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Fantasy Hockey! Mr Blistr

A new year! A new month! And most importantly a new website for the FF Auctioneer family!! We are busy at work fine tuning the website, the podcast and everything related to fantasy football and then some. I won’t say too much about football. Superbowl is in 2 days, what else can be said. I would like to wish Slim and Zubes best of luck as they are die hard…


Moves That Won The Auction Pool

The Moves That Won An Auction Pool “The champ is here!” If I had bongos I would bang them like Will Smith in Ali as I yell that previous statement. Why? Because I took home the hardware in our prestigious auction style fantasy football league. If you listen to our podcast then you know how and why the other contributers to Fantasy Football Auctioneer and I choose to play in…


Diary Of The #1 Seed

Tuesday Dec 4/12 Dear Diary, I woke up this morning excited by fantasy football! I did it! I am in first place! I did everything right – I worked the waiver all season to set up for success during the season. I managed my bench and starting roster properly so I could have the best chance at winning each week. Later in the season I managed the waiver wire to…