Ranking and Player Tiers

Ranking and Player Tiers

We have updated our site. We are getting ready for the 2018 Fantasy Football Auction season. We want to give you all the tools to crush your league’s fantasy football auction draft. How are you going to do it? You need to start early. We have you covered!

Player Rankings

Auction values will come soon as we start to mock draft over the summer. You can’t have accurate fantasy football auction values until you have analyzed the fantasy football mock drafts. For now, we have your Fantasy Football Player Rankings ready! Click the picture below (or click here) to get to our fantasy football player rankings page.

ranking pic



Player Tiers

We highly recommend you create your own Fantasy Football Player Tiers. It is probably the most important exercise you can do to help you crush your fantasy football auction draft. Slim and Blistr have created their own personal tiers, and they have shared them with you. Have a look, copy them for yourself and use them to make your own tiers! Click the pic!teirs pic