"The Sheets"

"The Sheets"

We preach "developing your own tiers". With "The Sheets", you get all of our tiers. The spreadsheets are all created for you. Updated over the summer. You can download them yourself and edit them, print them and crush your draft with them.

The sheets include:

  • Complete Auction Values Spreadsheet (300+ players)

  • Blistr's Tiers Spreadsheet

  • Slim's Tiers Spreadsheet

  • Buckett's 1-page Auction Cheatsheet, with budget info

Our spreadsheets are downloadable so you can edit, modify and customize to create your own Fantasy Football Auction Cheatsheet.

"The Sheets" are updated throughout the summer. When you click the link after you purchase the sheets, you have the latest and greatest sheet of the summer.

"Who has time to create all these spreadsheets for their draft?"

For just $7.95, let us do the heavy lifting for you. Purchase your "Sheets" today!