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In 2018 Fantasy Football Auctions are becoming more and more competitive. Everyone thinks they are an expert. They get their information and fantasy football auction values from other free sites and walk int the fantasy football auction seemingly prepared. Then you walk in, you have done all your research, but instead, for the free stuff, you shoot for a championship. You don’t want to regret your Fantasy Football Auction draft again this year. You talk to the experts, you get the expert advice and you these experts are the First and Only all auction fantasy football auction experts on the internet today! See what your league mates are missing! Become a member and buy a fantasy football subscription so you can learn all the auction content you need to win your fantasy football auction draft.



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“Best FF Auction info is def these guys know their stuff and are always willing answer you’re questions!!” –  @falcbird

“I did get a lot of good information from the kit and I really enjoy your podcast and have learned some pretty good pointers from it also. Last year was my first time doing an auction draft and I got taken to the cleaners, this year I know I will be better prepared! Keep up the good work!” Tom


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