The 2014 ESPN Fantasy Football Podcast, CBS Fantasy Football Podcast and Pro Football Focus – none of these Fantasy Football Podcasts will give you Auction Exclusive information and strategies to help you win your Fantasy Auction League. If you are looking for weekly updates on fantasy football auction values and on all your fantasyfootball and player rankings, strategies and statistics, you have come to the right place. We will teach you that podcasts and podcasting is the key to winning your fantasy league trophy. Watch us live on Google Hangouts or YouTube each and every week!

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 What our listeners are saying…

“Great CAST guys. Been listening since the off season started. NOW you are one of my TOP 5 #FantasyFootball  podcasts i listen to.”

“I did get a lot of good information from the kit and I really enjoy your pod cast and have learned some pretty good pointers from it also. Last year was my first time doing an auction draft and I got taken to the cleaners, this year I know I will be better prepared! Keep up the good work!” - Tom


Ep50 Fantasy Football News, Fantasy Football Match Ups and This Is The Man


Ep49 Fantasy Football Auction Draft Recap, Fantasy Football News, Buy or Sell (Sleepers and Busts)


 Ep48 Fantasy Football Auction Preseason News, Strategy and More

Ep47 Live Mock Fantasy Football Auction Draft

 Ep46 RB Breakdown Fantasy Football Auctions


Episode 45 Fantasy Football WR Breakdown, Values, Rankings – Special Guest: JJ Zachariason (The Late Round Quarterback)

Episode 44 Fantasy Football TE Breakdown, Values, Rankings – Special Guest: Dave Cherney of DFW


Episode 43 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks, Values, Rankings


Episode 42 Mock Auction Trends and NFC + AFC West Preview

Episode 41 Live Mock Auction and NFC + AFC South Preview

Episode 40 NFC and AFC North Preview

Episode 39 NFC East and AFC East Preview


Episode 38 NFL Off-season and Draft Kit Preview


Episode 37 – NFL Draft Review and NHL Playoff Preview

Episode 35 – TE Values, Mock NFL Draft, NHL Playoff Matchups

Episode 34 – Fantasy Football Auctioneer

Episode 33 -Fantasy Football Auctioneer 

Episode 32 – Fantasy Football Auctioneer 


Episode 4 – NHL Fantasy Hockey and NFL Fantasy Football Vodcast

Episode 3 – Fantasy Hockey Vodcast

NHL Fantasy Hockey and NFL Fantasy Football 2013 Vodcast

Our First Video Cast:

NHL Fantasy Hockey Vodcast

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