given year than there are mediocre talents that will end up with very little separation in fantasy points once the season is over.  Clearly this is also why studs are valued so highly, and players that give you a real positional edge, like Gronk can, are valued even higher.


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