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Ya Boy – it’s Episode 162 and this is the Fantasy Football Podcast. The Fantasy Football Podcast, is the official podcast of – the only website dedicated to Fantasy Football Auctions.


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Jody Smith (@JodySmithNFL on twitter).

Senior Writer at where you can find his articles and rankings

Finished 1st in overall ranking on Fantasy Pros in 2012

Been featured on, SiriusXM and in Football Diehards magazine

Gridiron Experts podcast host

Aerosmith hater


  1. What projects are you up to these days? – He just tweeted on Saturday that he joined the @Fanball team so he will prob want to speak to that
  2. You mentioned you were heading to Texans training camp next week.  Got any inside fantasy info from Houston?


(maybe slide this in here of maybe after #3??) Jody tweeted about auction questions:


@pauljosephjr – 10 team, PPR superflex, $200 budget.  How are you prioritizing/attacking draft?


  1. What do you like about auction drafting?
  2. What strategies do you find yourself incorporating or trends are you seeing this season in your auction drafts?
  3. Is there anywhere specific you often find yourself trying to spend large portions of your auction budget on? (ie. a certain position or getting players from a certain tier)
  4. How do you find yourself addressing the RB position this year heading into a draft? (At least one top option, “RB Zero”, etc.)
  5. Are there any areas, tiers or positions where you think or are seeing there will be/is considerable value in most auction drafts?
  6. Are there any players you find yourself acquiring more than others dues to cost?
  7. Who are a couple names that you will probably never own because of their current value? (doesn’t have to be players you dislike)


Where can people find you Jody?

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