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Fantasy Hockey Challenge – FS4U

Finally the site has hockey up and ready for action.  It took a while as they were having difficulty working with the NHL for live stat feeds.  So this week on www.fantasysports4u.com the game will run from Thursday through last game on Sunday.  Every week here after, the challenge will run Tuesday-Sunday. Remember, when you sign up, mention auction and they will credit you your first game free.  Actually our…


Vod/Podcast #2 NFL Fantasy Football and NHL Fantasy Hockey 2013

Episode 27 – Show Notes Sponsor: Fantasy Sports 4 U What are Daily Fantasy Sports? Like traditional fantasy sports, players draft a team of real world athletes who then score fantasy points according to set scoring rules. However instead of being stuck with the same team through a whole season, daily fantasy sports contests last just one day, or week – like our Fantasy Hockey Challenge. Go to www.fantasysports4u.com and…


NHL Fantasy Hockey – Feb 19-24

This is just a sample of what you will see in our weekly newsletter – sign up at the bottom of the page- you won’t be sorry! Teams to Target (1st Tier):  The following teams play 4 games over the time span mentioned above and in brackets is their home/away sched:  Detroit (3H/1A), New York Islanders (1H, 3A), Tampa Bay (2H/2A), Vancouver (4A), and Winnipeg (4A) Of these teams, only…


Fantasy Hockey Challenge 2013

Hey boys, did you sign up for your free hockey game yet?  Next Tuesday (Feb 19th) will be the first FF Auctioneer challenge on www.fantasysports4u.com Sign up..Tell them “Auction” in the sign up box that asks how did you hear about us.  By doing so, they will give your $5 entry back the first time you play..therefore, ya can’t lose. Each Tuesday through Sunday we will run a weekly challenge. …

shady draft kit cover2

FantasyFootball 2013 Draft Kit

Sign up today for the internet’s only Fantasy Football Draft Kit dedicated to the only way to draft your FantasyFootball team – Auction Drafts – FREE updates all summer long. The kit costs $9.95- as much as the magazine the guy that loses your pool buys, or the two lattes your wife buys everyday at the coffee shop, or the cost of two pints. Whatever is it, you need to…


NHL Fantasy Hockey – Play against @MrBlistr

Hey fantasy hockey experts, it is time to ramp up your game and play against the experts at The FF Auction. FF Auction has teamed up with www.fantasysports4u.com to bring you an exclusive weekly fantasy hockey contest. Fantasy Sport 4U is just launching hockey next week, and you can be the first to play it. The best part….when you sign up tell them you heard about them from FF Auctioneer,…


Fantasy Hockey! Mr Blistr

A new year! A new month! And most importantly a new website for the FF Auctioneer family!! We are busy at work fine tuning the website, the podcast and everything related to fantasy football and then some. I won’t say too much about football. Superbowl is in 2 days, what else can be said. I would like to wish Slim and Zubes best of luck as they are die hard…


Moves That Won The Auction Pool

The Moves That Won An Auction Pool “The champ is here!” If I had bongos I would bang them like Will Smith in Ali as I yell that previous statement. Why? Because I took home the hardware in our prestigious auction style fantasy football league. If you listen to our podcast then you know how and why the other contributers to Fantasy Football Auctioneer and I choose to play in…