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Tips and Tricks to Fantasy Football Mock Drafts

by: @Slim4MVP

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As the summer heats up so should the mock draft rooms.  I typically frequent either Yahoo! or ESPN, however I have been having great luck on Yahoo! lately so I’ve generally been sticking there recently.  I would suggest going to as many sites as possible in order to gather as much data you can.  If you can set up a mock with some buddies or twitter followers on MFL that is probably the best.  That way you can set the scoring just like your home league and hopefully ensure you are drafting with knowledgeable auctioneers.  Use the twitter handle @FFAuctionAdvise to get in touch with other auction drafters and set up a mock draft or find out when others are mocking so you can join.



You will see many people doing many things in mock drafts but here is a list of some things I think you should be focusing on if you want to be successful in your real draft.



Try Brian Quick in a Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Be active on the chat boards.  Some guys like to instigate on them others like to ask for advice.  The more you talk to the people you are drafting with, the more information you can gather and gathering information is one of the main reasons why you should be mock drafting.  Maybe a hard core Rams fan provides you with a take on the St. Louis wide receiver depth chart which makes you need to adjust your rankings.  Maybe you just get to talk different strategies and someone reveals something they have done that you may have never considered.  Maybe you just make sure that you get people to stay in the draft as long as possible by posting a quick message at the onset of the draft.  We all know nothing is worse than having some dude spend 90% of their budget on three players and then hit the road to let the computer auto-pick the rest of the way.  I don’t know how many funny and interesting conversations I have had with others while drafting and I often find a lot of people are more than willing to engage in detailed auction discussion and resource sharing through the anonymity of the internet.  You typically don’t know who these people are that you are drafting with and you will most likely never speak with them again so what’s the harm in partaking in harmless football banter and discussing how your rankings compare to someone else’s.



It’s OK to look like a moron in a Fantasy Football Mock Draft

I always get a chuckle when some guy types something like “If I get this team in my real draft I’m winning”.  Maybe this is true however I feel like the point of mocking is to see what the real prices are of the players before heading into your real draft.  This, to me, is one of two main reasons to mock and the sole reason I am mocking earlier in the summer.  I need to get accurate values so I can plan my specific draft strategies.  I don’t need to mock my strategies if I have good values, I can add the values of my rosters on paper if I have to (however I still recommend mocking specific strategies closer to your real draft date, even if it’s not entirely necessary).

I often look like a moron to the others I mock draft with because I always draft like my mock draft is a PPR league, even though most mocks don’t differentiate from standard to PPR.  What if your league is a start two tight end, tight end premium or a start four wide receiver league?  That changes the way you will build your team as opposed to the “cookie cutter” rosters offered on most mock draft sites.  Guys may comment on how stupid I am for not drafting a running back for so long only to load up on receivers, because in many of my leagues I start more than 3 of them.  The point is, you want to draft with a specific league in mind.  Anyone who has played sports has probably heard the term “Practice how you play”.  Prepare for the things you will need to do when the bullets are live.  You don’t get points for building the best team in June because you were the last one in the draft and got a whole bunch of depth guys for less than $4 each.  Which leads me to my last point……



Fantasy Football Mock Drafts – make it perfect practice

This goes for studs, sleepers, whom ever.  In a mock draft I personally see no point in sitting on players I like in order to try and get a deal on them.  That doesn’t help me prepare.  I want to nominate them early when every owners has a lot of money to bid with because I want to see how many people get in the bidding since everyone can afford this player.  This tells me how the public views a particular player.  If half the league is bidding on a player that should tell you that many people value him highly which means his price may be higher than you are expecting when your real draft rolls around.  Conversely, if the bidding stays quiet for a particular player this could tell you that he is being generally undervalued by the masses, which is good for you.  Who cares if you lose out on all the guys you desire to own…..this is only for practice.  Again, it all comes back to gathering information, and some of the most valuable information is knowing the trends that are happening in the public.  If you know the players that are coveted by many you can manipulate the budgets of other owners in your actual draft by nominating these types of players and forcing owners to spend on them.


The same goes for sleepers.  Nominate them early to see how many people would like this guy as well.  A player is only a value if no one else thinks he’s a value.  What this means is that you might think a guy is going under the radar but if the majority of other owners think the same thing about him then you can bet this player’s auction value will be higher than it should be.


Hopefully you can take these suggestions and try them out over the next couple weeks.  Maybe you do these already which means you are well on your way to having a top flight team come September.  Try these simple little tricks out and have fun winning more leagues.


Slim @slim4MVP

FFA Contributor

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