8 NFL Free Agent Winners + Losers

8 NFL Free Agent Winners + Losers

ep151 NFL free agentEvery year NFL free agent brings a lot of excitement to football fans. They can’t wait to see what their teams will do to improve over the off-season.  For fantasy football players, it is important to know all of the NFL free agent moves, as in some cases, a player’s’ value increases, and in others it sinks like a rock.  It is best you are up to speed before draft day as this could determine whether you need to bid one more dollar or if you should bother bidding at all.  I have scoured through the NFL Free Agent and the depth charts and threw together what I consider 8 significant moves (or lack of) that may have helped change a player’s value from last season.


Willie Snead WR, NO Saints (72/895/4) Last year that stat line put Willie as the 35th ranked WR in PPR with 185 fantasy  points.  There were 2 receivers on his team ahead of him, Thomas at #7 and Cooks at #11 (78/1173/8).  Cooks was traded to New England.  Thomas will be the #1 in NO, and that leaves the 117 targets and 78 grabs of Cooks open for business.  They added Ted Ginn, but he is not that good.  No draft picks will threaten Snead either.  The Saints defence will still be quite porous and they will be forced to play catch up again.  Thus, Snead was a winner this off season. Winner.


Mark Ingram RB, NO Saints Unfortunately, free agency was not as kind to Mr. Ingram.  The saints signed Adrian Peterson nfl free agent loserin the off-season and also added a potential PPR back in Alvin Kamara in the draft.  For whatever reason, the Saints always seem to disrespect Ingram’s ability.  He finished as the 8th ranked RB last year.  I am confident we will not see the same AP as was in his prime, but it is still AP.  He will steal touches from Ingram.  Maybe because of this Ingram will be a value on draft day.  Unfortunately, these moves may be enough to limit his ability to be an RB1 this year. Loser.


Sterling Shepard WR, NY Giants (65/683/8) He had a pretty solid stat line for a rookie last year.  However, the Giants added Brandon Marshall in free agency and drafted TE Evan Engram.  Both of these players will get their share of looks next year from Eli.  Shepard is now #3 on the depth chart and you cannot expect him to replicate the numbers he put up last year. Loser.


Jack Doyle TE, Ind Colts (59/584/5) Jack had a very good year last year finishing as the 13th ranked TE.  Dwayne Allen was traded to New England in the offseason.  Dwayne had 35/406/6 and we know Luck likes to look for his TE.  This year Doyle could approach 800 yards and 10 TD’s quite easily.  If he does, he will be a top 5 TE and potentially a top 3! Winner.


John Brown WR, AZ Cardinals (39/517/2) John is coming off an injury plagued campaign.  Michael Floyd departed part nfl free agent winnerway through the season.  They drafted a few players but they are no threat to JB.  He is now #2 on the depth chart and playing in a contract year.  Look for JB to provide great value as people may shy away from him based on the let down of last year.  He can climb back into the WR 2 ranks.  Winner.


Kenneth Dixon/Terrance West RB, Bal Ravens  Dixon is suspended the first few games and thus West gets first crack to nail down the number 1 job.  The good news for both however is that Baltimore never added anyone that would challenge them for playing time in the draft or in free agency.  Yes, they did add Danny Woodhead, but he is more of a 3rd down, PPR back.  He is also old and often injured.  It looks to me like they will give Dixon every chance to be the #1  that they drafted him to be.  Again, if you can get by the first few games, Dixon could be a great value on draft day. Winner(s).


Jordan Matthews WR, Phi Eagles (67/731/3) Matthews wasn’t that good last year, yet he was supposed to be their best WR.  Things get uglier this year as they added Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery in free agency.  Both Smith and Jeffery are not slam dunks as they both have issues being consistent producers, and they have a young QB as well.  However, just their presence means that the 106 targets Matthews got last year will no doubt be divided and reduced.  If he plays a slot receiver and #2 to Alshon, he may hold his value, but this is a guy I will let slide on auction day. Loser.


nfl free agentThomas Rawls RB, Sea Seahawks  When Marshawn left it looked like the undrafted Rawls would become the #1 in Seattle last year.  Injuries and a lack of production lead to a forgettable year for Rawls.  That is what can happen when you sign as an undrafted player.  The team owes you nothing….no second chances.  In the offseason they signed fat Eddie Lacey.  They drafted CJ Prosise and Alex Collins last year.  Rawls will not see enough touches to help you this year.  Save your money.  Loser.


That is my take  on some of the nfl free agent signings, or lack of.  I also think the backfield in Cleveland should get a bump as they made significant changes  on both sides of the ball and as a result may get more scoring opportunities.  They also never added anyone to steal touches from Crowell and Duke.  Abdullah in Detroit is in a make or break year also and they never added anyone to compete with him.  Meanwhile the addition of Martellus Bennett in Green Bay kills all other TE value there…not that it was that good to begin with however. So that’s NFL free agent winners and losers. 


Good luck with your auctions.  Be sure to contact me @Mrblistr for any auction conundrums 🙂